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Powerful Magnets Surround the Lower Back for Superior Magnetic Treatment

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Magnetic Therapeutic Massage
Waist Support
Used for Warm-up and Cooling-down
Strong, Cool and Comfortable
Great for walking, running, aerobics, and other sports activities
MAGNETIC WAIST SUPPORT The Magnetic Waist Support Belt is made of soft elasticized fabric with adjustable velcro fastening. The 1000 Gauss ferrite magnets are placed in north/south pole sequence. Provides a back support as well as extra warmth to therapeutically massage and temporarily stimulate local circulation, providing pain relief. The Magnetic Waist Support Belt is easy to use and comfortable to wear. Prolonged use improves the warming effect. The magnets are strong enough to provide deep penetration to reach nerves. The 24 high-powered, unipolar magnets are strategically placed over the nerves of the problem area.

The weight of the Magnetic Waist Support Belt design allows unrestricted motion for all activities Breathable construction is comfortable and easy to keep clean.
If you experience itching or rashes, please discontinue use.
People who should avoid magnet therapy are:
pregnant women
people who wear pacemakers
people who wear electronic devices
people who wear electrically operated devices.
  While magnets are known to be safe for physical treatment, their use has not been tested on people with pacemakers, insulin pumps, drug patches or on pregnant women. If you are using one of these devices or are pregnant, we do not recommend using magnets at this time.
Self diagnosis and self treatment of pain is not recommended and as such, the use of our products is the responsibility of the user. We not make or imply any medical claims on any of our products.
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Snore-Free Magnetic Nose Clip
The following diagrams give some idea of the theory behind applying magnets as therapy.
Magnetic Therapy
Magnetic Therapy
Magnetic Therapy
Magnetic Therapy


Thin, comfortable design
Unique magnetic insert
Relieves foot, knee and back pain
Massages your foot in every step
Cut to size with pair of scissors


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