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Steady Ease Silicone Suction Cupping
Silicone Cupping Video
Silicone Cupping Sets feature:
Variety of shapes & sizes for face or body.
Control the cups by squeezing.
Travel-friendly & compact.
Electro Silicone cups can connect with a TENS device.
Cupping Therapy, or Massage Suction Cupping, is a practice with ancient roots. In all forms of Cupping Therapy, a vacuum is created, be it through a modern pump, or traditional combustion. When the vacuum in the cup is applied to the skin, it sucks the soft tissue with negative pressure, for a powerful and stimulating massage-like sensation. The suction works to relax stiff muscles and tissue, and for overall promotion of well-being. Pliable, nearly indestructible silicone cups yield to your fingers and apply with ease.
Silicone Electrode Cups
Silicone Electrode Cups - Pair
With Conductive Sponge
USD $8.95 / CAD $8.95
2 Cups / Set
Combines electrical stimulation and cupping.
Easy to learn and operate
Doubles as a TENS electrode, with conductive sponge insert with saline.
Electro Silicone Cupping Set - 2 Cups
Cup-n-Stim Electro Silicone Cups - Pair
USD $9.95 / CAD $9.95
2 Cups / Set
Combines electrical stimulation and cupping.
Easy to learn and operate
Doubles as a TENS electrode, with conductive ring lining opening, use with conductive gel.
Silicone Cupping Sets - 6/12 Cups
Silicone Small-Sized & Facial Cupping
Various Combo Sets, 6-8 Cups
FROM USD $12.95 / CAD $12.95
Standard/ regular cups for overall body use, elongated facial cups for small body areas & face, and introducing mini facial cups for
around eyes, nose & tiny, difficult areas.
Effective, inexpensive, and simple to use.
Silicone Cupping Sets - 6/12 Cups
Silicone Cupping Set - Basic 6 or 12 Cups
FROM USD $19.95 /
CAD $19.95
6 or 12-cup sets available
Featuring both Large and standard-sized cups, for both broad and medium-sized target areas.
Effective, inexpensive, and simple to use.
Silicone Cupping Complete Sets - 14 Cups
Silicone Cupping Complete 14-Cup Set with Mini Facial Cups
USD $35.95 / CAD $35.95
Includes 4 facial cups for small areas or facial treatments, 4 mini facial cups for around eyes and nose, 2 Large cups for broad body areas, and 4 regular cups for all-around use.
Suction pressure controlled by squeezing.
Effective, inexpensive, and simple to use.

Aside from Traditional Chinese Medicine beliefs about balancing the Chi in the body, suction cupping relaxes muscles while exerting negative (suction) pressure on the surface of the body. The effects are similar to those of massage: increased bloodflow to local areas and pressure to relax muscle tissues. Beyond that, cupping has produced testimonials to more immediate gains in well-being. Actress Gwyneth Paltrow's endorsement of cupping is only one example. Practitioners and patients in most of Asia, and increasingly in the West, attribute their feelings of improvement and relaxation to cupping, joining the chorus of those who have sung its praises for thousands of years.

Our customers often feel a deep relaxing warmth during a Cupping session and a tingling sensation that lasts long after the treatment has ended. Massage Cupping is an effective addition to any spa or healing session. The cups are inexpensive, fun and result oriented. You will be amazed at the effective sessions possible with these Suction Cupping devices.

Gwyneth Paltrow
at "The Anchorman"
Film Premiere
Gwyneth Paltrow
Massage Suction Cupping
Free Silicone Facial Cupping with most suction gun cupping sets (For US & Canada only).
20% OFF Twist-Top Cupping sets with purchase of DVD (THE ART OF MASSAGE CUPPING THERAPY)
Cupping Therapy DVD
Part I
History of use
Applications for use
Indications and contra-indications
Massage Cupping Techniques
Safety Considerations
Massage Cupping for several parts of the body
Cupping Therapy DVD
Part II
Advanced Massage Cupping techniques featuring the vacuum pump cup set
The Aromatherapy Cocoon Wrap using Massage Cupping
The Face
The Reflexology Theory featuring magnetic micro-cups
Traditional Suction Cupping
Bamboo - 3 Cupping Jars (Cups)
USD $6.95 / CAD $6.95
3 Cups / Set
Weight : 230 g/ 0.5 lb
What is Cupping Therapy?
Suitability of Subjects for Cupping (Safety)
In the Theory of Trad­ition­al Chinese Medicine:
- Application Methods
- Benefits of Cupping
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