Top 10 Blue Light Blocking Glasses for Men and Women

Blue light is not only harmful to your eyes but it can be found everywhere. Whether you own a mobile phone, a computer, a tablet, or any kind of television, blue light waves are blasting into your eyes. Although, researchers recommend conducting more studies before they can speak with certainty about the effects of blue light on our eyes.

To the uninformed eye, regular glasses and specially optimized blue-light glasses offer the same amount of protection. Many opt to purchase a regular set of glasses thanks in part to blue-light glasses costing several hundred dollars more. This is why I have compiled a list of 11 of the best blue light glasses on the market right now, based on expert and user opinions.

Do blue light lenses protect your eyes?

Several studies have confirmed that blue light glasses offer some layer of protection when it comes to exposure to blue light. In 2011, a study conducted by studyTrusted, found that LED lights that produce large amounts of blue lights could lead to long-term health issues including chronic eyestrain and a weakened macula.

Another study in 2015 found that sleep deprivation could be caused by prolonged exposure to blue light, causing grogginess on the following days. In that same year, a studyTrusted study was released that indicated that the use of blue light glasses can help cut down the amount of time that it takes you to fall asleep.

How we decided on the glasses

Let's look at the things we have determined while selecting blue light blocking glasses:

  • If the product genuinely uses blue light blocking process? Some companies advertise that they offer genuine blue protection glasses, but they do not provide the same as per the guidelines of the researchers.
  • Will you get a better quality product? You will find blue light spectacles that are not well finished. But the items mentioned here are all long-lasting.
  • What are the things sold to women and men? While searching for eyeglasses, you need to check the categories. However, items are sold for women and men, so you need to purchase the things that suit you.
  • Are the items sustainable manufactured or sourced? The brands we have selected here include hiring practices, and durable support production and they are eco-conscious.
Pricing rules
  • Under fifty dollars, it will be $
  • Fifty-one to hundred dollars, it will be $$
  • More than a hundred dollars will be $$$

Top 10 blue light glasses you can try

Top Blue light blocking glasses for women

Warby parker Whalen Glasses

Cost: $$$

The brand Warby Parker is for people who are looking for convenient and trendy-looking eyeglasses.

The brand is famous because they offer to try on home services. The company will send you five pairs of spectacles, and you can check them out in five days, you will get free shipping in two ways. You will get four frames color options and wide to medium sizes are available.

If you do not like the design, you can go for indigo light-blocking lenses for the brand's spectacles, and it will cost you fifty dollars extra. In addition, you can opt for prescription glasses that can have the coating of a blue light filter.

Perfect blue light filtering glasses for men

Percey Glasses from Warby Parker

Cost: $$$

You will get these frames from Warby Parker in nine shades with four extra wide to narrow frame options.

Warby Parker offer tries on the home facility, which will allow you to choose from the five types of frames and colors. You will get five days to choose the right one, and if you do not like the design, you can go for blue light-blocking lenses for extra fifty dollars.

If you find the spectacles not up to the mark, and they do not efficiently block blue lights, you will get a thirty-day exchange or return option from the brand.

Top traditional glasses that block blue light

Cat Eye Designer Glasses from Zenni with Blokz Photochromic Lenses

Cost: $

If you are looking for affordable glasses from a popular brand, you must look at the glasses from Zenni. The brand offers different types of add-ons, lenses, designs, and shades.

The company describes that Blokz is a high-quality product and it can be attached to glass lenses so you will get protection from electronic and natural light.

Zenni offers photochromatic lenses that will turn dark under the sunlight and will give you clear vision when you are inside your home. This is perfect for long hours of drives, and if it extends to night. These spectacles are perfect for people who have to work both outdoors and inside during the daytime.

In this list, we have selected the classic glass frames, but if you are not a fan of the design, you can look at the selection of vast frame options Zenni. While choosing glasses, make sure to select the Blokz photochromatic lenses only.

You can also opt for the Zenni Blue Light Filtering quiz to select the best lenses for you.

Finest blue light filtering glasses for gamers

Gaming Glasses from Gunnar Intercept

Cost: $$

If you are looking for minimalist-style glasses, you can opt for this option. The brand also offers UV light protection with the glasses and you will light yellow or amber tint on them to get protection from light glares.

Several buyers have reviewed that you can wear these glasses the entire daytime, and they will not be uncomfortable.

According to the brand, the glasses are designed to block at least sixty-five percent of blue lights from various light sources and screens. However, the little tint on the glasses can seem odd, and it may not suit all types of situations.

Anti-Glare Blue Light Filtering Glasses from Gamma Ray Optix

Cost: $

These glasses are designed to block eyestrain when you play video games for a long time, and it's beneficial for heavy readers as well. Gamma Ray Optix blue light blocking glasses have a rating of 4.5, based on twenty-one thousand reviews from Amazon.

These spectacles are lightweight, simple, and very trendy, besides you will get glare reduction and UV four hundred protection.

Blue light filtering glasses with Bamboo Made Frames

Blue Light Filtering Eye Glasses from 4EST Shades

Cost: $

This eyewear comes with a sturdy case, and the brand claims that the glasses can filter ninety-seven percent blue light. In addition, the case and the frame both are made of natural bamboo. If you buy from this 4EST, they plant trees after gaining profit.

You will get only limited style options from 4EST. However, some buyers have reported that the frames aren't durable.

