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Pinhole glasses, also known as stenopeic glasses, are eyeglasses with a series of pinhole-sized perforations filling an opaque sheet of plastic in place of each lens. Similar to the workings of a pinhole camera, each perforation allows only a very narrow beam of light to enter the eye which reduces the size of the circle of confusion on the retina and increases depth of field. In eyes with refractive error, the result is claimed to be a sharper image. However, a second effect may appear at the common bridge between each two adjacent holes, whereby two different rays of light coming from the same object (but each passing through a different hole) are diffracted back toward the eye and onto different places on the retina. This leads to double vision (objects having doubled edges) around the rim of each hole the eye is not focussing on, which can make the overall image disturbing and tiring to look at for prolonged periods of time.
When you look at a blurred object your brain moves the focus of the eye in and out until it gets an increase in contrast. If no increase is achieved your brain leaves the object unfocused.

Pinholes improve the sharpness of the image, encouraging your brain to find the point of focus. During this process the focusing muscles of the eye are getting used more and this regular exercise helps your eyes’ focusing system.

Using pinholes for cataracts
Many people with cataracts see better through pinholes. A cataract is one or more opacities in the lens that do not allow the light to pass through properly but instead cause it to scatter.
Using pinholes as sunglasses
Pinhole glasses also reduce the brightness of the sun, just like sunglasses. Just put on a pair of pinholes on a sunny day and see how the brightness of the sun is reduced.
Using pinholes as computer glasses
It would seem that pinhole glasses offer a good solution to problems such as fatigue, headache, dry eyes, eyestrain, blurred vision and double vision due to too-long hours at the computer screen.
A complement to dealing with Myopia
This brings us to a very important use for pinholes, as part of a regimen for improving the condition of Myopia. When a person's eye has become abnormally elongated due to excessive close work, the outermost rays come to a focus in front of the retina and cause the blurred vision.
1. Improvement to vision clarity & resolution
For sufferers of refractive eye disorders, pinhole glasses will improve the clarity & resolution of your vision. It is an alternative technology to concave corrective lenses. Exercising the eye muscles and perceptual system with a different kind of clarity enhancement can add to your vision-improving resources.
2. Increases object brightness
Pinhole glasses are proven to increase apparent object brightness, relative to other objects in the perceptual field - ideal if you struggle with vision in low-light situations.
3. Good clarity at all distances
Unlike bi-focal and tri-focal glasses that are designed to yield good vision at fixed distances, pinhole glasses allow you to see clearly at all distances, whether short, middle or long distance focus is required. Many users also find them less stressful on the eye than multi-focal or vari-focal lenses.
4. One pair suits all situations
Whether you are reading a book or watching TV, one pair of pinhole glasses is all you'll need.
5. Lightweight, Durable
Our pinhole glasses are lightweight, weighing no more than traditional spectacles.
No need to worry about scratches & marks on the lenses. The performance of pinhole glasses is not adversely affected by defects that would otherwise degrade visual acuity through eyeglasses.
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Name Pinhole Glasses
Item Code 0504000040
List Price
US $25.52 / CAD $25.52
Our Price US $15.95 / CAD $15.95
Shipping US $16.95 / CAD $16.95
  Above shipping charge is for the contiguous USA & Canada only.

Name 2 pcs of Pinhole Glasses
Item Code 0504700025
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US $31.92 / CAD $31.92
Our Price US $19.95 / CAD $19.95
Shipping US $16.95 / CAD $16.95
  Above shipping charge is for the contiguous USA & Canada only.

Name 5 pcs of Pinhole Glasses
Item Code 0504700028
List Price
US $41.52 / CAD $41.52
Our Price US $25.95 / CAD $25.95
Shipping US $18.95 / CAD $18.95
  Above shipping charge is for the contiguous USA & Canada only.
Suitable Users of the Eye Massager:
1. University students, high school and primary school pupils with myopia, hypermetropia, amblyopia, excessive eye fatigue and other conditions caused by long-term wearing of spectacles.
2. Computer operators, architects, accountants, secretaries, teachers, drivers, or people working with precision instruments.
3. Anyone with dark eye spots, eye pouches, eye wrinkles, and those who have engaged in an excessive amount of nighttime activities.
4. Sufferers from dizziness and giddiness, soreness in the eyes, facial trigeminal nerve pains, neurasthenia, insomnia.
5. Sufferers of such eye conditions as presbyopia, astigmatism and so forth.


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