Top-rated weighted jump ropes in different categories

Exercising with a skipping rope is one of the best ways to burn calories quickly, doing aerobic exercises benefiting the heart. Fitness instructors and other experts claim that it is an excellent exercise for the entire body. With a little additional effort, the user can ensure that all the main muscle groups in the body are exercised. If more exercise is required, a weighted rope can be used instead of a simple rope. Typically the weight of a skipping rope varies between 0.5 pounds to 5 pounds. The rope may be braided or is made from plastic and typically has heavy handles. Experts claim that jump ropes help in improving both endurance as well as muscle strength. Some of the top rated weighted jump-ropes available which will help in improving your workout are listed below.

Top-rated weighted rope

1. Nike Fundamental Weighted Rope

This rope is one of the most popular ropes because of its excellent design. The rope has a plastic cord of high density which does not get tangled and the length of the rope can be adjusted as required. The maximum rope length is 108 inches. Since the rope has aluminum sockets for its ball bearing system, so that will rotate smoothly when the rope is being used. The handles are well designed for a good grip and comfortable to use. The total weight of the rope is one pound. However, users will require an Allen wrench for adjusting the length of the rope.

2. Most affordable: Athletic Works Weighted Jump-Rope 

Users can adjust the length and weight of this inexpensive weighted rope from Athletic works according to their convenience. The handles of this affordable jump rope are coated with foam for a comfortable grip, The length of this jump rope can be increased to 108 inches, and the maximum weight of the rope is two pounds. However, a tool is required for adjusting the length and weight. The rope is not very durable and may have to be replaced every year.

3. Best deal: Crossrope get-strong jump rope set

Buyers who are willing to spend a little more on jump ropes will find that the crossrope set is one of the best deals available. This set includes one rope weighing one pound which is 96 inches long and another rope weighing two pounds and of length 114 inches. These ropes can be easily fixed or removed from the clip-fast handles. Buyers have access to the Crossropes fitness app for mobiles. A carrying pouch is also provided. However, this rope set is expensive.

4. Top-rated heavy rope: Proud-Panda Heavy Jump-Rope

Users looking for a heavy jump-rope can choose from any of the four sizes and weights varying from 2.8 pounds to 5.4 pounds. The corresponding length of the rope also varies from 110 to 119 inches. The jump rope is suitable for those who want a heavy rope with a traditional cord. The rope has rubber grips which are soft for comfort. However, the rope length cannot be adjusted and the handles do not spin while skipping.

5. To-rated cordless: Redify Cordless Weighted Jump-Rope 

Though most people will not believe it, it is possible to have the same exercise as jump ropes without a cord. The Redify cordless jump-rope has silicone balls with weights attached to handles which do not become slippery even when the user will sweat. The handles of this cordless jump-rope will rotate the entire 360 degrees without tangling or tripping while exercising. This affordable cordless set weighs 0.7 pounds. However, in some cases the balls may come off.

6. Top-rated Leather: Champion Sports Leather Ball-Bearing Jump-Rope

The attractive leather jump-rope from Champion sports is available in three different lengths between 102 and 114 inches and weighs approximately 0.63 pounds. The leather cord used is durable. However,the length of each rope cannot be adjusted. The wooden handles of the rope have a ball bearing system for better performance.

7. Best rope with ball bearings: Gaoykai Weighted Jump-Rope

The weighted jump-rope from Gaoykai has a cord with anti-winding features, and a maximum length of 120 inches. The handles are designed for a comfortable grip so that they do not slip out of the users hand. The main advantage of the rope is the excellent ball bearing system which ensures that there is no tangling and rope rotates a full 360 degrees with every jump. The weight of the rope is one pound. However, in some cases the rope cord may snap.

8. Best weighted Rope for speed: Ethos Weighted Speed Rope

This rope is popular because the length is adjustable, and it has a ball bearing system for better speed. This makes it ideal for cross training.This weighted rope has short handles and a thin metal cord coated with PVC. It is designed for jumping at a high speed, making it suitable for crossfit or other fitness exercises. However, in some cases, the handles may spin off. The maximum length of the weighted rope is 118 inches and its weight is two pounds.

9. Best weighted rope with counter: The weighted Te-rich jump rope

The length of this weighted rope is adjustable and it has a counter inbuilt in it, making it easier to track the skipping. One of the handles has a LCD screen which displays the reps and also session time and calories which are burned. Users who have less space available for exercising can remove the cord to replace it with weighted balls while exercising. However, the battery life for this rope is less. The length can be adjusted to 118 inches, and the weight of this rope is 0.8 pounds

10. Recommended for Beginners: Cuts HiBeast Fitness Jump Rope

The Cuts highbeast rope is recommended for users who have not used jump ropes earlier. The rope is designed so that beginners can easily use it and it does not get tangled. Though the rope is light, users will feel the burn, and the cord will resist curling to prevent tangling. The rope length can be adjusted to 120 inches and it weighs 0.6 pounds. However,this rope is not suitable for short people

11. Suitable for cardio exercises: Gofit Heavy Jump rope

This jump rope designed for cardio exercises has foam handles which are soft and the length can be adjusted, though sometimes it may not be very easy to do so. Since this rope is designed to improve speed, resistance it and improve the heart rate quickly it weighs 1.5 pounds . The swivel connection at the foam handles allows the user to rotate the rope smoothly without any tangles. The length of this rope is 108 inches.

12. Best Handles: N1Fit Weighted Jump Rope

The length of the jump rope with ergonomic handles can be easily adjusted. The cable used is tangle resistant and durable. However, the best feature of this rope are the soft foam handles, which are ergonomically designed, so that they do not slip out, and are comfortable to hold. This maximum length of this jump rope is 118 inches, and it weighs 1.5 pounds.


Experts choice: Nike Fundamental Weighted Rope with ball bearings

Most affordable rope: Athletic Works Weighted Jump Rope

Cordless rope: Redify Weighted Cordless Rope

How to select a weighted jump-rope

Weight: Buyers will find the weight of the jump ropes available will vary. Most jump ropes will weigh between 1-1.5 pounds, though a few have a low weight of 0.5 pounds, while others are extremely heavy at 5.5 pounds. Beginners should use lighter jump ropes initially to gain experience. They can then move to using heavier jump ropes as they improve their skipping skills.

Adjustable length: Experts recommend that users should purchase a jump rope whose length can be adjusted. This allows the user to easily customize the jump rope to match his or her height, instead of trying to predict the right size before ordering the rope

Handles : Buyers should check the handles of the rope, especially if they are using heavy ropes. The handles should be ergonomically designed for better grip and comfort. Foam handles are popular since do not slip while skipping and are comfortable to use.


What is the ideal weight for a jump rope?

Some of the factors which should be considered while deciding rope weight are the workout, skipping method and level of fitness. For speed jumping, beginners, lighter ropes weighing 0.5-1.5 pounds are recommended, while heavier ropes weighing two pounds and more are suitable for endurance training and building muscle.

What are the benefits of exercising with a weighted rope?

Experts claim that exercising with a weighted rope will increase the heart rate very quickly and also burn calories fast. Using a regular jump rope for 15 minutes will burn more than 250 calories,and the calorie consumption for weighted ropes will be even higher. The muscles in the body like the shoulders, biceps, calves, abs, quads,glutes will get strengthened and toned when a weighted rope is used .

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