Level up the workouts with the help of the best shoes for weightlifting

The choice of your shoes will either break or make your workout sessions. If we talk about fitness goals, then it is not entirely about your results or gains, it is all the hard work that has led you to these results. The key to weightlifting workouts is the preparation which includes the requirement of proper footwear.

What should your gym weightlifting shoes have that will make it appropriate for your workout? According to experienced and professional physical therapists like Joe Vega (founder of the renowned The Vega Method'), one should look out for the following four features:

1. You need to find a gym shoe that has a non-compressible and stable sole. The normal weightlifting shoes should be very stiff and flat as it creates for you a stable and balanced platform that will help you to lift. You must avoid running shoes that are heavily cushioned in the case of weightlifting as the cushioned shoes are designed or crafted to absorb all the impact.

2. You must ensure that your gym shoe contains a raised and strong heel area. This characteristic will help you to maintain a good posture and to help you with your structural form.

3. Now, you have to narrow down your choices even further. You can do this by choosing gym shoes with laces, stiff uppers, or straps. These details will help you to keep the feet grounded firmly in one place while you deal with heavy weight lifts.

4. Lastly, prioritize those shoes which are comfortable and breathable at the same time. This will prevent your feet to get sweaty and humid as a breathable fabric will encourage air circulation to your feet.

Now, you have known what actually makes any weightlifting shoe great, so, it is now time to buy a pair for yourself.

For jumpstarting the process of shoe shopping, we have shortlisted the top best pair of gym weightlifting shoes for you to score.

Top best weightlifting shoes

1. NOBULL Training Shoes (Women):


This pair of shoes is absolutely great for cross-training and weightlifting in the gym. This pair is lined with details that are reflective in nature and additionally the sock liner will mold according to your foot shape. It is comfortable and breathable as well.


This pair of shoes might not be true to your size and it might feel immensely uncomfortable due to its stiff sole.

There are above fourteen thousand happy customers/buyers/reviewers who have rated the NOBULL training shoes above 4.8 rating stars.

If you are searching for a great pair of shoes for weightlifting, you can easily go for NOBULL training shoes. It is crafted from �super fabric' from the house of Nobull that promises to be comfortable, durable, lightweight, and to protect the feet. This pair boasts the classic weightlifting flat shoe soles that will help you with your balance and support while you are indulged with your heaviest weight lifts.

The most special aspect about these shoes is that they can be worn during weightlifting as well as cross-training. The soles are flexible but supportive making it versatile enough to start from slower workouts to even faster cross-training workouts. It is very rare to find such a combination of features in a single pair of shoes thus; this pair is absolutely worth buying. It is available in one color and the size ranges from 5 to 11.

2. Reebok X Nano training shoes (women): Best Budget


This pair is affordable, breathable, lightweight, and stable, and it has supportive soles and is available in four different colors.


This pair of shoes might not be true to your size and it is not great for cross-training exercises.

If you are looking out for an awesome deal on weightlifting shoes then this pair is the best you can get. This pair is crafted from the best flex weave fabric from Reebok that makes the shoe lightweight, durable, and durable. These shoes come with fully equipped flat and wide soles that provide you safety and keep you steady, balanced, and supported throughout your workouts.

These shoes are also lined with foam padding all along the collar and tongue. It is available in four colors and size ranges from 5 to 11.

3. NOBULL Best Splurge Leather Lifter:


These shoes are crafted with a very sturdy heel and from extremely durable leather. This pair of shoes has an adjustable fit that is provided by its Velcro strap and laces and additionally, the sock liner will mold according to your foot shape.


This pair is slightly on the expensive side and is not good for cross-training exercises.

If you are searching for investing in a great pair of shoes for weightlifting, you can easily go for NOBULL leather lifter shoes. It is crafted from extremely durable leather from the house of Nobull that promises to be comfortable, durable, lightweight, and protect your feet. Unlike other gym shoes used for weighlifting, this shoe boasts leather stacked heels. This pair also boasts the classic weightlifting flat shoe soles that will help you with your balance and support while you are indulged with your heaviest weight lifts.

It is available in one color and the size ranges from 5 to 11.

4. Nike 6 Metcon training shoe:

This is best for any weightlifting beginner.


This pair is affordable, breathable, lightweight, and stable, and it has supportive wide, flat, and low soles and is available in twelve different colors. It also has removable inserts that will let you customize the height of the heel.


