Latest Table Chair Sets For Toddlers In 2022

Every child reaches a stage in their childhood when their parents feel the need to get them a table chair set. A table chair set that is perfectly designed for them. Now the most challenging part becomes searching for that perfectly designed table-chair set. Shopping for any necessity for a toddler is a time taking and tricky job. One cannot go by looks only, one needs to judge by all the parameters like durability, size, shape, transition and many more. So, to narrow down your experience we have jotted down the main parameters along with a few suggestions which will help you select the best table-chair set for your toddler.

Parameters for selecting the best Table-chair set

While shopping for your toddler look through the following things:

Size - The best size for 3 to 5 years will be a table of 18 to 20-inch height.

Accommodation - If you have more than one child in the house, a four-chair set will be a good choice, else for one child a 2 chair set is enough.

Aesthetics - A table which will be a little cute and colourful will be a perfect fit for your toddler and will perfectly blend with your home decor.

Material - Always look for child-safe materials approved by the Government and select surface materials of table which are super easy to maintain and clean.

Sustainability - As these tables are for toddlers who are two to five years, you need something that will last over a year.

Portability - If you are likely to carry the furniture to different places, you should go for a portable table and chairs which have folding legs and chairs and portable tables use less space.

Safety Notes

While shopping for your toddler, you need to be very careful because toddlers are the most sensitive ones and their possessions should be safe enough to use. Parents should buy tables and chairs for their toddlers from reputed and trustable companies or shops. There are many established and reputed retailers like Walmart, BuyBuyBaby and Target. These are the trustable retailers from whom parents can opt on buying table-chair sets. Parents need to check carefully whether the furniture has maintained every U.S safety requirements or not. All furniture used by toddlers must pass all the United States safety requirements.

If you buy from online sources like Amazon or Flipkart, go through the reviews and product details carefully. Look for the actual manufacturer and cross-check whether the particular manufacturer is trustable or not. Do not opt for a product whose manufacturer is unknown. Moreover, determine whether all the details of the product along with its shipping are abiding by the (CPSC) Consumer Product Safety Commission or not. Third-party sellers do not follow with CPSC guidelines. 3rd party seller products are not reliable.

If are thinking to buy a second-hand table-chair set, first cross-check all the U.S safety requirement details. Do check carefully regarding any wear & tear present on the furniture. Inspect all the minor details carefully.

Choosing these toddler tables and chairs

Toddler tables and chairs are chosen by considering size, seating options, materials, design, portability, durability, and feedback from different parents.

Price & measurement guide

  • $= under fifty dollars
  • $$= varies from fifty to hundred dollars
  • $$$= above $100

It is to be noted that all length, height and width measurements are in inches.

Parenthood's picks for the best toddler tables

1. Amazon Basic Kids Solid Wood Table & 2 Chair Set
  • Price: $$
  • Age Range: is between 2-6 years
  • Table attributes: 20L*24W*21H
  • Colours: White
  • Best suited for: Everyday purposes; Adults like nannies and other caregivers who want to sit with the children and spend time.

In case you are looking for a table & chair set for your toddler that you think should last longer, you are free to opt for this product. It will also provide you with the opportunity of sitting with your children in case they ask for it. It is out of the question if you opt for a flimsy table set which just can't put up with your weight.

Amazon Basics with a solid wood choice is a perfect option for you as it assures you not to fall apart if you sit there for more than 2 minutes.

This white table and chair set includes a white durable table with two matching chairs. There is no weight restriction on this set, yet it is advised not to put more than 290 pounds to be safe while sitting.


  • Made up of solid wood, the table is durable. The chairs can also be used occasionally by the adults.
  • The table will work for children from toddler years to kindergarten
  • It is easy to assemble.


  • The table is available only in white and can get dirty.
  • The set is quite expensive.
2. Disney Junior Minnie Mouse Blossoms & Bows Activity Table Set
  • Price: $
  • Age Range: is between two to five years
  • Table attributes: 20L*20W*16.5H
  • Colours: red for the Mickey or pink for Minnie
  • Best suited for: Disney lovers

Featuring both Mickey and Minnie Mouse on the surface of the table along with matching chairs are foldable and easy to store or transport.

The building material of the set consists of tubular metal along with attractive vinyl surfaces on each table & chair that are easy to clean with just a piece of cloth. The maximum weight that the chair can bear is up to seventy pounds, yet it's still small for some parents. One needs to assemble the chair and table set on your own with the tools included.


  • The advantage of folding makes it easy for you to pack it for your road trips.
  • The chairs are provided with a backrest and padding and are comfortable.
  • The tabletop is large and can also be harnessed for various uses other than studying.


