Eco Green Laundry balls

One set of Eco Green Laundry balls washes a daily load of laundry for up to three years! Green Laundry balls are the most cost-effective and eco-friendly way to wash clothes without detergent. Just 2 Eco Green Laundry balls will clean the same as 25 bottles of laundry soap—that’s over 1,000 washes. Regular detergent costs over 40 cents per wash. Eco Green Laundry balls cost only 3 cents per wash. Don’t waste hundreds of dollars on laundry detergent.

Just drop the reusable Eco Green Laundry Balls in your washing machine. Powerful natural ceramics in the ball change the pH of water to that of detergent, allowing the water to soften and penetrate fabrics. How to Use Eco Green Laundry Balls It is simple. Just separate white fabrics from colored fabrics. Place the Eco Green Laundry balls in your washing machine with your laundry and proceed as you would usually. The Green Laundry ball replaces ordinary detergent, you can still use your normal household products with it.

When finished, take clothing out of washing machine. Do not leave the Eco Green Laundry Balls in the washing machine. For maximum effectiveness, place Eco Green Laundry Balls in the daylight for one hour per week based on one wash per day. It is that easy with the Eco Green Laundry balls.

How Eco Green Laundry Balls Work

Using Eco Green Laundry Balls eliminates the use of detergents, therefore avoiding risks of allergic reactions due to detergent residues on clothing or linen. It safeguards your linen from bleaching and oxidation, caused by chlorine diluted in water. It even retains fabric elasticity.

The friction of the natural ceramics inside the Eco Green Laundry ball while in your machine will increase the pH level of the water, which makes it easier for stains to be released. It works the same way as your regular household detergent but without any of the harmful chemicals.

The Eco Green Laundry ball has a pH equivalent to that of ordinary chemical detergent. This treats grease, organic or chemical stains effectively. It removes chlorine byproducts in the water and softens the water, therefore increasing its washing power. At the same time, the unique hydromechanics turbo design of the Balls boosts the water currents in your machine, and effectively increases the contact surface (scrubbing) areas during washing. Finally, the Green Laundry ball eliminates pathogen germs in the water of your washing machine, giving clean and healthy linen. Green Laundry Balls have an antibacterial effect and eliminate bad odors.How to Get the Most Out of Your Eco Green Laundry Balls

Drop the laundry ball (or balls) into the washing machine, wash as you normally would, using either no detergent, or a reduced amount of detergent.

For best results, add a “soak” cycle to the wash, letting the ball and clothes soak together for 30 minutes.

You can use 1 ball for loads up to 8.5 kg (18 lbs). For heavier loads, use 2 balls.

For best results, place the laundry balls in direct sunlight for one hour, once weekly.

At a minimum, place the laundry balls in direct sunlight once a month.

If washing more frequently than once a day, expose balls to sunlight more frequently.

For storage, allow balls to dry completely.

There is no liimit on how many washes per day you can do with the laundry balls.

Effective life of the laundry balls is determined by the total number of washes. Maximum effectiveness lasts for about 200 washes; after that the effectiveness weakens and you should consider replacing the laundry balls.

Eco Green Laundry Balls Specifications:Diameter: 5″ / 12cmWeight: 305 g / 0.7 lbPackage Info: Laundry Ball x 2 View My Cart


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