How to Lose Five Pounds

IntroductionWhen monitoring weight loss, it is not always a good thing to weigh every day, because weight fluctuates. Cultivating a good body image is not easy, and the pressures of social media don’t help, especially in younger people who follow every trend and can often see themselves as overweight when the reality is that they … Read more

Is This B12 Injection the Secret to Effective Weight Loss?

Most of us consume nutritional supplements or pills regularly. As we become more and more aware of their benefits, their consumption is also increasing. With the advancement in the medical field, the composition of such pills like vitamins and minerals is also fast advancing. For example, these days, B12 shots are available as well. Many … Read more

Do Antibiotics Cause Weight Gain?

Interesting studies show that antibiotics can make you gain weight. A recent 2018 study found out why this happens and what we need to do about it! A 2014 research done on mice exposed them either with or without the use of an antibiotic, which was followed by a 2011 study where researchers noticed how high … Read more

What Is CLA Oil?

Having a diet that is high in various healthy fats is good for our health. According to several research Polyunsaturated and good fats, are proven to lower cholesterol level in the body and boost immunity. This in turn reduces the overall risk of any heart disease & also reduces hunger to some extent. Over eating … Read more