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How to Use Ozone Beauty Device
Ozone gas (O3) is an alternate form of oxygen
Ozone occurs naturally during lightning storms
Ozone has been used for years as a water and air purifier
Ozone kills bacteria, viruses and fungi in seconds
Electrical discharge turns Oxygen (02) molecules to O3 molecules of 3 atoms, less stable than ordinary Oxygen. It is found in air, but only in very small amounts. Its unique odor refreshes us where there is an abundance of O3 (e.g. during storms, in the forest, or by the sea).
As the device generates Ozone at the skin's surface, it is like hundreds of tiny fingers rapidly patting the skin. It's a welcome stimulation for tired, aging skin. In fact, it is the best way to firm your skin, without the pulling or over-massaging that slackens and weakens your skin.

When you use an Ozone Beauty Massager, you will notice an aroma of fresh, clean air that means it is transferring ozone to your stressed skin, to make your skin appear lighter, purer, more beautiful, and it also provides an incredible cleansing.

An Ozone Beauty Massager is a special skincare tool, which can be used not just on your problem skin (wrinkles, puffy eyes, aging problems and so on), but also for the entire body. It is unique, optimal for skin rejuvenation.

Both of our Ozone Beauty Massagers deliver similar results to the skin; they differ in the approach and additional features.

O3 & Infrared LED Beauty Massager
Ozone Beauty Massager with LEDs
USD $ 79.95 / CAD $ 79.95
3 Levels of electrostatic massage intensity produce ozone at the skin's surface.
5 Auto modes for controlling blue and red LEDs for diverse spectrum exposure.
Fights germs and gives you clear-looking skin.
Derma Wand
Derma Wand (Canadian customers only)
USD $ 119.80 / CAD $ 119.80
Control: 1-9 levels
Comes with Derma Vital Skin Care set and protective cover
It sends out a gentle stream of impulses stimulating at 168,000 cycles per second.
O3 & Infrared Beauty Massager
Derma Wand
Runve Ozone Cleaning & Beauty Machine
Healthy Pores Plasma Ozone Face Wand
Ozone Beauty Massager with LEDs
Derma Wand
Runve Ozone Cleaning & Beauty Device
Healthy Pores Plasma Ozone Face Wand
 Power  Source
 AC 110V/ 60Hz
 AC 110V/ 60Hz
 AC 110V/ 60Hz
4 x 1.5V AA Batteries
7.2 W
 Pulse Wave
 Pulse Wave
 Pulse Wave
 Pulse Wave
 Low, Med, High
1-9 Levels
 0, I, II, III
 Low ~ High
 Dimensions  (mm)
180 x 60 x 70
190 x 40 x 50
210 x 40 x 80
Ozone Beauty Massagers use a “flat plate type silent electrical discharge" to produce Ozone. That high energy discharge takes place close to the skin's surface. Ionized ozone has a strong oxidation ability with powerful sterilizing properties, plus anodyne and anti-inflammatory effects. It can also neutralize poisonous con­taminants and eliminate odors. It can whiten naturally through the oxidation effects common to many whitening or lightening processes. The Ozone Beauty Massager will com­plement your skin care program, with regular massage and cleansing. Do all the things that will bring you a glowing, healthy skin.
• Part of Your Daily Beauty Routine
Firm and Condition Your Skin
Bring Skin a Healthy Glow
Keep Skin Fair and Smooth
heart tree
Three Steps for Skin Hygiene 
Step 1 - stable O3
Turn the Massager on for 30 seconds to begin the decomposition of oxygen from the air, obtaining a quantity of O3 .
Step 2 - Deep Cleansing
After cleaning your face, apply the Massager to massage the T zone (nose and forehead region) and U zone (cheeks). This will help thoroughly remove dirt and obstructions in your pores, and an oxidizing process will decompose the melanin precipitated in the hypodermal area, for deep cleansing.
Step 3 - Sterilization & Reducing Inflammation
The O3 produced by this Massager is a clean, refreshing gas that is absorbed through contact with the skin. It kills bacteria and viruses, inhibiting inflammation of the skin and virus infections. Proper disinfecting of problem areas can help reduce oily skin, pimples, acne and other types of sores.
Deactivates viruses, bacteria Kills yeast, fungi, and protozoa
Reduces inflammation Supports and enhances inner healing processes
Increases the pressure of oxygen in the blood Stimulates production of protective cell enzymes
Prevents and treats communicable diseases Inhibits degenerative disease
Lightens, bleaches via oxidation stimulation Oxidizes toxins, facilitating their excretion
1. Care for basic skin types:
  Oily, Dry, Combination and Normal skin
2. Care for abnormal skin types:
Skin with pimples, acne, scars, fatigue
Dark dead looking skin
Skin allergies
3. Special care:
Helps cleanse and make skin in different areas of the body as light as possible
Helps in purifying
Helps fight bacteria that cause odor or itch
How to Use the Ozone Beauty Massager
Apply the massager to the indicated areas by touching the skin lightly. Move the massager in a spiral or back and forth as per instructions for 2 to 3 minutes. Always clean face thoroughly prior to this procedure.

1. Acne on the Forehead Acne on the Cheeks
2. Acne on the Nose
3. Acne in the Lower Cheeks 
4. Acne at the Corners of the Mouth
5. Acne on the Lower Jaw 

Whenever an electrical discharge occurs, enriched oxygen is produced. After a thunderstorm, the clean smell in the air is enriched oxygen, a natural purifying cleanser. This enriched oxygen cleans the air of contaminants and toxins.Ozone beauty massagers work on the same principle. You will smell the enriched oxygen as soon as you touch the bulb to your skin. Bacteria cannot exist in an oxygen-rich environment. By producing a small zone of enriched oxygen, the Ozone massager cleanses and purifies your skin.


Ozone massagers gently massage your face, without pulling or stretching your delicate facial skin. It also significantly increases the effectiveness of your favourite skincare products. Using the Ozone massagers after applying creams and lotions helps them penetrate more deeply. You'll see visible results after just a few days.


For skin to be truly vibrant, it needs to be clean, stimulated, and well nourished. Regular use of Ozone massagers helps accomplish all three things. Ozone massage kills bacteria and exposes new skin for a healthy, beautiful look.


The gentle stimulation of Ozone massagers helps reduce puffiness by encouraging excess fluid to drain away while tightening the fragile skin under your eyes. You'll see visible results in just a minute or two.

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