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Safe, anatomically correct traction
Gives the head and neck needed support, in full comfort
Pressure is distributed evenly and gently
Sustains the upper spine in its normal curvature
Gradual release of traction pressure
Simple to put on and convenient for older people
Portability, low weight, can go with you anywhere
Neck Traction - Pro5/Pro7
Neck Traction -Pro7 Neck Traction - Pro5
Basic Neck Traction - 7 layers
Model: NeckSoft Pro-7
Material: Rubber
Weight: 870 g
Traction Force: 0-70 kg
Rises to Max. Ht: 20 cm / 7.9 in.
Basic Neck Traction - 5 layers
Model: NeckSoft Pro-5
Material: Rubber
Weight: 590 g
Traction Force: 0-50 kg
Rises to Max. Ht: 14 cm / 5.5 in.
There's a better way to deal with most neck pain problems: the NeckSoft Pro-7 (or the Pro-5), the air-pressurized neck-traction product that lets you take care of yourself wherever life takes you. This pop­ular, air-operated device for neck traction is made of lightweight pliable rubber with soft cloth contact areas at the top and bottom. Completely port­able, it's easy for on-the-go people to take with them. With its multiple built-in air chambers, the Air Neck Traction NeckSoft Pro-7 (or Pro-5) produces a powerful yet gentle, gradual traction that is evenly distributed.
Your imagination is the only limit to where you could take the portable NeckSoft Neck Trac­tion System. There is no need to assemble it or add to it—uses no electricity. A de­sign so ultimately simple makes it ideal for using where you live, where you work, or while you travel. No more waiting until you get back home to obtain relief, no thought of lying on the floor at work in order to use it, as with other traction devices. The NeckSoft Pro Neck Traction system is indicated for muscle tension and tightness, neck pain, osteoarthritis, pinched nerves, tension headaches, swollen discs, correctly aligning the neck, and for degen­erative discs or joints. The NeckSoft Pro is perfect for older or arthritic people. Consult a medical professional in the case of pre-existing conditions.
  1. Multi - layer Air Chamber
2. Cloth-lined contact area
3. Tube
4. Roller Valve (blocker)
5. Inflation Bulb Screw
6. Inflation Bulb
Neck Traction - Pro5/Pro7
A. Detail of the roller valve (blocks air flow to retain inflation)
A1 Open
A2 Closed
B. Detail of the inflation bulb screw

B1 Turn for deflation
B2 Turn for inflation
Step 1: Choosing the Right Size
Neck Traction Soft Leisure Air Neck Traction Negative Pressure - Sizes All air traction units deliver a range of traction force, as well as a range of traction height (from the collarbone to the jawline). So your personal preference will play a part in choosing the unit that is right for you.

Most users, including the smallest, will find the Neck Traction Pro 5 gives them enough lift. For many, the Neck Traction Pro 5 will give strong neck traction even before it reaches its fully-inflated height. Larger people (whose neck rises higher from collarbone to jawline) will get more lift from a Neck Traction Pro 7 , with the same lifting force. As a rule of thumb, people of 5 feet 10 inches or taller should give consideration to whether they need lift greater than the Neck Traction Pro 5 can give them.
Step 2: Using the Neck Traction
Neck Traction - Pro5/Pro7
Detach Velcro fasteners at rear left of Necksoft. Place NeckSoft around neck, and adjust. Modify the circumference of lower chambers, and traction angle, as comfort dictates or as prescribed by your doctor. Re-fasten the fasteners at back of neck.
Close the inflation bulb screw before pumping.
Squeeze the inflation bulb until you begin feeling the desired amount of stretch/relief and your neck is supported comfortably. After pumping, adjust the blocker valve to prevent the air from leaking out via the tube.
The device may be used at a maximum 20-30 minutes for medium and minor traction, and 1-3 minutes for major traction.
Begin gently with minor or medium traction, then move on to major traction if comfortable. Apply traction 2-3 times daily for 10-20 days. Start with a gentle stretch for 1-2 minutes at first. Gradually increase as your neck becomes more flexible.
Only use as prescribed by your doctor if applying to serious injury.
Slowly open the air release valve to release the pressure. Then remove the device. Doing a few gentle neck stretches adds further benefit to your session.
8. After treatment, push back the blocker first, releasing air as gradually as possible by slowly turning the inflation bulb screw. Do not squeeze the device.
  Note: Safeguarding of Rubber material: the Necksoft is protected for shipping and storage with a fine film of oil, which may have a detectable odor. Wipe with a soft cloth before use. Always store away from sunlight to prolong the life of rubber.
Step 3: Additional Relief for Your Neck
Neck Traction - Pro5/Pro7
1. After using the neck traction, apply the massage tool Index Knobber on the target areas and press for gentle massage for ultimate neck pain relief.
2. According to the neck acupuncture points above, use this handy massage tool to loosen stiff and sore muscles around the neck, back, or other tense areas, without putting stress on fingers.
Neck Traction Testimonial
"Using the Air Neck Traction is so easy, my doctor used to recommend troublesome door exercises and machines but the simple hand pump is very convenient, not to mention my bad neck now doesn't feel half so bad!"
   — Matthew Nelson, Seattle, Washington

"I purchased your NeckSoft neck collar in hopes that my mother would begin to take care of her chronic neck problems, it has really reduced her stiffness and pain, putting her mind at ease - your machine is a wonder."
   — Laura McCann, Belfast, Ireland

"Even a year after a serious car accident, I spent countless sleepless nights awake due to the agonizing aftereffects of whiplash in my neck and shoulder areas. However, a constant treatment of your Air Neck Traction in conjunction with therapy has me confidently on the road to recovery."
   — James Byrne, Austin, Texas
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Comfortrac cervical system and Necksoft Neck Traction
Take-anywhere traction!
Have INSTANT RELIEF from neck pain anywhere:
- Professional-level comfort of ComforTrac at home
- Effective, instant, inflatable Necksoft for car, office, anywhere!
Here are FIVE great reasons:
low price!
our money-back satisfaction guarantee
3-year warranty
top quality product
Here are SIX great reasons:
Highest Quality air neck traction device
Meets or beats lower prices of lesser-quality devices!
our money-back satisfaction guarantee
we are a reputable, stable company - best after-sales support
Includes other unique products, such as massagers or suction cupping.
Herniated Disks -
One Cause of Neck Pain
- also called slipped disks, bulging disks, ruptured disks
- Wear and tear weakens or flattens the fluid-filled pads, "discs", so they push against nerves, causing distress
- Traction works to relieve compression of the disk, at the same time promoting more normal curvature of the spine. Symptoms are eased. The long-term aim is to provide enough relief to restore normal disk functioning.
Neck Pain (Overview)
The Most Common Causes of Neck Pain
Neck Pain Diagnosis
Neck Pain Treatment
Surgical Complications


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