Top People Sponsored Blue Light Filtering Spectacles

Blue Light Glasses from Covry

Cost: $$$

The brand offers different types of Blue light filtering glasses, and the products come in a vegan leather cover. The company uses frames that perfectly sit on the nose, prevent lens smudging, and sit properly on the face than other glasses.

Covry eyewear is more expensive than others, and you may not find the products on many online sites, and the reviews are mostly positive.

Best Computer Work Blue Light Filtering Glasses

Blue Light Blocking Spectacles from J+S Vision

Cost: $

If you have to work hours in front of the computer, or read, you need these glasses as they filter ninety percent of screen glare and blue light. The product has no magnification and is made for low color deformity.

Buyers have reviewed that wearing these glasses has lowered headaches, dry eyes, and eyestrain. This is the reason, these glasses are ideal for long-time computer users.

Before purchasing the glasses, you must know that the lens collection is limited, and there is an orange tint to the glasses.

Best Sleep Time Blue Light Shield Glasses

Blue Light Shield Glasses from Baxter Blue

Cost: $$

These glasses are made of the best hydrophobic and anti-reflective coatings, which help you block the blue lights, after the sunset, and they can help you get better sleep. The brand boasts that the material increases melatonin production and improves sleep quality.

The company offers one year warranty and free shipping with a ninety-day home trial facility. In addition, when you purchase glasses from Baxter Blue, they provide free reading glasses to needy people.

Perfect Blue Light Filtering Luxury Glasses

Clear Blue Light Shield Glasses from Ray-Ban

Cost: $$$

Ray-Ban is a very popular brand and it's been famous for more than seventy years. They are famous for making high-quality and durable glasses. These non-prescription clear blue light shield glasses can block a hundred percent UV rays, which gives protection in most environments. The lenses are polarized, which helps while working and reading, and it reduces eyestrain and glare from screens and lights.

If you purchase the glasses from Ray-Ban directly, you will get a limited warranty, and sixty days of free returns.

Options for prescription glasses

If you are a user of prescription spectacles, you can consult your ophthalmologist or in a eyeglasses store about the options of anti-glare coating and blue light filtering features in the glasses. You will get lots of options if you follow this way.

More methods for reducing harmful blue light

While blue light glasses are helpful, there is more than can be done in the battle against blue light. You should heavily consider the following software and items.

  • F.Lux software is software that helps adjust the light levels of your computer's screen depending on the time of day and other environmental cues. Several customer reviews by professionals in the computing and editing industries have touted the benefits of this free software. Company testimony states that improved sleep and reduced strain to the eyes are what you receive when using their product. Your screen's colors are altered although this feature can easily be shut off.
  • If you aren't one for downloading and installing software, then consider purchasing a filter for your computer screen that is designed to repel blue light. They can be purchased here and are highly recommended in the battle against that accursed blue light. If your human right to privacy is something that you wish to exercise then you deserve a round of applause, A screen filter that combats both blue light and nosy individuals can be purchased here for your computer screen.
  • What may surprise you the most is that your phone may already have all the blue light repellent tools that you need built-in. Apple devices have a "night shift mode" while Android devices have a "night mode". The highly respected American Academy of Ophthalmology instructs to adjust both the room's and the screen's light.
  • If all else fails then the triple 20 rule is for you. After 20 minutes have passed, stare at a device or object that is 20 feet away and maintain your gaze for 20 seconds.

How do you choose the best option for you?

  • Consider first what holds the utmost value for you when picking out a pair of glasses to purchase? How much are you willing to pay? Do you want zero magnification or total magnification? Do you prefer prescription glasses or would you like to have more customization options? Most importantly, what is the return policy that is attached to the glasses.
  • There are several more questions to ask and things to consider and I shall be tackling each one. Next on the agenda is your reason as to why you are seeking out a blue light repellent? A reduction of headaches, relieve persistent eyestrain, or improve your sleep cycle? Always read what the reviews have to say when it comes to tackling what ails you the most.
  • How are the user reviews? What are the pros and cons that individuals that have purchased the glasses are mentioning the most? You've got to keep an eye out for any persistent complaints. Focus on the most recently posted reviews, this is due to the fact that a company's policy or warranty may have recently changed.
  • Your optometrist may have some recommendations, do be sure to listen to what they have to say on the matter. A professional should always be consulted before making a move in unfamiliar territory. Another thing to take into account, is, will the glasses fit your lifestyle and demands? Will you be needing the lenses for work or for recreational activities? Do you intend to use them when engaging in some intense outdoor activity such as wall climbing or hiking?
  • The manufacturer of your glasses can be the best source of information on them. Are any technical details included with the product purchase? Are they available anywhere on the company's website? If the manufacturer can't explain the technology behind the glasses to you, then it is because they don't understand it themselves.
  • Check to see if the manufacturer of your glasses is a corporation that has certification B. This certification is for companies that are forward-thinking and engage in sustainable policies and fair hiring practices. Many corporations are known to secretly discriminate against Latinos, the LGBTQ community, and others. Refusing to do business with such corporations is a great way to showcase your humanity.
  • The last thing to consider about your glasses and their manufacturer as where exactly they are made. Do not purchase glasses that don't associate with a reputable seller or brand, they may be counterfeit and as such, do not work at all.

In Conclusion

Options are aplenty for blue light lenses but unfortunately, the hassle of finding the right pair at the right price point is daunting. This article can be a helpful guide for you If you already wear glasses that have been prescribed talk with a doctor for greater insight into blue light blocking technology.

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