The Best Cupping Sets in 2022

In the last few years, cupping therapy has grown into a regular part of physical therapy treatments offered by most major hospitals. But the equipment for this therapy is complicated, and often only available at specialized clinics. Are you looking for cupping sets in the USA? If so, then you have come to the right place. A cup set is an essential piece of equipment that therapists need to perform cupping therapy. The following The Best Cupping Sets in 2022:

1. Edge Cupping Therapy Sets

The Edge Cupping Therapy Sets is a single set that functions as mesh roller, cupping massage tool and cupping therapy device. The mesh roller helps knead and relax muscles, making it ideal for both physical therapy and sports recovery.

The roller has interchangeable heads for different uses, including cupping therapy. It functions well as a suction device that can reduce fatigue of the muscles and help with blood circulation. With a portable design, you can use this cupping set on the go at home or during travel. The roller is versatile, and can be used for a variety of massage or cupping therapy routines. With the Edge Cupping Therapy Sets, you can easily unlock many of the full potentials of cupping therapy, making it one of the best cupping sets in 2022.


- Easy to use

- Portable

- Multi-functional

- For both physical therapy and sports recovery


- Only a single set works as both cupping therapy device and roller

2. Kangzhu Biomagnetic Set

The Kangzhu Biomagnetic Set is a cupping therapy set that can be used in both physical therapy and sports recovery. It has interchangeable heads to help you with different ailments, including neck pain and sciatica. The sticky cupping balls are made from gold-plated copper and are designed to move on the skin smoothly. Their natural magnetic energy assists the body's natural healing process, making this one of the best cupping sets in 2022.

The cupping balls are designed to increase the effects of physiotherapy, and can be used for a variety of issues including joint pain and poor blood circulation. The magnets in the cupping balls stimulate blood flow to the affected areas.

The cupping sets are made from stainless steel and aluminium, with an anti-corrosive design. With these features, the cupping therapy set is durable despite its light weight; it only weighs about 3lbs (1.4kg). The kneading and massaging function of the roller allows therapists to loosen muscles and stretch tight muscles. The roller also has interchangeable heads that can be used for cupping therapy.


- Lightweight (1.4kg, 1.8lb)

- Durable

- Easy to use


- Expensive (about $200)

This cupping therapy set is not for beginners. Cupping therapy is a very precise and delicate art. You need to be careful that you don't hurt yourself during your sessions, so it is best for experienced users only.

3. Professional Cupping Therapy Set by Myofascial Releaser

The Professional Cupping Therapy Set by Myofascial Releaser is a good investment for those who are looking for an affordable cupping therapy set. This set is easy to use and safe, thanks to its deep-handle design. The device is capable of giving deep tissue cupping therapy and trigger point massage. The set comes with 4 cupping therapy cups and a roller that can be replaced. Myofascial releaser is a manufacturer of innovative cupping therapy devices. Their cupping therapy sets are designed to give users an effective, non-invasive and safe massage. This set is designed to remove adhesion, swelling, muscle tension and pain.

The cupping therapy balls are made from non-toxic rubber, which is practical and suitable for beginners. The material makes it easy to clean after use, and the high pressure of the cupping therapy balls can affect deep muscle tissues.

The cupping set can be used to help with many different ailments, including stiffness, chronic pain, and fatigue. It is designed for physical therapists and sports recovery.


- Easy to use

- Affordable


- Small cupping balls (3.9cm, 1.5in)

Cupping therapy can be uncomfortable to most of us because it requires pulling up the skin and leaving a bruise behind.

4. 12 pcs Thick Glass Cupping Therapy Set

The 12 pcs Thick Glass Cupping Therapy Set is a simple and affordable cupping set that is suitable for beginners. Its cupping therapy cups are made from high quality thick glass, which makes them safe to use. The deep-handle design of the cups make it easier to pull up the skin and leave a mark underneath for cupping therapy. The cups are simple to use, and the glass construction makes them safe to use. The thick glass ensures easier cupping therapy that can leave marks on the skin. The cupping therapy set is affordable, and easy to use. If you are looking for an alternative to the Kangzhu Biomagnetic Set, then you might want to consider the 12 pcs Thick Glass Cupping Therapy Set.


- Easy to use

- Affordable


- Small cups (6cm, 2.5in)

5. Hansol Cupping Therapy Set

The Hansol Cupping Therapy Set is a great option for those looking for an affordable cupping set. The non-sharp cupping therapy balls are made from silicone, which makes them suitable for beginners. They are also versatile and can be used to help with back pain, neck stiffness and fatigue.

