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I-Spa Infrared Sauna

I-Spa Infrared Sauna

PFM002 Vibration Unit

PFM002 Power Fit Vibration Unit

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Steam Sauna IG-130

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Portable Infrared Lamps

Infrared Light Therapy

Infrared light therapy is renowned for relieving pain for a number of muscle and joint ailments, stimulating local circulation, and dramatically enhancing the look of skin.

The way infrared rays penetrate deep into body tissues is unparalleled. With both table-top and hand-held applications, this pain relief and natural skin beautification therapy is now easier to use than ever.

*See Also Light Therapy and TDP Lamps

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Infrarex ST-302

USD $29.95 / CAD $29.95

  • FDA-cleared Infrared Light Therapy device excellent for pain relief of variety of muscle & joint ailments
  • Infrared bulb (approximately 7000 nm), with 2 levels of adjust­able intensity. Replacement bulb included.
  • 18 cm sq treatment area
Infrarex ST-302


USD $149.95 / CAD $149.95

  • FDA-cleared Infrared Light Therapy device excellent for pain relief, muscle stiffness, and for skin beauty treatment
  • 56 Infrared LEDs (880 nm) and 4 Red Light LEDs (660 nm)
  • 26 cm sq treatment area - one of the strongest, widest hand-held LEDs on the market!
DPL Nuve

DPLTM Flex Infrared Light Belt

Regular Price USD $349/ CAD $349
Final Sale Price USD $349.00 / CAD $349.00 including shipping



  • FDA-cleared infrared light therapy device excellent for pain relief, muscle stiffness, and for skin beauty treatment
  • 105 (880 nm) Infrared and 15 (660 nm) Red Light LEDs
  • 5 LED panels (6" x 2.2") provide combined treatment area of 426 cm sq, the largest area in the home LED therapy market
  • Flexible, adjustable belt can be strapped around back, waist, limbs, or joints to target area. Removable LED panels.
DPL Flex System Infrared Light Therapy Belt

DPLTM Therapy System

USD $299.00 / CAD $299.00

  • FDA-cleared Infrared Light Therapy device excellent for pain relief, muscle stiffness, and for skin beauty treatment
  • 154 (880 nm) Infrared and 20 (660 nm) Red Light LEDs
  • Two 9”x14” light panels provide combined treatment area of 252 cm sq, a large area by home LED therapy standards
  • Light panels can be removed from stand and strapped around treatment area
DPL Therapy System

DPLTM Therapy Accessories

FROM USD $10.00 / CAD $10.00

  • DPL Therapy System Accessories (sold individually) including dust cover, deep penetrating pain-relief cream, and 2-foot interconnect extension cord.
DPL Therapy System Accessories
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If you are wondering what infrared heat is, the sun is our principal source of it. As the sun's rays hit the earth, what we perceive as heat is in fact infrared waves. Infrared waves are essential for all life. Devices with infrared waves provide all the healthy benefits of natural sunlight, without the bad effects of solar radiation, such as damaging ultra-violet rays.

The type of infrared rays emitted by our infrared lamps are deeply penetrating, much more so than other forms of non-solar heat, which only heat the very surface of the skin. This is one of the reasons why infrared waves stimulate circulation so well in the target area during use, with positive effects such as beautiful skin and pain relief of sore muscles and joints.

Portable Infrared LED Therapy

Penetrating infrared
for sore muscle relief and skin beauty

Portable Infrared Lamps
Light Therapy For Acne

Treat Acne with Light Therapy

Did you know certain blue or violet sections of the light spectrum can kill bacteria that cause acne, without harming skin?

FDA Cleared (510K), CE Approved, Canada Med-
ical Device License 64148

Rejuvenate the Skin with Hand-Held Photon Units

Our selection of
hand-held photon devices use specific light wavelengths to improve skin tone, treat acne, and more

Hand-Held Photon Therapy
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