Top Infrared Saunas to Check Out in 2022

To ease body pain, detox your system, or get better sleep, you can have the best experience with an infrared sauna in your home.

According to the latest trends for health and wellness in life, Infrared saunas have become very famous. These saunas can help you get various health advantages such as help with weight loss, better blood circulation, relief from sore muscles, and many more.

Unlike traditional saunas that warm up the surrounding air, you will get direct heating in your skin with an infrared sauna. It also offers low temperatures, so you can use them easily at home. You can have the best sauna effect in your home, and you no longer have to use the one in the club or the gym. Having a personal infrared sauna in your home will give you peace of mind, because you can use it anytime you want, as long as you want, and you won't even have to pay for this facility. You just have to pay for the product when you purchase it for the first time. Having such a thing in your possession will make you feel not only good, but it will be a great investment too.

If you are looking for an infrared sauna, you have to look for affordable and safe options for the product. This is because you may not be looking for a very expensive and large thing that is available in the club. Also, it has to be very safe, because you will be using it in your home. So safety is a must. You can take help from this article to find the best features of infrared saunas, and based on that you can find out the perfect products in the market, whether you buy offline or online.

Top Infrared Sauna: SunRay Sierra Infrared Sauna for Two

Best Affordable: Portable Infrared Sauna from Zonemel for One

Couple Sauna: Jacuzzi Clearlight Sanctuary for Two

Perfect Infrared: LifeSauna from Maxxus for two

Portable Infrared Sauna: Infrared Sauna Tent from Anysun

Dome Infrared Sauna: Sauna Dome Sauna from 1Love

Sauna for Groups: Dynamic Bergamo for Four People

Perfect Corner: Infrared Sauna for Three People from Radiant

Blanket Sauna: Blanket Infrared Sauna from Reviiv Far

Things to check when you are looking for the perfect infrared sauna

When you are searching for an infrared sauna, it not only offers you health benefits, but it should match the interior of your home, and searching for these products in such ways can be complicated. Before you make the purchase, you need to check the safety facilities, source, and capacity of heat in the sauna. Read this article to know more about the main features you should consider.


You may be looking for an infrared sauna that can help with blood circulation, improves heart health, treats joints, and offers tropical therapy. But you must know that there are two types of saunas available on the market, far infrared and near-infrared, and both of these are effective and offers proper relaxation. However, these two types have some different health benefits to offer.

Far-infrared is very useful to improve heart health, it gives relief from arthritis pain, and stiffness in the joints and reduces toxins from the body. These saunas are light.

Near-infrared uses light from a close distance, it mainly uses electromagnetic frequency, which makes the usage safe for a long time. You can use this sauna to boost metabolism, treat painful joints and heal small wounds.

Material and the size of the sauna

Before making the purchasing decision, you need to know the location you will put the device. You can put these saunas in one area of your home and it can be a big closet, main bathroom, and gym. These types of infrared saunas are made of wood because they have a permanent structure. If you have a family or just two people you can go for a full-sized sauna, which will be in a large space, and it will look good in your home. You can use this with your partner or add your kids inside it.

You can also buy portable options like a dome, blanket, and tents, which you can fold and keep in your closet when you are not using them. If you are looking for affordable saunas, you must opt for portable options. This is because these saunas are available in full size, but you cannot add a second person inside the dome or blanket. Although these saunas are portable, you can take them anywhere as they are very lightweight and they are affordable too.

Source of heat

At the time of choosing the heat source for the infrared sauna, you have to think of temperature control, energy use, and your health. Most infrared saunas use ceramic or carbon heaters, or sometimes a combined heating source. However, the carbon option is better as it uses less energy, it's safe and it's very efficient.

You will get waves of infrared warmth, but ceramic options use a hot rod made of ceramic to produce the heat. You will get lower EMF with a carbon heating infrared sauna, but if you look at a ceramic heater, it offers one fifty degrees Fahrenheit temperature to give you the full warmth. Besides, a carbon heating system operates from one hundred and ten to one thirty degrees Fahrenheit, which is safe and low for home use. The carbon heating process offers better skin penetration than ceramic rods.

Blanket and dome saunas use different heating sources like carbon fiber wires or infrared stones. These are good for the personal use of the sauna. You will also get several heating elements, five to three is multiple heating systems, and three to one is for a compact sauna.