The cupping therapy balls of this set come in two different strengths; 100g and 120g. The stronger ball is best for physical therapy while the lighter one is better for sports recovery and relaxation. The deep-handle design of the cups makes it easier to pull up the skin and leave a bruise behind.


- Affordable (about $30)

- Easy to use


- Small cups (6cm, 2.5in)

All of these cupping sets have their own pros and cons. If you are still not sure which one to buy, it is best to visit a physical therapist before purchasing your own cupping therapy set so they can show you how to use it properly. Cupping therapy is a very effective and safe treatment for different ailments. These sets are designed to make cupping therapy easy and enjoyable, while helping users to relax. Cupping therapy has been around for a very long time and it is still considered a popular treatment in Asia. It is safe, effective, and inexpensive. It is a great alternative to other modern treatments such as painkillers, or physical therapy because it can be combined with the latter.

6. Cupping Warehouse Set

There are eight silicone cups of varying sizes in this cupping set from Cupping Warehouse. The cups are easy to use, and after applying oil they will easily glide on the skin. They can be quickly cleaned after being used and are durable. The better quality and durability of these cups justifies the slightly higher price. The suction depends on how much air is removed from these cups. Though the manufacturer claims that they are designed for self use, some users may find it difficult to fix the cups on the skin and create suction by squeezing the cups.

Since there is no hand pump provided to remove air, the user has to remove the air manually by squeezing it from the silicone cup compressing it in the process . This method of air removal is difficult if the cup is located at a place which the user can reach using one hand only. Most customers who have purchased this cupping set are happy with the results. One of the benefits of these cups is that they can be used with oil. The customers who are not happy with this cupping set are usually purchasing cups having a pump or glass cups as an alternative.

7. Bliss Cupping Set

The Bliss complete cupping set is designed for users who require a facial spa since it has four cups which can be used on the face to fight ageing and restore the users complexion. Two of the smallest cups are suitable for using on the skin around the eyes. The slightly larger cups can be used on other areas of the face. Squeezing the cups will create suction required. Many users will only have to slide the cups on their skin for getting the desired effect. The cups will slide easily, and lotion or oil can also be applied to these cups for smoother sliding. While this cup set will not recreate original cupping therapy of the Chinese, it can be effective in reducing wrinkles, cellulite and other skin problems which are alleviated using cupping therapy. So though this set consists of only three small cups, one large cup,and the suction of the cups is not very strong, it can be used for wet cupping using oil or any lotion.

8. Achedaway Cupper

Though there are a large variety of cupping sets available like glass,silicone sets, and others which use hand pumps,fire for creating suction, the technique used in Achedway cupper is different from these cupping sets. This cupping device is rechargeable and creates suction which is rhythmic. Users also have the option of undergoing red light therapy at the same time. Research has indicated that red light therapy helps in alleviating pain to some extent. Users of this cupping device can choose from the five different modes for suction like the powerful mode, professional mode,massage mode, relaxing mode and wake up mode. The intensity for each of the suction modes can be adjusted on a scale of one to five.

While buttons are provided on the top of the cupper to control the settings, the device can also be controlled using your smartphone with the Achedaway app. This option is very convenient if the cupper is attached to the back or other hard to reach areas of the body.

Probably the best feature of this cupper is that the suction is extremely powerful though it is a very compact gadget. The suction remains very strong even at lowest setting for intensity. Hence it is mainly recommended for experienced users, those who are new to cupping should be cautious.

Buyers should be aware that there is only one cupper and it is far more expensive than most other cuppers. So this cupper is not suitable for users who prefer to plaster several cuppers on their body at the same time, because it will be very expensive. However, this cupper has more features and is more powerful than most other cuppers available.

9. Recommendations

The Myofascial Releaser cupping set is highly recommended by experts. The cups are made from silicone, so suction is produced when the user squeezes the air out. Two hand pumps for creating suction are provided with this set. The cups are designed so that they can be used with one hand. Some of the reasons why this cupping set is preferred by experts is that it is very similar to traditional glass cups using fire. Additionally this set is of high quality, durable and it does not have the negative features which most other silicone cups have. This cupping set is considered to be the most practical option for those who do not want to use traditional glass cups for cupping, yet want to benefit from Chinese cupping therapy in the comfort of their home.

Understanding how Cupping therapy helps

Chinese medical experts originally developed cupping therapy when blood and pus in boils on the body were being drained using the horns of animals. This technique was further used for developing a method for restoring the natural energy flow in the human body by expelling chi or stagnant energy. Reduced circulation of the lymphatic fluids and blood may result in stagnant energy. Suctioning will help the to loosen the muscles which tightly adhering to the bones, reducing the stagnation in the body. Fresh blood will flow to the area which is suctioned so that the cells in the area start functioning optimally.

