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A patented product which meets safety standards.
Remarkable soothing effect on cervical vertebra and neck/shoulder tension.
Gentle Traction effect for neck tissue.
Improving the onset and soundness of sleep.
Ergonomic design to adjust soft tissue around the neck and shoulders.
Gentle warmth from Infrared radiance.
Gentle microcurrent muscle stimulation.
Combats fatigue, soothes, relaxes.
Advanced Innovative Design - the Infrared EMT Thermal Pillow is the latest innovative 3 in 1 design combining ergonomic traction support, Far Infrared radiance (heat) and low-voltage microcurrents, applied to the cervical vertebra simulaneously. the Infrared EMT Thermal Pillow is made of high-efficiency Far Infrared Radiating material, It emits 5-15 µm electromagnetic microcurrents from its two electrodes.
Safety - the Infrared EMT Thermal Pillow is powered by low voltage direct current or rechargeable battery, the Infrared EMT Thermal Pillow is safe and economical without the side-effects produced by harsh AC circuitry.
Reliability -The Infrared EMT Thermal Pillow features an automatic shut-off within 10 seconds after the skin loses contact with electrodes, and an automatic shut-off within 15 minutes after the treatment time is up.
Comfort - The Infrared EMT Thermal Pillow is ergonomically designed according to the body's mechanics, of a supportive PU material, in a shape best suited to the concentration of blood vessels near the base of the brain.
Convenience - The Infrared Pillow can be used conveniently at home when lying down, for taking a rest-break in your car after pulling over or parking it, or on business or pleasure trips.
 Infrared EMT Thermal Pillow
 Infrared EMT Thermal Pillow - Features
Two ways to supply power ( it is suggested that you use adaptor as much as possible)
- Using adaptor for power supply
Open the plastic cover at the back of the the Infrared Pillow, get out the control panel, connect the DC plug with the inner outlet and insert the AC plug into the AC power socket. Guide the DC lead through the side opening and close the back cover.
It is ready for use.
- Using Nickel-Hydrogen rechargeable battery for power supply
1. open the plastic cover at the back of the pillow, get out the control panel, open the battery cover and then install 4 Nickel- Hydrogen rechargeable batteries according to the diagram on the battery case.
2. Check that the batteries are installed properly (polarity is correct).
Turn the battery power switch to the position "ON " as shown by the drawing. Press the "On/Off " button on the hand controller. Flashing screen signals that the batteries are installed properly.
3. The batteries should be charged for more than 2 hours by adaptor.
4. The battery switch should be turned to the "Off " position if the batteries are not used for a long time. In this position, they can be charged.
1. Place theInfrared EMT Thermal Pillow on a flat bed in a safe, comfortable environment.
Insert the adaptor into an AC power socket and put the DC plug into the outlet at the bottom of the pillow.
2. Clean skin on neck with a damp, warm towel and lie down on your back slowly. Then rest your head on the pillow and extend it backwards as much as possible. Turn your neck left and right gently to ensure that neck skin is in full contact with the electrodes. Relax your body completely.
3. Select the suitable functions by using the controller as per instructions above.
Infrared EMT Thermal Pillow Technical Specifications:
Product Name Infrared EMT-Pillow
Model No ANP-23
Power Supply Adapter DC5V 1200 mA, or 4 PCS of rechargeable
nickel-hydrogen battery ( 1.2 V 1300 mAh)
Frequency 0.5-800HZ
Packing Size L 27 x W 23 x H 13 cm
Weight About 1000 g
Normal working Conditions Temperature 5~40
Environment Humidity < = 80% RH
Storage and Transportation Temperature -20~55
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Name Infrared (Dry Heat) EMT PILLOW ANP-23
Item Code 0401000060
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Name Reconditioned Infrared EMT PILLOW White Colour ANP-23
Model ANP-23
Item Code 0401700060
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Warranty 3 months labor, 3 months parts
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