More features

Before making the decision, you need to check more features of an infrared sauna. Based on that you can make your choice. For instance, many sauna enthusiasts want to have a Bluetooth connection, radio, or an in-built sound system. Or they look for a feature that includes an app, which controls the light, temperature, and music.

You can look for a full-sized sauna that offers exterior and interior light, so you can read or do some other task. These additional features can be controlled with an LED panel, and from there you can control the lighting and the temperature. You can also look for expensive versions that have a chromotherapy facility to give better health benefits.

Safety measures

The type of heater is the most important part when you are looking for safety, but there are more things to consider. If the sauna has chromotherapy included, it uses colored light that can improve sleep, and blood circulation, relieve muscle soreness, and reduce swelling. You will find Oxygen ionizers to be a great thing in an infrared sauna, which also purifies the air to make it safe, fresh, and clean for bacteria.

If you want to rewind after a long day at work or want to get rid of joint pain while you relax, you can opt for an infrared sauna at home. The gym you attend and the clubs you are a member of may offer this facility but it will not be as relaxing as the one you have at home. It will give you better privacy and peace of mind to have your sauna at home. So, if you are looking for the top infrared saunas in the market, here check out the reviews of some of our top picks for the same. You will find blanket, portable and wooden sauna reviews in this article. Also, the below-listed saunas are based on the different requirements of people. So, let's check out the list below.

Top Infrared Saunas to Check Out in 2022

1. Top Infrared Sauna: SunRay Sierra Infrared Sauna for Two

The recent price

If you are looking for a sauna that is comfortable for you and your partner, then this is the best product for you. It offers better space with backrests that you can easily adjust. You will get a safe heating system from nano carbon heaters, and you will also get oxygen ionization, so you can breathe easily inside the sauna cube.

This infrared sauna is built of natural red cedar, and it will complement your house decoration perfectly. You will get to control the exterior and interior lamps, the timer, and the temperature. You can relax comfortably inside the sauna; you can read, listen to music on your MP3 or listen to the radio. But you won't get a Bluetooth facility in this product.

Specifications of the Product

  • You will get a chromotherapy lighting system, adjustable backrest, and double LED control technology.
  • The device requires one thousand six hundred and sixty-five watts of power
  • You will get seven heating elements


  • The infrared sauna is very easy to set up
  • The product is made of natural red cedar
  • It provides heat evenly
  • The sauna has a large space inside and is very comfortable.


  • You will get no Bluetooth facility

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2. Best Affordable: Portable Infrared Sauna from Zonemel for One

The recent price

When you are looking for an infrared sauna to use at home, you must choose a lightweight option. This product is also perfectly portable, and you can install it easily. This is a tent-shaped sauna, which you can fold easily and store in your closet, or you can carry it in your bag when going on a holiday.

Zonemel sauna is perfect for a single person, and the tent warms up in five minutes, and you can control the heating with the foot pad. The sauna uses a carbon heating option that warms up the tent from all sides. It has a zipper lock system, so you can open, close it whenever you want, and check your smartphone while you take the sauna heat bath. After the session is complete, you can wash the tent in the washing machine.

This sauna is very comfortable, as it comes with a foldable chair. The material of the tent does not catch moisture, so you can use it outside, but it's a very delicate product, so you need to maintain it properly.

Specifications of the Product

  • You will get an adjustable collar, big footpads, and remote control to set the temperature.
  • It required one thousand and fifty watts of temperature
  • You will get three carbon heating elements.


  • You can wash the tent in the washing machine
  • The tent warms up in just five minutes
  • It's lightweight and compact
  • It's an affordable sauna for the home


  • It requires more care
  • The chair isn't durable or much supportive

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3. Couple Sauna: Jacuzzi Clearlight Sanctuary for Two

The recent price

This is a large infrared sauna to enjoy with your partner. You will get far-infrared heating with EMF technology and the elements are almost everywhere like, in the front full-spectrum EMF, on the floor, beside the calves, under the seating area, sidewalls, and the back wall. This is a high-quality product, as it also has a chromotherapy feature with an LED light system, and it's more expensive than other company saunas in the market.