During massage therapy, pressure is applied to muscles which are tight to loosen them and restore the flow of blood. Though cupping therapy has the opposite effect, drawing muscles away from the body,the end result is similar to massage therapy, the muscles will be loosened. Since there is some space between the tissue layers after cupping, fluids will enter the tissue which will help in healing and also improving the mobility. Thus a session of cupping therapy is very relaxing for the person undergoing it, since it has the same effect as a deep massage of tissues.

What You need to Know About Cupping Therapy.

Cupping therapy is one of the most ancient healing practices in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). In this practice, a cup is used to create partial vacuum on the skin and draw blood into the cup area where it's warmed. Usually a small amount of heat is applied to the skin in order to create the partial vacuum. This can be done using steam or hot water. The practice dates back over 4000 years and is based on scientific principle.

According to TCM, when the vacuum is applied, the flow of blood and Qi (energy) is increased to the area which helps to remove stagnation, relieve pain and treat various symptoms.

Different Types of Cupping Sets Work in Different Ways. 

When considering a cupping set, first determine what you want to treat. Do you want to treat muscle pain, joint pain and tension? Or do you want to relieve insomnia, headaches, insomnia and anxiety?

Another question that needs to be answered is what kind of cupping set do you want. Do you want a glass, bamboo, silicone or plastic cupping set?

Why is Vacuum Cupping Therapy Right for You?

Vacuum cupping is suitable for most skin types. For those with sensitive skin, it's recommended to use one of the soft silicone cups instead of glass or bamboo cupping set.

If you're pregnant, it's always best to consult a practitioner before undergoing any form of acupuncture. It's also advised that you avoid cupping therapy during pregnancy if you have any eye problems.

Cupping therapy is safe for most people (6 months old and above) with mild conditions such as cold, flu and muscular pain. As long as you have the correct amount of skin, it won't cause any damage. Following TCM terms, cupping therapy is suitable for all skin types and any age group. This includes the elderly, babies and children.

The right cupping set can help you relieve pain and improve your health for a long time. However, a good set of cupping tools should be easy to use and clean without leaving any marks on the skin.

Make sure you pay attention to placement of cups when applying cupping therapy to different areas of your body. For example, when cupping your head, use one cup over each eye and another right beneath the scalp to treat headaches.

Factors you Need to Consider When Best Cupping Sets

1. Glass Quality

When shopping for a glass cupping set, you need to be careful to ensure that the quality of the glass cups is of the highest quality. Glass is usually made from a combination of sand and stone. The sand makes it softer and more flexible while the stone makes it harder and stronger.

However, many glass cup manufacturers use low-quality ingredients to keep costs low. As a result, the cups can be brittle and break easily when handled roughly.

2. Bamboo Quality

Bamboo is the most popular material used to make the cupping set. This is because bamboo is easy to clean and fairly inexpensive. When shopping for a bamboo set, always check whether the bowls are made of natural material and if they're food-grade. Bamboo cups vary in length from 3-4 inches up to 6 or 7 inches. So it's important that you get a set with different sizes to suit your cupping needs. Also, check whether the bamboo cups are hollow and tapered (slim) or solid with straight side.

3. Silicone Quality

Silicone cupping sets are a good choice if you have sensitive skin or are allergic to wood and metal materials. These cups are usually made from silicone and can be used on a daily basis.

The different types of silicone cupping sets include (1) moulded, (2) fabric and (3) high temperature silicone with plastic handles. The first two types are made from 100 percent silicone and the third type includes a removable handle to help you clean the cups when finished using it.

Advantages of Cupping

1. Relieves Pain

One of the main reasons for using cupping therapy is that it can relieve pain. According to a study, cupping increases local blood flow and at the same time reduces muscle spasm and improves joint mobility. As a result, it's an effective treatment for various types of pain including back pain, neck pain, shoulder pain, knee problems and leg aches.

2. Treats Insomnia

Cupping therapy is an effective treatment for insomnia. It stimulates the brain and relieves anxiety and depression, thus helping you fall or stay asleep. The cup application may help treat breathing disorders and chronic stress which can be the cause of insomnia.

3. Relieves Headaches

Headaches are usually caused by neck, shoulder or muscle pain. But cupping therapy can be used to relieve all these kinds of headache. As a whole body massage, it's also a great way to relieve stress and promote relaxation.

