Top Eight Blue Light Blocking Glasses for Kids

Kids spend a lot of time watching media on smart devices. There are programs made for kids that they will spend several hours watching. They can apply video games or watch different types of entertainment. Too much exposure to blue light can affect the eyes of the kids. Designers have devised effective ways to control too much exposure to blue light. Using Blue-Light-Filtering Glasses for kids ensures kids are safe even if they spend a lot of time on their screens.

Are kids allowed to use Blue-Light-Filtering Glasses?

The blue light emitted from computer screens and smart devices do not have a direct link to causing eye disease. Kids tend to use the screens a lot, and the blue light can lead to overstimulation of the brain. The stimulating effects of blue light can make kids lack sleep. It is discouraged for kids to use the smart device screens at bedtime. They can wear the Blue-Light-Filtering Glasses to reduce the effects of the brain stimulation so they can fall asleep. Experts recommend people take a 20-minute break from the diseases to avoid the effects of blue lights. They are also required to watch screens placed at least 20 feet away.

How did we decide

We selected the glasses in the below list based on some factors:

  • The reputation of the company. We have made our decision of making this list based on the reviews of the buyers. We gave importance to what people had to say about the product's durability, style, and the quality of the blue light blocking glasses for children. We have also emphasized the process of ordering and returning the system of the brands.
  • Buyer's feedback. We have focused on the reviews of the buyers, and looked for the things people loved in the styles we have selected.
  • Clarity of the glasses. Some brands brag about the high benefits of blue light-blocking glasses for children. But in the below list, we only mentioned the real and honest benefits of these glasses.

Pricing structure

In this article, we also have maintained the range of prices, so anyone can choose a spectacle for their kid from this list. Let's take a look at the pricing structure below.

  • Below thirty-five dollars it will be $
  • From thirty-five to eight five dollars it will be $$
  • More than eight six dollars will be $$$

Top eight blue light blocking spectacles for children

Perfect Indigo Light Filtering Glasses for Toddlers
Babiators Blue Light Filtering Glasses

Cost: $

Why we selected it: These glasses are made with simple frames, so it becomes easy to wear and take it off for the child, and for the lightweight feature, your kid will not feel irritated. In addition, the normal black look will give a multifunctional and simple look.

Things to remember: the brand offers two types of sizes for kids, one is for six and up, and the next one is for three to five years olds. You need to keep this size preference in mind because many buyers have reviewed that the return policy isn't flexible with this company.

Top Remote learning blue light blocking glasses
Blue Light Spectacles from Nooze Optics

Cost: $$

Why we chose this product: The blue light filtering glasses from Nooze Optics are very durable, as the frames are not attached with screws, and it has an anti-scratch coating with a lightweight design. If your kid has to spend a lot of time in front of a computer screen, this durable and high-protection spectacle can help them wear the glasses for a long time.

Things to remember: the glasses have two years of warranty, a thirty-day return system, and a Trustpilot rating of 4.5. The glasses are available for children six and up, and the second one is for kids from the ages three to six. You need to select the right size.

Perfect Budget Savvy Blue Light Blocking Glasses

Eyebuy Direct Blue Light Filtering Glasses

Cost: $

Why we chose them: These glasses are very trendy and budget-savvy too. You can get more flexibility with the upgrades of UV blocking, anti-glare, with blue light filter. But you will get basic indigo light blocking with these glasses, but with the price and quality, your kids can perfectly get the task done.

Important things to know: The brand has a shipping fee if you order products under eighty dollars, and you will get a limited two weeks system for a return if the glasses aren't up to the mark. Moreover, the spectacle frames aren't strong, so you can purchase the product for your six years old child or more than that.

Bedtime Blue light shield glasses for kids

Felix Gray Eyeglasses

Cost: $$$

The reason we selected this brand: these glasses come with a bit of tint, anti-glare, blue light shielding, UV ray blocking, and trendy frames. The brand boasts that their glasses improve the production of melatonin, which makes nighttime movie watching easier. The company also provides easy returns and a warranty, with a free shipping facility.

Things to remember: Felix Gray glasses are expensive, and this is one of the most well-known companies. Also, the technology of blue light spectacles for kids is still under research, so, you can wait a bit longer before investing in this company product.

Finest Blue light Blocking Glasses for Teenagers

Blue Light Filtering Glasses from Jonas Paul

Cost: $$

Reasons we selected the brand: This is the product for your teenage kids and the ones who love to run wild. If your child breaks the frame, the brand offers a replacement for fifty percent off, but the damage must occur within six months of buying the spectacles.

Things you must remember: the brand has some best reviews, but they haven't achieved its place in the Better Business Bureau or Trustpilot.

Best Durable Indigo Light Blocking Glasses for Children

Cat Eyeglasses from Zenni

Cost: $

Why we selected this brand: these are heavy-duty kid's glasses that have an adjustable string attached to them, so no matter how many times your kid drops the product, it will not break. The product comes with flexible frames, and you can order it with the option of a blue light shield.

Things to know: you can add prescription glasses with indigo blocking coating, or you can opt for non-prescription spectacles. One thing to remember is that, if you detach the string, it may not be a fit on your child's face.

Top TV Show Watching Blue Light Blocking Glasses for Kids

Children Glasses from Gunner

Cost: $

Why we liked this product: Gunner glasses for kids are available with a prescription and non-prescription orders. You will get two types of blue light blocking system, you will get sixty-five percent and thirty-five percent blocking and the glasses have a light yellow tint. You will get a one-year warranty, and the glasses come with a UV ray block system and a frame made of nylon.

Things to keep in mind: the glasses have a yellow tint to them, and when your kid will watch things through them, they will appear a bit tinted. If your child is self-conscious, you must look for another brand from this list.

Prescription Glasses with Blue Light Shield for Children

Revel Blue Light Blocking Glasses for Children

Cost: $$

Reasons why we selected this brand: If you are looking for prescription glasses for your kids, you will get these spectacles from GlassesUSA. The glasses are available in three shades and have a classic shape.

Things to remember: the seller company offers one year warranty with a cash back promise, which makes it a very useful brand. However, if you are adding smudge-proof coating, blue light blocking technology, and a prescription glass, the cost will go higher.

What to consider when buying Blue-Light-Filtering Glasses for kids

Many companies manufacture and sell Blue-Light-Filtering Glasses. It is essential to consider several company factors and then decide on the best. Here are some of the issues to check out when buying the glasses:


The glasses should be durable. Kids will not be very careful as they handle the glasses. Check out the durability of the glasses. Some manufacturers ensure the glasses are made of durable parts that can last long. A durable glass can lead to savings in the long run.

Return policies and refunds

The return policies in a given company are another issue to check out. The glasses can arise when they are broken. A company agrees to refund or replace them will be the best to consider when buying the glasses for kids.

Company claims

Some manufacturers will claim to eliminate blue light altogether. Be careful about claims that are made. The best company to consider should not make false claims online to make sales. They should always offer the right information about the different types of glasses they sell.

Eye care tips when using screens

Ensure the kids are off the screen at least two hours before bed. It is essential to avoid the overstimulation of the eyes as the kids are about to sleep.

Use apps that initiate 20-20-20 reminders. Some apps will have reminders to make kids adhere to the rule. Get them to ensure the kids will be reminded to keep off the screens.

Have screen-free zones at home. The zones allow kids to have a place where they can avoid the blue light.

Use parental controls. The parental controls effectively manage the time the kids spend in front of the screens.

Use screen filters. Screen filters such as dark modes can help get kids ready for sleep.

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