This sauna is perfect for two people, and you can control its setting through a mobile app. You can sit inside the sauna comfortably as it has two adjustable backrests, listen to music using Bluetooth, charge your mobile or laptop, and you can keep your phone on the door handle cradle. You will also get a reservation mode that allows you to turn it on for thirty-six hours.

This sauna has two types available in the market. You can get the exterior and interior made of basswood, or choose an exterior made of mahogany and the interior material made of cedar. This infrared sauna is heavy, as it weighs four fifty pounds, but this luxurious product is made of the best quality materials.

Specifications of Products

  • This sauna comes with an app control with a smartphone, you can charge your digital devices, and you will get chromotherapy.
  • The product uses two thousand two hundred and fifty watts of power.
  • The heating sources are not specified.


  • The heating system is built with low-EMF technology
  • You can control the temperature with your Android or Apple mobile
  • The cabinet is furniture grade
  • You can easily set it up.


  • The product is heavy
  • It's expensive

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4. Perfect Infrared: LifeSauna from Maxxus for two

The recent price

This sauna is made of natural Canadian hemlock, and you will get heating from the floorboard, under the seat, on the side walls, and on the back wall. The heating panels are very energy efficient. This product was made with the benefits of the environment in mind. The sauna is large enough to accommodate two people.

You will get a touch control system, and it will help you set the time and the temperature. While you enjoy the sauna, you can listen to music with the in-built speaker facility. The sauna is also very easy to install, and you can set it up in your closet, bathroom, and basement. However, some users have reported that the product isn't very durable, but this is still a good choice at its current rate.

Specifications of the product

  • You will get built-in speakers, a reading lamp on the inside, and the heating technology uses feet reflexology system.
  • The product requires one thousand seven hundred and fifty watts of power.
  • You will get six heating elements.


  • You will get a competitive rate
  • The interior is large
  • You can easily and quickly set it up
  • The control panel is very easy to handle


  • There might be some issues with the durability of the product.

You can buy this sauna from Home Depot.

5. Portable Infrared Sauna: Infrared Sauna Tent from Anysun

The recent price

This infrared sauna is available in gray or black color, and this is a very attractive and portable product. You can fold it easily and set it up with no hassle. You can keep it stacked in your closet, or carry it on a vacation.

This portable sauna is best for single-person use, and you will get a controller that will help you adjust the built-in carbon crystal plat for heating, the timer, and the footpad. The sauna has a double zipper system, so you can easily enter and exit in the full-sized tent. After the session is over, you can fold it and keep it in your closet. However, the seat inside the sauna is small and could be a bit strong.

Specifications of the Product

  • It comes with a reading light, a foldable chair, and a footpad.
  • The product requires seven hundred watts of power
  • You will get one heating element


  • You will get two zippered sections so you can access the product easily
  • The sauna is lightweight and has a compact design
  • This is an affordable sauna for home use


  • The foldable chair could be stronger.

You can buy this tent sauna directly from Walmart.

6. Perfect Dome Infrared Sauna: Infrared Dome Sauna from 1Love

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The dome sauna from 1Love is equipped with two dome features and with a mat so you can customize and control it easily. In addition, the sauna offers a pillow and an insulated curtain to provide better comfort. You have to keep your head outside, so the overheating doesn't affect your head.

This dome sauna from 1Love uses heating stones to provide warmth, and it can offer some health benefits, but the advantages aren't proven yet. This is a very useful portable sauna, as you can fold it and keep it in your closet with the components inside the dome.

Specifications of the product

  • You will get an extra pillow, tourmaline, and germanium stones.
  • It has one thousand two hundred watts of power
  • You will get three heating sources


  • The sauna is made of PU leather cover and it's solvent-free
  • It uses therapeutic stones
  • You will get three separate heating areas
  • Compact design.


  • Tourmaline and germanium stones are not proven for health benefits
  • Shorter height people can use it.

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7. Sauna for Groups: Dynamic Bergamo for Four People

The recent price

This sauna is best for four-person usage, and it was made keeping the environmental benefits in mind, the material is hemlock. You will get the warmth from eight carbon heating system, with a lower heater bench and minimally heated floor, as it provides no burning feeling to the users. The infrared sauna conserves energy and retains heat as it has double paneled walls.

You will get exterior and interior lighting with temperature adjustment control. You can also use chromotherapy for the best health advantages. This infrared sauna includes built-in speakers with Bluetooth and an MP3 connection. Also, it's very easy to set up, and it's connected with 120-volt and 20-amp volt outlets. You can add this feature with the help of a professional electrician.

