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Accurately detail the meridians and acupuncture points in English and Chinese
Various sizes
Printed key material showing and naming each acupoint
Durable material makes cleaning, maintenance and use easier
These Acupuncture Models are irreplaceable tools for professional Acupuncturists, Chiropractors, Naturopaths, and Healthcare Professionals. Points (on meridian lines) are indicated in English and Chinese. Each model includes a point location booklet. All Acupuncture Models are made from durable soft vinyl material or hard plastic, and many are on a base.
Human Acupuncture Points Models
Human Acupuncture Points Models
USD $12.95 / CAD $12.95 ~ $UP
Human Acupuncture Points and Meridians Models on a base. The models show points (Lu 1 to Lu 11, Ht 1 to Ht 9, etc.) and come with a booklet showing point location meridians in English.
• 26 cm tall • 51 cm tall (Male)
• 70 cm tall Hard Plastic • 48 cm tall (Female)
Human Acupuncture Points & Muscle Model
Acupuncture & Muscle Model, 22"
USD $41.95 / CAD $41.95
Highly illustrated with engraved and color-coded Meridians and acupuncture points (labelled).
Left side has meridians and labelled acupuncture points (English), right side shows muscles, blood vessels, and unlabeled acupuncture points.
On a base.
With 69-page acupuncture point guide book.
80401 Acupuncture Model & Body Models
Acupuncture & Muscle Models, Large Scale
USD $99.95 / CAD 99.95 ~ $UP
High-detail large-scale acupuncture models.
Showing acupuncture points and courses of meridians.
Printed booklet listing each acupoint name, location and appropriate body correspondences.
Ear Acupuncture Models
Ear Acupuncture Models
USD $2.95 / CAD $2.95 ~ $UP
Made from soft vinyl.
Acupoints are labeled with numbers and letters which correspond to the ear's primary anatomical regions.
Printed booklet listing each acupoint name, location and appropriate body correspondences.
Head, Hand & Foot Acupuncture Points Models
Head, Hand & Foot Acupuncture Points Models
USD $5.50 / CAD $5.50 ~ $UP
Excellent learning and teaching tools.
The head model depicts the all important head and neck acupuncture channels and points, and illustrates the Chinese Scale Therapy insertion lines.
Different sizes are available.
Where indicated, on a base.
Animal Acupuncture Points Models
Animal Acupuncture Points Models
USD $29.95 / CAD $29.95
Cow, cat, dog, pig, horse.
Facilitate acupuncture treatments on live animals.
Acupuncture point palpation.
On a base.
Anatomic Models
Acupuncture Points in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM):
Acupoints used in treatment may or may not be in the same area of the body as the targeted symptom. The TCM theory for the selection of such points and their effectiveness is that they work by stimulating the meridian system to bring about relief by rebalancing yin, yang and qi (also spelled "chi"). This theory is based on the paradigm of TCM, not that of science.

Body acupoints are generally located by a measurement technique that is calibrated according to their proportional distances from various landmark points on the body. Acupoint location usually depends on specific anatomical landmarks that can be palpated. There are nearly 400 basic acupoints on the meridians. Many of these basic points are rarely used. Some points are considered more therapeutically valuable than others, and are used very frequently for a wide array of health conditions.

Categories of body acupuncture points:
1. The Five Transport Points system describes the flow of qi in the channels using a river analogy, and ascribes function to points along this flowline accor­d­ing to their location.
2. The Five Phase Points system ascribes each of the five phases - wood, fire, earth, metal and water - to one of the Five Transporting points.
3. Xi-cleft points are the points on the channel where the qi and blood gather and plunge more deeply.
4. Yuan-source points are points on the channel from where the yuan qi can be accessed.
5. Luo-connecting points are located at the point on the channel where the luo meridian diverges.
6. Back-shu points lie on the paraspinal muscles on either side of the spine.
7. Front-mu points are located in close proximity to the respective organ.
8. Hui-meeting points are a category of points that are considered to have a "special effect" on certain tissues and organs.


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