All You Need to Know About Blue-Light-Blocking Screen Protectors

Digital devices have become a part of modern life, but they cause artificial blue light exposure resulting in many health issues. Blue light exposure will impact your sleep, vision, and overall health. Constant exposure to this harmful light might lead to eye strain, blurry vision, and headache.

More importantly, blue light emission might reduce melatonin production. Melatonin is a hormone responsible for sleep, and you can experience fatigue, sleep issues, and insomnia due to its less production. The impact will be more when you use digital devices during dark hours. However, you can minimize the effect by using filtering products. A screen protector will block the emission of blue light from your digital devices, including tablets, computers, or phones. Hence, the impact will be less.

We will know more about blue-light protectors in the following. Keep reading to find a suitable product for your use.

Why Are Filtering Products Worth Considering?

Many reports prove the effectiveness of blue-light filtering products. As revealed by users, these products protect the eyes and minimize the symptoms of blue light exposure. They can reduce fatigue, headaches, and eye irritation. However, the scientific research studies have mixed outcomes.

According to research conducted in 2016, electronic devices do not cause enough optical radiation emission to damage vision, even after using them for long hours. Also, these emissions are lower than natural sunlight exposure. Optical radiation includes those visible lights that humans cannot see, including X-rays, ultraviolet rays, and microwaves.

Another research study in 2017 says about the lack of research on blue-light blocking screen protectors and lenses. You will not find any strong evidence that proves blue light filtering devices minimize eye fatigue, boost vision, and improve sleep quality.

A study in 2020 that included Apple devices discovered that a screen protector is less effective than enabling night shift mode and minimizing the brightness on your phone. The subject needs more research to come out with something helpful to prove the benefits of blue-light filtering devices.

Best Blue Light Screen Protectors

Best screen protector with blue light blocking technology and privacy filter

Ocushield Anti-Blue Light Protector for PC Monitors and Laptops

Price Range: $40-$105

No longer will blue-light from your PC monitor or laptop harm you. The Ocushield blue light protector is available in a multitude of sizes and has a top-of-the-line privacy guard that gives your screen an all-black appearance from any angle. With a coating that is both antibacterial and anti-glare, this is the screen protector for those who work next to others. The design team is comprised of sleep therapists and optometrists, this is why the protector has been given an MHRA Class One medical grading and a 4.5 rating by customer reviews.

Best cell phone screen protector for blocking blue light

EyeJust Blue Light Blocking Protector for iPhone

Price Range: $35-$42

The iPhone Screen Protector brought to you by EyeJust prevents blue light from harming your eyes and protects the screen of your phone from getting scratches or cracks. All of this is done without affecting the display. This oil-resistant protector comes with a 2-year warranty. So you need not worry about any cracks or damage to the protector.

Best blue light blocking screen protector for a high-quality visual experience

Eyesafe Blue Light Filter for Apple iPad

Price Range: $49.99

If you don't want your protector to downgrade your visual experience then this is the product for you. Eyesafe products use patented technology to block blue light without altering your display. Included with your purchase are dust removers, screen wipes, and a cloth. The manufacturer is in constant communication with optometrists and engages in third-party testing, in order to make sure that a product's quality is to standard. The filter has been certified by TÜV Rheinland, this organization focuses on standards related to blue light emissions.

Best screen filter with blue light blocking for televisions and computers

Low-Blue-Lights Medium Blue Light Filter

Price Range: $54

This screen filter is designed to improve your sleep and overall well-being. The filter is acrylic and designed to block the blue light that is being emitted from computer screens and televisions. You can be assured of a secure fit when placed on a screen thanks to the attached velcro that comes with the protector. The company has been lauded for its quality and customer service. Although, because this protector is made of acrylic, it negates touch screens from working. Use a vinyl cover if your main concern is using it on a touch screen.

Best MacBook screen protector for blue light

Ocushield Blue Light Blocking Filter for MacBook Air

Price Range: $55

This blue-light filter can fit both the MacBook Pro and the MacBook Air. Onlookers won't be able to sneak a peek at your screen thanks to the privacy filter put in place and your eyes will be safeguarded by your screen's harmful blue light emissions. Color quality is retained and protection against scratches is guaranteed. Ocushield donates $1 to the Royal National Institute of Blind People with every purchase.

Buying Considerations for Blue Light Filtering Devices

You can consider a few factors if you want to buy a quality and effective product to minimize the effects of blue light emissions. Here are some considerations you can go through to find a suitable blue light blocking protector.

Reliability: You will need a reliable company to buy quality and durable products. You can ensure that the product comes with an enhanced warranty and the return is hassle-free. You can check the website, BBB ratings, and customer reviews to know more about the reliability.

Certification: You can check third-party testing to ensure the product offers promised benefits. You can consider those suggested by the healthcare professionals.

Size: Check the size of your device and blue-light blocking protector to find the correct fit. There will be specific models to find suitable options.

Visual Experience: You will need one that retains the brightness and color of the original display. Since it will prevent discoloration and distortion, you can have a better visual experience.

Apart from all these, you can consider a filtering device that comes with a coating. It will protect your screen from smudges and scratches. You can also find an anti-glare filter.

Other Ways to Minimize Blue Light Exposure

Night Mode: You can practice 20-20-20 exercises and use the dark mode feature while using your digital devices at night. You can look twenty feet away for twenty seconds after spending twenty minutes in front of the screen. You will have to divert your attention and focus on other objects to reduce eye fatigue and strain.

Eyewear: You can talk to an eye specialist and wear prescribed eyeglass while using electronics to minimize the impact of blue lights. Some can reduce glare and the blue light effect.

Lightbulbs: You can use blue-light blocking light bulbs when impacted by blue light emissions during sleep. Limit your screen time after evening and follow a nighttime routine to get quality sleep and minimize screen exposure. You will feel more energetic and refreshed if you sleep well at night.

Wrapping It Up

Blue light from your digital devices might impact your mental and physical health. You cannot sleep well due to eye strain and cannot feel refreshed. You can use a screen protector if screens are unavoidable during the dark and get some relief.

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