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Here we bring you the latest and newest development in Acu-Massagers. Although there are many acupressure massage products on the market, it is sometimes difficult to separate the new and innovative massage products from the more traditional types of massage tools.
In this page, we attempt to bring to your attention massage items that are worth your time to explore.
Tingler Scalp and Head Massager
Tingler Scalp and Head Massager
USD $6.95 / CAD $6.95
The Tingler Head and Scalp Massager causes a heightened, blissful activation of the senses, awakening your brain while relieving stress and tension. The metal tines softly massage your scalp, giving you the "tingles" from your head to your toes.
Back Scratcher
Mini-Nodes Back Massager
USD $6.95 / CAD $6.95
The Mini-nodes Back Massager provides gentle, exhilarating stimulation to your back, where you otherwise couldn't reach. The 12 tines are tipped with tingling mini-nodes; the handle end has a wooden ball grip for a deeper, more intense massage.
Acupuncture Ring (Silver Plated)
Silver-Plated Acupressure Ring with Case
USD $9.95 / CAD $9.95

Made of a sliver-plated thin mesh of steel, the Acupressure Ring stimulates acupressure points on the fingers, soothes tense muscles, and provides relaxation. Includes plastic crystal case. Sets available.

Pair of High-Strength Acupuncture Rings, Silver & Gold-Plated
Pair of High-Strength Acupuncture Rings,
Silver and Gold Plated
USD $15.95 / CAD $15.95
Set of two massage rings stimulate acupressure points on the fingers just like the original acupressure ring, but with broader coverage and stronger stimulation. One silver-plated, the other gold-plated. Case not included.
Scalp Massager
Vibrating Scalp Massager
USD $15.95 / CAD $15.95
The battery-operated Scalp Massager is able to massage the head and scalp with a light almost tickling sensation. As the Scalp Massager is moved up and down in a rhythmic action, the scalp is massaged in a playful relaxing manner. The tingling action is in turn spread down along the spine.
Massage Pen J-Mo
Massage Pen J-Mo
USD $19.95 / CAD $19.95
Ergonomically designed pen with vibrating tip. Pack includes massage chart to help find precise pressure points. The ultimate massager for office, home or travel. Functions as a fine ball-point pen, and a powerful massage unit that discreetly soothes pressure points ...
Scalp Massager
Roller Massager
USD $9.95 / CAD $9.95 up
The Roller Massager is a hand-held massager with steel rollers for precise skin surface stimulation. Each roller array is on a hinge which allows for rolling massage over surfaces that are not flat. The roller head is able to spin to allow for easy storage.
Scalp Massager
Wooden Reed Massager
USD $15.95 / CAD $15.95
The Wood Tapping Bundle massager is a traditional tool used by Chinese monks to increase chi blood flow, to detoxify, and temporarily stimulate circulation. The tapping action is controllable via tension in the bundle of many thin wooden sticks.
The Acumassagers are not medical products.
Not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. If you are uncertain whether you can use any product, please consult your physician before using it.
Anyone who has undergone massage will tell you about the spreading relaxation, increased warmth in local areas, and the stimulation of circulation they experience. Medical studies indicate changes in such things as blood flow; epidermal and cardiovascular function, pain threshold, muscular tone; psychological variables that are so important to maintaining a healthy metabolism. Increases in perspiration and the movement of muscles or internal organs are palpable benefits. In the theories of acupuncture, reflexology and related fields, massage applied to important areas (acupoints) can work to rebalance the flow of Chi in the body, which is why practitioners in those fields use massage techniques.
Scientific studies indicate that massage may result in significant relief of pain, in flexibility, in improvements in sleep, reduction in anxiety, and other factors. More effectiveness is usually seen when massage is combined with overall good health disciplines like exercise, healthy psychological practices, nutrition, and adquate rest. Many recognize massage as a good adjunct to fitness and weight-loss programs, for relief of stress, or of constipation. Pressure massage is the mainstay of reflexology, while traditional and alternative medicine considers that harmonizing the Chi through massage leads to long-term health outcomes such as strength, resistance to disease, and a better quality of life.


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