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I-Spa Infrared Sauna

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Steam Sauna IG-130

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"I am pleased to extend and share my experience in using I considered the services provided were excellent which allowed me less selection time frame for online shopping."
- BI Technologies, Ismail Mohamed, HR Manager

"With several hours of intense practice and speed training 6 days a week, my body is always on the verge of muscle pulls whether it is my quads, hams or groin. Using the Portable Far Infrared (FIR) Spa helped me finish an injury-free basketball season for the first time, I know I can always relieve soreness and reduce pain, thanks Infraspa!"
— Vlada Vidic, Red Star Basketball, Belgrade, Yugoslavia

My Chi Energizer (Chi Vitalizer in USA) has helped me with relief from tension, headaches and gives me energy. As a squash court proprietor who spends most spare time sewing I experience minor back problems. Recently, I loaned my Chi Energizer (Chi Vitalizer in USA) out, so for three weeks I missed my warm-ups and cool-downs and was lacking in energy and enthusiasm for physical activity. I gained great relief when I collected my Energizer again."
— Glenn Davis, Shreveport, LA
I just wanted to send you a note that I am very pleased with the necktraction I purchased. You did a fabulous job!!! Please add me to your list of references as I would be glad to give you a good reference. Thank you again for all your help!
- Claudine

"I have to admit I was skeptical when my wife ordered the Portable Far Infrared Sauna, but after just one week of using it for half an hour at a time I felt re-energized. Also after a only a few months, my migraines have reduced while my wife's painful fibromyalgia symptoms have all but disappeared. It an absolutely essential must-have."
— Mr. & Mrs. Sean Walsh, Atlanta, Georgia

I sincerely hope other patients... will reap the benefits that I have by the use of this Thermotex pad."
— Albert - Calgary AB

"I use the product every day, twice a day, and I am totally pain- free. I think that it is great and I am living proof that it works!
— Jack - Stellarton NS

I'm a 25yr old female and you probably wouldn't have gotten me to use your products a year ago, but one day I decided to try your light skin peel for my uneven skin tone. I was greatly surprised, it worked wonders... I LOVE your products, they deliver exactly what they promise. I haven't ever experienced a bad reaction to your products, and I love the inexpensive prices.
– L.O., Reseda, CA
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