4. Improves Qi Flow

Cupping therapy increases blood and energy flow to the body which is needed for appropriate healing. To know more information, please visit the article on acupuncture.

5. Relieves Nausea and Vomiting

If you have nausea or vomiting, cupping therapy can be a great way to treat this problem. The cup application will relieve any internal pain or side effects of medication. In addition, it's also a way to relieve pain caused by digestive problems such as indigestion or heartburn.

6. Improves Digestion

According to TCM, blockages of the flow of Qi can lead to digestive problems such as indigestion, constipation and ulcers. Cupping therapy works by improving the flow of blood and Qi, thus helping you relieve any digestive problems.

7. Improves Skin Health

Cupping therapy is also a great way to improve your skin health because it's a whole body treatment. The cups create suction on your skin which increases blood circulation and removes toxins from the body.

Methods of Cupping

1. Dry cupping: In this method, the cups are applied to your skin without any use of medicinal oil. Some people may experience bruising because of the lack of lubrication. Although it's not as popular and effective as wet cupping therapy, dry cupping can be used for detoxification or improving circulation.

2. Wet cupping: In this method, oil such as camphor is placed in the cup before applying it to your skin. The suction generated by the cup draws out blood and other fluids from the body part being treated.

3. Moving cupping: This is a form of wet cupping that utilizes a moving cup, which is placed on the body part to be treated. The cup moves up and down with the movement of your skin. This technique can also be used to massage your face and other sensitive areas.

4. Flash cupping: This therapy is performed without the use of cups. In this procedure, plastic cones are placed in your acupuncture points or other areas of pain for a few minutes. The suction and negative pressure created by the cones breaks up clots and mobilizes stagnant blood.

Glass vs. Plastic Cups

Glass cups are very easy to use but they can be broken if you're not careful. Also, it's quite hard to get a deep suction with glass cups, particularly for bigger body parts (i.e. shoulders and back). On the other hand, plastic cups are more affordable than glass ones, but the quality of plastic may vary widely.

As a result, it's important that you make sure you choose high quality plastic cups for better results.

Heat vs. Suction

In traditional cupping therapy, the cups are heated before they're applied. The heat helps to increase blood circulation and make the treatment more effective. However, if you have sensitive skin, wet (i.e. moving) cupping therapy may be a better choice for you because the cups are only drawn towards your skin and not heated first.

Cupping set features

Biomagnetic needles

Cupping therapy tools include a variety of accessories or products that may help you with your cupping therapy. One of them is biomagnetic needles, which are small needles that can be used in cupping therapy.


The size of the cupping tool varies from one brand to another. However, most of them are designed for larger body parts like the back, shoulders, elbows and legs.


Standard cupping tools usually come in a pack of 8 to 12 cups but the number may vary depending on the manufacturer.


The diameter of the cups also varies from one brand to another. But it's important to choose a cupping set that will fit your hand comfortably because you'll be holding them for a long time.

Cupping set prices

Cupping sets vary from one brand to another. But you can buy a quality set for less than $100.

With all the cupping therapy tools and accessories, cupping sets are essential for any professional therapist.


- Do not use cupping therapy on patients who have blood disorders or bleeding disorders.

- Make sure that your cupping set is high quality.

- Apply the cups in areas with no hair for better results.

- If you're having a hard time getting the suction, try wetting the cup first.

- Remove the cups after 15 minutes or as soon as it begins to hurt too much.


1. I think the cupping therapy is a good idea, but how can I ensure my clients are getting the best results?

Cupping therapy is a great way to promote circulation and relieve tension. But make sure your clients are comfortable and do not feel any pain. If they experience pain, stop the cupping therapy immediately.

2. How often should I perform the cupping therapy?

It's best to use cupping therapy at least twice a week. However, it's ideal to do it 3 times a week or more. You can even see results after 1-2 weeks.

3. How long will the cupping therapy take?

You can expect the treatment to last 30 minutes or longer depending on the size and number of cups used. If you're having a hard time getting the suction, try wetting the cup first.

4. Can I buy cupping sets online?

Yes, you can purchase cupping sets from different brands on Amazon. However, be sure to read their reviews first to make sure their quality is good.

5. What are some of the benefits of cupping therapy?

Cupping promotes circulation and relieves pain caused by poor circulation or dehydration. It also improves skin health and helps with detoxification.

Cupping therapy is a great alternative to mainstream medicine. It's great for relieving pain, improving circulation and promoting skin health. Although the benefits of cupping therapy may not be scientifically proven, thousands of people have experienced its effectiveness firsthand. Regardless of the perceived medical value, cupping therapy is definitely a safe and natural way to keep your body healthy.

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