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Micro-current Electrical Stimulation • Relieve muscle aches and pains
FDA-Listed and CE-Certified

EMS is the abbreviation for "Electrical Muscle Stimulation." The electrical microcurrents of EMS are adjusted to stimulate muscle motor nerve strands at a high enough intensity to cause muscle contractions and thus affect muscles at a deep level. Benefits can include muscle relaxation, increased local blood circulation, and treatment of tenderness. Other common uses for EMS: increasing range of motion: preventing Muscle Disuse Atrophy, releasing muscle spasms, various conditions that benefit from increased local circulation.

Electrical stimulation for the treatment of muscle aches and pains in the body has been used for many years by physiotherapists. Now, you are able to treat yourself at home with the latest in digital EMS units that are completely safe, with FDA and CE approval.
Note: TENS stands for "Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation", a related technology but designed to stimulate nerve endings for pain control without contracting muscles. For more on TENS, click on the "TENS Units" link in "Electrotherapy" menu at left.

Please Note:
FDA requires a prescription for the sale of electrotherapy devices to individuals in the U.S.
NO PRESCRIPTION is required if you are only purchasing replacement pads for your electrotherapy device
You can use our Word file at our PRESCRIPTION LINK, or your Health Care Provider can use his/her own prescription form.
EMS 7000(TS-1311) Digital
EMS 400
USD $39.95 / CAD $39.95
Dual-Channel Isolated, 3 modes, pulse 250 μs fixed
Adjustable Amplitude 0-100 mA, Frequency 2-120 Hz
Adjustable Ramp, Contraction, and Relaxation times
Pocket size, easy operation
Canada Medical Device License #64397
EMS Prom 550 Digital
EMS Prom 550 Digital -Not Available in Canada
USD $59.00 / CAD $59.00
Dual-Channel Isolated, 3 modes, pulse 30-300 μs
Adjustable Amplitude 0-60 mA, Frequency 1-150 Hz
Adjustable Contraction and Relaxation times
Pocket Size, Easy Operation, Timer 1-60 mins
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