This pair is not that great for cross-training and it might run narrow as well.

Weightlifting gym shoes can get hot and heavy with time and that is why one can take time to get completely used to the pair. For beginners, a breathable shoe for weightlifting is recommended as proper air circulation will take away the excess heat produced while working out. So initially you won't face any discomfort due to the heating. This pair will keep your feet breathing and will provide a great grip and support.

It is available in twelve colors and size ranges from 5.5 to 16.5.

5. New balance 20 Minimus V7 gym Cross Trainer:


These are great for lighter lifting and fast-paced workouts. It is lined with mesh panels that are well ventilated and it gives stable support.


It is not great for heavy weightlifting and it might not be true to your size and also it is not great for cross-training exercises due to not enough cushioning.

It is made with a special yarn that is Nylon-infused and its size ranges from 5 to 12. This pair is available in five different colors as well.

 Heavy Lifting Pick: Adidas Adipower 2

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  • Breathable design
  • Raised heel
  • Adjustable securing mechanism
  • Extremely durable


  • Single color option
  • Not suitable for cross training

Proper protection is one of the requisites of a weightlifting shoe. That is why the Adidas Adipower 2 is on this list. The sturdy sole is the reason they offer you such high protection and support. 0.79-inch raised heels will help you maintain posture even when lifting a significantly high weight. Apart from support, you also need weightlifting shoes to be secure. These come with adjustable shoe laces.

Additionally, they offer you loop straps. Once you adjust these, it is easy to secure your feet. That is why these shoes will support you well even when you're lifting the heaviest of weights.

Material Used: Textile Fabric | Size Options: 9.5-13.5, 5-5.5 | Colors: Single

7. Olympic Lifting Pick: Reebok LegacyLifter

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  • Raised heel design
  • Breathable design
  • Adjustable fit
  • Extremely durable


  • Limited size options
  • Size representation can be more accurate
  • Not suitable for cross training

Weightlifting in the Olympics requires you to perform dynamic live and attempts to lift the heavy load every time. That is why, when choosing shoes for Olympic weightlifting, you should not only focus on comfort but also on the sturdiness of the shoes. Only when they can last through the rigorous workouts and tournaments can they be worthy of Olympic weightlifting. The good news is that Reebok LegacyLifter meets that requirement. The heavy-duty construction ensures that every nook and cranny of the shoe is sturdy. You will notice a classic weightlifting sole design when you observe the sole. That is why; you will remain stable even when lifting the heaviest weights. With a 0.75-inches raised heel, you can attain the right posture. Simultaneously, wearing this shoe and removing it is also easy because of this adjustable tightness.

Material Used: Mesh | Size Options: 8.5,9.5, 10-12 | Colors: 2

8. Cross-Training Pick: Inov-8 Fastlift 335

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  • Works for cross training and weightlifting
  • Spacious store walks
  • Adjustable Velcro and laces
  • Breathable design


  • Cushioning can be better
  • Size representation can be more accurate

Most shoes that work well for weightlifting do not work well for cross-training. That is because the type of shoe needed for both these activities is entirely different. However, if you're going with Inov-8 Fastlift 335, you won't face this problem because it is suitable for both. To start with, it offers a flat sole that will support your posture when you lift the weight and keep you stable. Simultaneously, the shoe is isn't heavy at all. Its flexibility can come in handy when indulging in cross-training workouts. Not only that, the breathable design of this shoe ensures that whichever type of activity you are indulging in, you will always remain comfortable and won't have to worry about sweating.

Material Used: Synthetic | Size Options: 5.5-11 | Colors: 3

9. Narrow Feet Pick: Nike Romaleos 4

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  • Raised heel design
  • Breathable construction
  • Extremely stable and sturdy sole
  • Three color options are available


  • The heel area is a bit wide
  • Not compatible with cross training

Every feature you might expect from a weightlifting shoe is present in this one. For starters, it provides you with a flat and rigid sole. Because of the same, you will be extremely stable when lifting heavy weights. It consists of the raised heel, which allows you to attain the right posture to lift the weights. To ensure that the shoe is secure, it comes with adjustable straps. The breathable construction means that excessive sweating won't be an issue. You will remain comfortable throughout your weightlifting session. It consists of treads to provide you with a better grip. That is why you will remain extremely stable whether you are lifting weights on a rough surface or on slick gym floors. The tapering design towards the toes ensures that it is perfect for someone with narrow feet. Thus, if you're looking for snug fitted shoes, go with this one.

