Does drinking lemon water help in weight loss?

People often prefer to drink lemon water instead of plain water when they are thirsty because it tastes better. Additionally people who are interested in losing weight are often advised that lemon water will help in weight loss. To find out if these claims are factually correct, some of the most highly rated nutritionists were asked their opinion. Their expert advice on the various health benefits of lemon water, especially for weight loss, hydration and protecting teeth are discussed below.

Benefits of drinking lemon water

- Hydration: If you add a small amount of lemon juice to the water you sip, you may feel thirsty and drink a large amount of water daily. This will help you remain hydrated which helps in the proper functioning of the human body, improving muscle health, regulating the temperature better. Thus lemon water helps to improve water consumption.

- Vitamin C in lemon water: Since Vitamin C is one of the most effective antioxidants available, it has a large number of health benefit, like improving the absorption of iron from the food we consumer, helping in skin repair, collagen production and improving heart health. Since lemon juice contains Vitamin C, experts claim that adding lemon juice will increase the quantity of antioxidant consumed.

- Improve digestion: To help the body digest food consumed better, experts recommend drinking at least a glass of lemon water either before the meal or along with the meal. Ayurveda, which is closely associated with Yoga claims that since lemon has a sour taste, drinking lemon juice will result in the release of bile before the meal. Experts also claim that the acidity of the stomach decreases as a person ages,so drinking lemon water may help improve digestion.

- Phytonutrients: Lemons contain significant amounts of phytonutrients like most other foods from plants. The anti-oxidants in the phytonutrients are very effective in protecting the human body from a variety of ailments.

- Kidney stones: Consuming lemon water usually lowers the risk of developing kidney stones. Lemons like other citrus fruits are rich in citrates and citric acid. These acids help in preventing formation of kidney stones, and also help in dissolving the kidney stones which are in the initial stages of formation. So experienced physicians recommend adding four ounces of lemon juice to the two liters of water consumed daily as a preventive measure.

Lemon water consumption side effects

Though there are no major health problems associated with drinking lemon water, some people may suffer from acid reflux. Other people having histamine sensitivity cannot tolerate citrus fruits. Drinking larger quantities of lemon water may damage your teeth, since the enamel which protect the teeth from decay may get eroded by the citric acid in the lemon water. Experts claim that tooth damage is probably the biggest disadvantage of drinking lemon juice. However, if sufficient quantities of water are used for diluting the lemon juice, or if you drink a few glasses of plain water after consuming diluted lemon juice, the damage to the teeth will be greatly reduced. Experts also recommend using a straw for drinking lemon water to reduce the tooth damage.

Does lemon water help in weight loss?

Experts claim that lemon water does not have any ingredient which could help in weight loss. However, it is healthier to drink lemon water when feeling thirsty compared to other sodas or juice which contain more sugar. They claim that switching to drinking lemon water instead of orange juice every morning may help to lose weight. However, there is no research evidence available which will link weight loss with drinking lemon juice diluted with water.

When you are thirsty most people drink sweet beverages which have a high calorie count. In contrast drinking lemon water throughout the day, reduces the calorie intake to a great extent. Experts have also noted that drinking plenty of lemon water will make you feel full, so you are less likely to feel hungry and eat snacks or will eat less during meals.

People should be aware that the many benefits of drinking enough lemon water are also associated with hydration and adequate water consumption. Since lemon water has almost no calories, makes the person drinking it feel satiated, and may help metabolism to some extent, drinking lemon water may help a person reach his ideal weight according to dietitians. However, they claim that most of these benefits are also associated with drinking plain water, though most people prefer drinking lemon water regularly.

How include lemon water in your diet

Nutritionists will consider your personal preferences and health while incorporating lemon water in your daily diet. Individuals who like the taste of lemon water and will drink a larger quantity of water if lemon juice is added, should definitely increase their lemon water consumption. However, those who do not like lemon water should not worry or force themselves to drink it,it has no major benefits in terms of weight loss. Some experts recommend that people should have a glass of lukewarm lemon water as soon as they wake up in the morning to remain hydrated and also activate the digestive system early

Lemon water preparation method to maximize benefits and better taste

While any type of lemon can be used for making lemon water, you should be careful about the quantity of lemon juice added to water. To prevent tooth damage, at least 8 ounces of water in a cup are required to dilute the juice from half a lemon. Larger quantities of water may also be used for dilution. If possible, filtered water is recommended, since it will have fewer contaminants. If you wish to reduce the pesticide levels, it is better to use organic lemons for making the lemon juice. Fresh herbs like mint or basil may be added to the lemon water to improve its flavor, with mint being the preferred choice for cooling during summer.


Why there is no scientific evidence to prove that drinking lemon water will help to lose weight, it is a far healthier alternative to energy drinks, sodas, juices, sugary tea. Though there are many health benefits of lemon water like Vitamin C, better hydration, users should ensure that it is properly diluted to avoid tooth damage.

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