The 10 Best Workouts And Exercise Regimens For Burning Fat Effectively

The human body starts to burn fat in its "fat/fatty acid burning zone". You enter into this zone when you work out at approx. 50% to up to 60% of your maximum or total heart rate. The human body can burn fat effectively when it has enough oxygen. James King (an exercise physiology lecturer at the reputed Loughborough University) states that if there is intense activity and exercise, the body will burn lesser fat. The human body requires oxygen for burning fat. When the intensity of an exercise increases, oxygen levels are fast depleted and the anaerobic output of energy increases.

For burning body fat effectively and for losing weight you must first find out the best and the most efficient ways of burning body fat. People are nowadays very busy and would want the best results in the least time. We connected to some of the leading and popular experts who help people reach their weight loss ambitions and asked them about the most effective fat loss exercises and workouts. Read the article and go through the information below to find out the best and most effective fat loss exercises as recommended by fitness experts.

High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)

A leading HIIT instructor Sophie Edward gives interesting facts on HIIT. She states that people do not lose much fat and calories during a HIIT exercise session. However, they keep on burning fat up to 24 hours after a HIIT session is over. It is due to the elevation in the Excess Post-Exercise Oxygen Consumption (EPOC). Fat loss may also extend beyond 24 hours in some cases. You can achieve up to 85% of your body's maximum heart-rate when you undertake and accomplish a HIIT session.

One of the best forms of HIIT is the "Tabata Protocol". You need to complete at least 7 or 8 rounds of any intense activity for a Tabata Protocol and take the rest of no more than 10 seconds between these rounds. You can choose exercises such as the kettlebell swing, sprint, burpees, squats, and other similar high-intensity exercises so that you can reach the maximum heart rate.

HIIT may expose you to risks including muscle strain and fatigue. To avoid such risks, try some cross-training with the Low-Intensity Interval Training (LISS) exercises. These LISS activities may include mobility drills, stretching, and cardio exercises where your heart rate remains below 140 bpm (the steadier state exercises). It will improve the recovery rate of the body and ensure that you can easily move into the next HIIT sessions with adequate fat and calories burnt.


Yoga exercises are not commonly associated with fast weight loss. However, they can help you improve your flexibility, reduce stress, and create a better balance. There is a wide variety of yoga asanas and exercises. These include the slower asanas that focus on stretching and the other asanas that are faster and more vigorous.

The Yoga exercises can be moderate or low-intensity cardiovascular activity. These exercises do not cause exertion. You can start doing some of the yoga exercises once, twice, or even more times a week to get good results. As beginners, you can try to do some morning yoga asanas that can be energizing or can undertake some beginner asanas and poses.

Weight/Strength Training

According to studies, muscle mass will burn 3 times more calories when compared to the fat mass of the same weight. The progressive plans work best for strength training where you move from smaller/lighter weights to heavier weights over time. This way you will increase your muscle mass and your body will burn more fat and calories even during rest.

Stacks, a strength trainer, and a fitness expert state that weight and strength training can ensure that you keep on burning body fat during and after your exercise and strength training sessions. An increase in muscle mass also improves metabolism rates. You can try a minimum of 2 strength training sessions every week and can take them up to 4. Alternate between the lower and the upper body weight exercises. You can do up to two sets (of 10 reps) for all of the body muscle groups. However, do some warm-ups and try to adjust following your body's needs.

The Reformer Pilates

Reformer Pilates differs from the older and traditional Pilates in that the former utilizes a carriage for adjusting your resistance and difficulty levels. Leading celebrities including Emma Stone and Beyoncé follow the reformer pilates. Reformer Pilates workout sessions offer benefits including better alignment and posture, and improved core strength. When compared to cardiovascular workouts and exercises, the reformer pilates may burn lesser fats and calories during the session. However, the exercises ensure that you can keep on burning fat even at rest later.

As a beginner, you can do at least two reformer pilot sessions each week. These sessions may last up to 60 minutes or less. If you like it and if you can burn fat, you can switch to regular and daily sessions as well.


The spin classes or the home exercise cycles are energizing and refreshing exercises. Spinning and home cycling exercises are part of our lifestyle now. You can be accompanied by motivating instructors and can also listen to encouraging music during your spinning sessions. A spinning session of 60 minutes can ensure that you lose up to 500 calories. You will also keep on burning fat after the session. Spinning can also offer you other benefits apart from fat loss, including stress reduction, better strength, improved cognitive and mental strength, core strengthening,

and others. While it may seem to you intimidating at the start, you cannot lose this great way of losing weight. Fortunately, you can do the exercise at your home itself and a 30-minute workout would be enough initially. Later you can keep on building strength, endurance, and stamina and increase the duration of your spinning sessions.


Swimming is one of the most popular activities around the world. The swimming activity is a full-body exercise that can also help you burn fat while toning your muscles. No matter what your age is, exercise has the least risk. It is so because swimming is a low-impact exercise that does not injure or harm your joints. You can start with a swimming workout session of at least 15 minutes and increase the time gradually.

Swimming can help you lose fat when you can do it 4 or 5 days every week. While your initial sessions can be of smaller duration, you can move up to 30 minutes of the swimming activity on most days of the week. You can also do some water aerobics on the recovery or free days to be a better swimmer.


Kickboxing can also be a high-intensity exercise that is less dangerous and riskier than boxing. However, kickboxing is a full-body and high-intensity workout that brings to you the excitement and grit of the popular sport of boxing. The activities include kicking, punching, twisting, and squatting among others. If you cannot go to a physical kickboxing training location, you can join any of the online kickboxing sessions and classes as well. You will get good results within a few weeks if you can train for at least 3 days every week.

The core and the most important element of a high-intensity workout in kickboxing is "boxing". The next important and core element of the activity is kicking. You also learn how to combine your punches and kicks while losing calories and fat. The activity will ensure that you are leaner and stronger after some time. Try following some online guides and videos to learn kickboxing at home itself.


Sometimes people may not show up at the time of their exercise sessions at the gyms and fitness clubs. There can be many reasons for it, one of which is the monotonous nature of the exercises that many may find to be boring and devoid of any kind of fun. The Zumba exercises involve dancing to music from around the world (especially Latin music). These dances and exercises not only ensure that you lose weight and fat but also ensure that you are de-stressed.

Zumba sessions may last up to 60 minutes. Apart from the offline classes, you also have some virtual and online Zumba classes available. Give it a try and you may find that apart from losing weight, you also have better dance moves.

Your Curated Strategy

Beginners may find it hard to lose weight and build muscle mass. However, you only need to make simple and small changes so that the bigger goal can be achieved. When you want to lose weight, try to do at least 3 weight and strength lifting training sessions every week. You can also undertake other interesting weight loss activities such as Zumba if you want to try something new and bring in some fun to your exercise routine. Do HIIT on 2 or 3 days, and have one day for the low intensity (LISS) exercises.

  • Monday: do HIIT activities.
  • Tuesday: do weight/strength training exercises.
  • Wednesday: take rest.
  • Thursday: do HIIT activities.
  • Friday: do weight/strength training exercises.
  • Saturday: take rest.
  • Sunday: do the low-intensity (LISS) activities.

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