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Chi Energizer
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Chi Energizer Massager

I-Spa Infrared Sauna

I-Spa Infrared Sauna

PFM002 Vibration Unit

PFM002 Power Fit Vibration Unit

Steam Sauna IG-130

Steam Sauna IG-130

6-Speed Slimming
Belt Massager

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According to the Center for Disease Control (1996), 60% of American adults don't get the recommended amount of physical activity and over 25% of adults are not active at all. The excuses? "I don't have time", "The gym is too far away", "I don't know what to do." If you think you might be ready to get some exercise, try our exercise machines, fitness products, aerobic exercisers and home gym equipment to help get you through the initial hurdles. They're reliable, effective, low-cost, and easy to use. Excellent for body care. Can be used anywhere, anytime! Improves fitness, strength, range of motion and coordination.You can have more energy, feel better, and lower your stress level . . . all while reducing your risk of disease. Find tools to fit your lifestyle and ideas for staying motivated yourself.
Stepper Exercisers
Stepper Exercisers
FROM USD $39.95 / CAD $39.95
Low-impact, aerobic and toning steppers
Some models with detachable arm resistance bands for toning upper body
Digital displays for workout stats
5 models to choose from
Pedal Exercisers
Pedal Exercisers
FROM USD $29.95 / CAD $29.95
Low-impact, aerobic and toning pedal exercisers
4 models to choose from, including one that folds; two with magnetic resitance; one for use with a desk; and several for use with arms and legs
Digital displays for workout stats
Core & Balancing Exercisers
Core & Balancing Exercisers
FROM USD $13.95 / CAD $13.95
Low-impact exercise machines and accessories target core (abdominals/ obliques), and other muscles required for stablization
7 models to choose from including balancing disks, Ab Roller, twisting devices, and an exercise chair
A portable and affordable way to fitness
Leg Miracle
Leg Miracle
USD $39.95 / CAD $39.95  
Limit Time Offer!
Legs slide in a scissor motion, sculpting inner and outer thighs, hips, abdominals, and buttocks.
With free workout DVD & Ball Massage Glove
Collapsing, folding design means easy portability.
Half the price of competing Leg Magic brand
Magnetic Kayak Rower
Magnetic Kayak Rower MKR-01
USD $599 / CAD $599
Digital LCD displays workout time, rep count, total historical count, calories, and scan
8-levels of adjustable magnetic resistance
For upper body fitness or kayak / canoe training
Foldabe for easy storage
Ab Trainer Chair
Ab Trainer Chair
USD $59.95 / CAD $59.95
Provides both forwards and backwards resistance and full 180° extension
Works all core muscles (upper/ lower abdominals, obliques, and lower back)
Comfortably supports neck and back
Nordic Walking Poles
IB3 Health Nordic Walking Poles
USD $17.95 / CAD $17.95
Burns almost double the amount of calories compared to walking without poles
Tones chest, arms, abdominals, obliques and more in addition to lower body
Lightweight aluminum construction with carbide tips
Easy to use and adjust length
BB Liner Lady Slimmer, BBliner
BB Liner Lady Slimmer
USD $39.95 / CAD $39.95
Highly versatile device for shaping legs, arms, and midsection, in just 3 mins daily per body area
Ultra lightweight, strong polycarbonate construction
Uses adjustable air pressure resistance pumps
Easy to use, with exercise guide
Slim Clip Exerciser
Slim Clip Exerciser
USD $29.95 / CAD $29.95
Build in computer tracks every clip count, elapsed training time and calories burned.
Small compact, uses at indoor space
Allows for toning muscles and bulking up
Streamline design, easy to operate
Slendertone Fortex Resistance Trainer
Slendertone Fortex Resistance Trainer
USD $119 / CAD $119
Resistance Training-proven to increase strength
Exercises 9 main upper body muscle groups
Intelligym-interactive personal trainer to measure, monitor and motivate
Portable Training System
See also Slendertone Flexmax
Since pre-history, everywhere in the world that human beings have settled, massage has been important in care-giving and medicine
Massage: the various powered devices you see on our website all assist in the delivery of this essentially simple health care process.
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