  • The particular table comes with only one chair
  • The older pre-school or kindergarten children may find it too small for them as the overall size of the set is smaller.

Best table for activities with an easy-clean top

3. Costzon Kids Table and 2 Chair Set


  • Price: $149.99
  • Measurements of Table: 20 H x 21 L x 21 W
  • Ages: 1-7 years
  • Colors: Pink, Green, Coffee
  • Used for: everyday use

With an easy-clean top and four storage boxes that are detachable, your toddlers will have no problem playing with this table set from Costzon. Comes with two identical chairs and a heap of five-star reviews. Parents love the extra storage, resilient design, and simple assembly. Not to mention the suction cups attached to the bottom of the table legs.

Although complaints have been raised about the storage units falling apart and some parents did need help assembling the chairs. The pros include four built-in containers underneath and a large enough age range as well as being easy to clean. But the cons include difficulty in assembling chairs, which are lightweight and so they may tip over when played with.

Best small spaces activity table

4. Delta Children Chair Desk with Storage Bin


  • Price: $49.99
  • Measurements of Table: 23.2 H x 20.5 L x 22.8 W
  • Ages: 3-6 years
  • Colors: white, dark chocolate, or gray
  • Used for: If wanting to save on space and money with a multi-purpose table

Delta Children developed this desk-chair combo for those that have little space on offer within their homes. Made with wood that has been engineered and available in either solid colors or decorated with famous characters such as Mickey Mouse, Elmo, and PJ Masks. This tiny combo offers much in the way of design and functionality.

Many of its reviews state that it is easy to build and despite this, feels sturdy, and able to withstand most toddler weight placed on it. A storage drawer that is placed under the seat and a removable cup holder have both earned their share of plaudits. In fact, the following make up for the basis of its pros, a compact design that slots in perfectly to tight crevices, that aforementioned cup holder, and the parent-loved storage drawer covertly hidden under the seat.

Amongst its complaints were that it could not be adequately shared by multiple children and the seat will become uncomfortable for most toddler bottoms after prolonged use, due to discomfort caused to the back of their legs.

Best table and chair duo that is portable

5. Disney Junior Minnie Mouse Blossoms & Bows Activity Table Set


  • Price: $35.75
  • Measurements of Table: 16.5 H x 20 L x 20 W
  • Ages: 2-5 years
  • Colors: pink for Minnie, or red for Mickey
  • Used for: If your toddler loves the world of Disney.

Disney Junior has developed this portable table and chair set for the many uses that life may through its way. Whether you are looking to set up a play corner at a relative's house or maybe you want to save some space at home, this combo has got you covered. Mickey and Minnie light up the set with their presence and shine on through to your children. Easy to transport thanks to both the table and chair folding flat for transporting and storing at any place or time. This set is surprisingly sturdy due to being made with tubular metal and easy-to-clean vinyl surfaces that adorn the tabletop and chairs.

The chairs can support up to 70 pounds, though they are small, all the tools need for assembly is included. Amongst its many pros are its folding design and comfortable seating. A large tabletop ripe for multiple uses does a lot to downplay the cons such as small chairs and only one chair is included.

Best table for activities with an ergonomic chair

6. Costzon Kids Mid-Century Modern Style Table Set


  • Price: $169.99
  • Measurements of Table: 20 H x 23.5 D
  • Ages: 3-12 years
  • Colors: white, multicolor
  • Used for: everyday use.

A mid-century design-inspired table and chair set brought to you by Costzon. It offers four ergonomic specialty-designed chairs for toddlers that come with back and armrests. Being supportive was the number one design focus for this product, definitely the lodestar among what is offered in this list when it comes to being design-friendly.

If your older children want to take a seat here then don't worry because the chairs boast one of the highest weight limits on this list. With each chair supporting up to 110 pounds. Surely a product with an extended life cycle when it comes to being used by your kids. Although, keep in mind that many parents found the assembly to be well beyond their basic expectations. The pros are a large age range of possible uses and four seats that are ideal for play dates. The waterfall seat design is also a nice touch.

The cons are a much higher price range that has many combos beat in that category, a frustrating assembly even with the proper tools on hand.

Best Solid Wood Table

7. Amazon Basics Kids Solid Wood Table and 2 Chair Set


  • Price: $99.49
  • Measurements of Table: 21 H x 20 L x 24 W
  • Ages: 2-6 years
  • Colors: white
  • Used for: everyday use and for adults that wish to sit with the children.

If you want a long-lasting table and chair set that will allow you to fulfill your child's request of sitting with them then look no further. This solid wood choice from Amazon Basics won't crumple under your massive weight. Simply designed with an all-white exterior, this set features a table and 2 matching chairs. Amazon Basics cowers away from listing weight limits but do expect the chairs to be able to handle 290 pounds, as that is what one reviewer said the chair could handle with ease.

