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SuperStim SD-610D Plus
SD-610+ Superstim / TENS & EMS
Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulator & Electronic Muscle Stimulator
Certified and FDA listed; we back its quality with the longest warranty available, free gift of electrode pads.
SD610+ SuperStim / TENS & EMS
Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulator & Electronic Muscle Stimulator
Using the SuperStim
The Controls
Cover slides down to reveal control buttons, LCD display screen.
 "MODE" button selects 3 TENS modes (B, M and C) and 2 EMS modes (A, S).
 "SET" key selects for adjustment: Pulse Width (PW), Pulse Rate (PR), Timer, On/Off, and Ramp, as follows:
   PW from 30 to 300µS (at 10 µS / step)
  PR from 1 to 150 Hz, with 45 levels
  Timer from 1 to 60 minutes, at 1 minute/step
   Ramp-up times from 1 to 6 seconds
   Cycle-on time from 1 to 30 seconds
   Cycle-off time from 1 to 30 seconds
▲ and ▼ keys adjust the above settings.
Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulator
Symptomatic relief of chronic musculoskeletal pain
Post-traumatic and post-surgical pain
Electric Muscle Stimulator (EMS)
Relaxation of muscle spasms
Prevention of muscle-disuse atrophy
Increase local blood circulation
Muscle re-conditioning
Maintain or increase the range of motion of joints
Immediate post-surgical stimulation of calf muscles to prevent venous thrombosis
Detailed diagram of SuperStim
A: Indications
1. Place the electrodes only as your clinician recommends
2. Keep the stimulator clean
3. See your clinician if you have any problems regarding treatment or physician questions
4. Remove the electrodes and discontinue stimulation if you experience skin irritation, until the source of that irritation is determined by your clinician
5. Clean the cables only with water and mild soap. Do not use rubbing alcohol or any other solvents
6. Turn both intensity knobs to "OFF" before touching the battery or removing electrodes from skin
7. Read this entire manual thoroughly before using
8. Be sure you are using a fresh battery
9. Before attaching electrodes, identify those areas where your physician has recommended electrode placement. Each location should be cleansed, rinsed and thoroughly dried
10. If you use additional gel, please apply gel in an even layer to the bottom of the electrode (about as thick as a match book cover)
11. Be sure that all sides are evenly taped and held firmly against the skin when attaching electrode with adhesive tape
12. Make sure all connectors are firmly seated
B: Contraindications (DO NOT do the following):
1. Use your Superstim TENS when driving or working with dangerous machinery or engaging in contact sports
2. Loan your Superstim TENS to another person as it is a prescription device which is specially prescribed for you. Its use may be contraindicated for another person who has not been examined by a doctor
3. Allow children to play with your Superstim TENS
4. Immerse your Superstim TENS in water or any other liquids
5. Use other electrodes with your Superstim TENS unless approved by your physician or manufacturer
6. Damage your stimulator by bumping, dropping, or rough use
7. Pull or kink the cables
8. Allow electrode gel to get into the connector holes of the electrodes.
9. Allow the electrodes to touch each other during stimulation; otherwise improper stimulation and poor battery life will result
10. Store the unit at temperature below 0°C or over 50°C
11. Make abrupt changes of stimulator controls while operating potentially dangerous machinery such as power tools, automobiles, etc.
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