Material Used: Woven | Size Options: 8.5-16.5 | Colors: 3

10. Wide Feet Pick: New Balance Women's Minimus Prevail Cross Trainer

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  • Numerous size options are available (wide and standard sizes)
  • Breathable construction
  • Wide toe area
  • Long lifespan


  • Size options could have been more
  • Only one color option

People with wide feet often struggle to find comfortable weightlifting shoes. If you're one of them, these shoes will not disappoint you. Apart from being perfect for people with a wide fit, it offers various other features like a sturdy flat sole. That is why lifting weights is going to be easy. The breathable fabric ensures that your feet will remain at a cooler temperature and excessive sweating won't occur. You can use laces to wear the shoe and get a snug fit securely. The textured sole ensures that you will get proper traction on any surface. In case you prefer this shoe in standard sizes, those are available as well. The fact that the shoe comes in wide and standard sizes certainly makes it an excellent choice for people with wide feet.

Material Used: Woven textile | Size Options: 7-8, 9.5-10.5 (W) | Colors: 1

Things to consider while buying weightlifting Shoe:

Stable sole:

According to Vega, lifting weights puts a lot of pressure on your feet. In case your feet do not receive proper support and cushioning, there is a high chance that you might suffer from any injury. That is why you need to get good weightlifting shoes that can help you avoid injury and improve your technique.

Due to this reason, you have to look at the stability that the sole offers before choosing weightlifting shoes. Instead of relying on gym shoes that have responsive cushioning but do not provide proper protection or sturdy sole, it is good to go with dedicated weightlifting shoes with sturdy soles.

Heel height:

Not all weightlifting shoes offer a raised heel. However, many of them do. The height of such heels is usually between 0.3 inches to 1 inch. These certainly come in handy when dealing with challenging loads. According to Vega, the higher height aids you in settling into a squatting position better, and therefore you attain the right posture to lift even higher weights.


Whether you're exercising or lifting weights, the face of the shoe matters a lot, it should provide you with a comfortable, but snug fit so that you can control your feet better. Vega states that since most weightlifting shoes come with adjustable straps or laces to lock your feet securely, they are an excellent choice.

When comparing weightlifting shoes, you have to prefer the ones that provide you with more adjustable features so that you can wear them securely and gain proper stability.


While all these features are great, if your shoe is uncomfortable, you won't use them. That is why it is also essential to look at comfort in addition to stability and sturdiness. For starters, the shoes should offer you breathability. That is why you must consider features like mesh panels, breathable fabrics, and even ventilation holes while comparing different weightlifting shoes.

If the shoes consist of any of these, you won't have to worry about excessive sweating, comfort, and stability. Apart from that, it is advantageous if they consist of moisture-wicking liners since the sweat won't make your feet wet, and you can focus better on the weights.


  • Which shoes classify as weightlifting shoes?

A weightlifting shoe needs a stable base, a sturdy sole and appropriate cushioning. They can have raised or flat heels. However, raised heels are preferred. Additionally, they should come with laces or/and straps to securely wear the shoe.

  • Do you need to replace your weightlifting shoes soon?

The weightlifting shoes' lifespan will depend on the intensity of your workouts and the frequency. According to Brown, the shoes usually last for 3 to 4 years with a frequency of 5 to 6 workouts a week. Alternatively, Vega states that you need to replace your weightlifting shoes after every twelve months. The shoes themselves will indicate whether they need replacement, depending on the comfort and the feel they offer. That is why you have to notice how you feel in the shoes, and you will know when to replace them.

  • What kind of fit do weightlifting shoes offer?

Ideally, weightlifting shoes should offer a snug fit across the length and width of your feet. Vega further states that the length of the weightlifting shoes should be such that there is no extra space at the heel. Additionally, the width should be such that the shoe provides a snug fit rather than a loose one. The heel should be against the shoe's back wall, so you get a secure feel. Simultaneously, the shoe shouldn't make your toes curl either.


When it comes to weightlifting shoes, there is no doubt that Nobull is the best in the category. The brand provides you with highly sturdy shoes that provide stability needed to work with heavy lifts, and simultaneously, the shoes are flexible enough for cross-training. Not to speak of the breathability they offer so that you will remain comfortable throughout the weightlifting session. It is difficult to find other brands that provide the same versatility. That is why these are the best on offer.

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