The pros are durable design, the large age range for table use, and easy-to-follow instructions that make for simple assembly. The cons include the high price point and only being available in white. This lack of customization options will surely dissuade some from purchasing this solid Amazon Basics set.

Fun-filled table sets best for playrooms

8. KidKraft Children's Hearty Table & Chairs Set (4 storage bins included)
  • Retail Price: $
  • Table dimensions: 19.5 H x 30.4 L x 22.4 W
  • Age: 3 to 8 yrs
  • Color: base white table with pink and purple accent
  • Purpose: Works great for playrooms, extra spaces, and kiddie storage

This charming little table set comes with two matching chairs that have four cute little storage containers your kids will love. These containers are made to fit in the built-in storage racks on either side of the table, providing hours of fun for your kids to put things into. This adorable tiny table set is meant to be located in a dedicated playroom or just a small space in your or your child's bedroom. It makes for a good decorative accent and is functional to boot.

Those awesome heart-shaped punch-through designs at the back of the chairs will keep your kids airy-comfy and stable at the same time. Look! their colors match the table. Some parents may think purple and pink may be for girls only, but this lovely set is designed for everyone and is rated safe for children ages 3 to 8. It also comes complete with instructions on how to assemble.

Your kids will enjoy using this wonderful table set for lunchtime, snacks, and other activities such as art-making and holding tea parties in the afternoon.


  • Comes with 4 storage bins that can be easily stored underneath the table.
  • The set can easily seat children from age 3 to 8.
  • Made of wood and is safe to use and reliable.


  • Simple and nice design, might not appeal to everyone.
  • May cost a little more.

Best Children's Table and Bench Set

9. Amazon Basics Play-One-Play-All Kids Table and Bench Set
  • Retail Price: $
  • Table dimensions: 18.98 H x 42 L x 22.64 W
  • Age: 3 to 8 years
  • Colors: natural wood top with yellow body and leg base
  • Purpose: great for homes with several kids

Made for indoor use, this bench and table set works well for picnics and can comfortably seat as many kids as possible. With smaller children, it can seat as many as six. If you like benches, this toddler table and bench set can give your children hours of fun and satisfaction. Check it out at Amazon Basics.

Constructed out of warm natural solid wood, the set includes a broad table top that can hold all kinds of children's art and activities. And, of course, food for all occasions fit in too. Parents love this table set, although some think that the choices in color could have been more or better.


  • Solid and durable classic table construction design.
  • large enough to comfortably seat many or all of your kids.
  • Versatile function for a wide range of children's activities.


  • Design and color might be limited for some parents.
  • Might cost a little more than your average children's table set.


Is there an age limit for using these tables and chairs?
As soon as your toddler can sit up straight and sufficiently support his head with his neck without assistance, any young age should work fine.

Some parents may opt to wait until 12 months old since other factors may come to play, such as how high the table is and how low the chair can be. With that in mind, always make sure to take note of your growing child's needs and size.

Once they outgrow the furniture, it may sustain some visible damage, or maybe not. Either way, if the parents think that it's time to replace the set, please do so at your discretion to prevent accidents from chairs and table breakage. More often than not, it could be due to the increasing weight of your child and a host of other things.

What are the best uses for chair seats and toddler tables?

For one, kids can have their very own area for both eating and playtime. They can do art and be creative with the convenience and space that only a sturdy table can provide. They can enjoy having tea parties and eat their snacks in it too.

Next, they can use it as a viable storage space for toys, arts, and crafts supplies that they can pull out anytime when scheduled activities begin. The storage utility is included with the chair and table sets.

What are the benefits of getting my toddler a chair and table set?

Having chairs and a table of appropriate size and height for your toddler will tremendously help in the improvement of their muscle and fine motor skills development. This is especially true when moving the furniture around and moving items on and off the table. Children may also get to enhance their social skills as they sit on appropriately-sized furniture to face each other and practice kids' conversations.

Sitting on properly angled chairs will assist your child's growth and posture as he or she learns through play. It is a much better alternative than seeing your baby hunched on the floor all day. Moreover, your children will learn the trait of sharing and taking turns in cooperative situations.

Bottom line

Getting the right tables and chairs for your kids can make the difference between them remembering fond memories of childhood learning and playing. In addition, they'd be able to eat their meals right off the table and play with their tea sets. Older children of school age get to learn the responsibilities of cleaning up after themselves and being organized with toys and activity sets.

As they gradually acquire the habit of tidying up, clutter is reduced inside the room where the sets are situated. When little kids are ready to move over from the playpen to their very own play-learn space, it is important that you choose furniture that are safe, functional, and should last as long as your kids fit in them.

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