Specifications of this infrared sauna

  • You will get extra features like two speakers, a Bluetooth facility, a roof vent, and chromotherapy for better health benefits.
  • It requires a 120-volt and 20-amp volt outlet, and you can add this with the help of a professional electrician.
  • This infrared sauna comes with eight carbon heating sources.


  • You will get exterior and interior LED control option
  • The interior is large
  • The wood is made of natural hemlock wood.
  • You can set it up easily


  • It's not lightweight, but rather heavy
  • To install it, you have to hire a professional electrician.

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8. Perfect Corner: Infrared Sauna for Three People from Radiant

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Once you set it up, you can spend some comfortable minutes inside this three-person accommodation infrared sauna. You can read the magazine from the rack. You can use the interior light and the comfortable backrest to make yourself more comfortable, and the vents in the roof will make breathing easier. You will get LED panels with chromotherapy, so you can reduce more stress.

The Radiant infrared sauna is made of high-grade cedar from Canada, and you can keep this sauna in a corner, and it will elevate the look of the room. The sauna uses seven adjustable EMF, which offers even heat in the device. This is a very high-quality product from Radiant, so, it's more expensive than other saunas. Also, the installation isn't easy, you need to hire help and it will take time to fully function.

Specifications of the product

You will get Aux points to connect a radio or your MP3 player has roof vents, that can be adjusted, and offers chromotherapy for more health benefits.


  • It offers heat evenly in each room
  • Produces low EMF produced warmth
  • The interior is big
  • The material is red cedar from Canada.


  • It has no Bluetooth option
  • It's an expensive product
  • Setting up takes a long time

You can buy this sauna from Amazon.

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9. Blanket Sauna: Blanket Infrared Sauna from Reviiv Far

Recent Price

This is a blanket infrared sauna for one person. The manufacturer claims that if you opt for a thirty minutes sauna you can burn six hundred calories. You can use the controller to adjust the blanket temperature and this way you can relax and stay comfortable.

After you complete the session, you can fold it and store it in your closet. You can carry it in your bag, and its size isn't perfect so taller people may not get the best benefits.

Product Specifications

  • You will get a carry bag.
  • The power specification isn't specified
  • Also, the heating elements are not specified.


  • It offers low EMF
  • Very affordable
  • You can carry it easily.


  • It has some minor durability problems
  • This product isn't perfect for tall people.

You can purchase Blanket Infrared Sauna from Reviiv Far from Amazon.

Our Opinion

Our best choice is Sauna from SunRay, which offers a sound system, and chromotherapy with a comfortable experience and you will get an affordable rate. You can also use the Sauna from Zonemel is also a good choice, as it has an affordable price, an easy-to-control remote system, a foot heater, and the best features.

The way we selected the perfect infrared saunas

We have looked for the features like portability, and additional facilities like heating sources, music, material, and sizes. We looked at the overall quality of the products. We also added the easy-to-set-up option while selecting the infrared saunas.

An infrared sauna for one may not be perfect for a family, so we added the affordable options and the wooden and expensive products to this list. We added the names of the best-infrared sauna manufacturers, who offer custom products. We searched for products that can fulfill the requirements of different types of sauna enthusiasts.

Frequently Asked Questions

In this article, we have provided lots of details about infrared saunas, but you may have more queries. Go through the questions and answers below to understand more about EMF saunas.

Q. What benefits can you get from an infrared sauna?

It can help you get various health advantages such as help with weight loss, better blood circulation, relief from sore muscles, and many more.

Q. Should you use the infrared or dry sauna?

You have to check the purpose of the products. The infrared option offers better and safe heat penetration in the skin than dry saunas. You will get intense sweat when you use the infrared sauna.

Q. Which should you choose far-infrared or full-spectrum?

Unlike full-spectrum saunas, the far-infrared option offers less heat penetration, it's safe and highly efficient.

Q. Are there any differences between near and far infrared saunas?

Far-infrared is very useful to improve heart health, it gives relief from arthritis pain, and stiffness in the joints and reduces toxins from the body. These saunas are light. Near-infrared uses light from a close distance; it mainly uses electromagnetic frequency, which makes the usage safe for a long time.

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