How Can You Use The Exercise Gym Ball Instead Of A Chair?

Exercise balls are useful workout tools that will help you to gain balance, stability and strengthen your body core muscles of your stomach and back. This muscle generally supports the spine and takes the burden and stress of the weight off your spine. To achieve a good posture you fundamentally need to have strong core body muscles. In recent times, exercise fitness balls have entered the office and home after moving out of gym. People have started using this ball instead of a chair to strengthen their core muscles and this activity is known as active sitting just because your body muscles are highly engaged. But, if you use the exercise ball in the wrong way or techniques, you will do harm to your body and there will be no good outcome. This article is all about how you should use the exercise ball to sit instead of a chair.

Steps to use the exercise gym ball instead of a chair

1. You need to choose an appropriate fitness ball according to your weight and height: You need to measure a chair and the exercise ball's diameter should be higher than the chair by about four inches.

2. If you weigh average and your height is under 5 feet and 3 inches, then you should select an exercise gym ball of diameter fifty-five centimeters: Now, if you're between the height of 5 feet and 3 inches and six feet, you must select an exercise gym ball of diameter sixty-five centimeters. Lastly, if you are higher than six feet of height, you must select an exercise gym ball of diameter seventy-five centimeters.

3. Try to buy an exercise gym ball that is burst-resistant: These exercise balls contain an extra layer of strong material between the cavity inside and the outer environment. Homes and offices might have objects that are sharp such as needles, paper clips, staples, scissors, and many more that can burst your exercise ball.

4. You have to find a shop that accepts returns in case if you get the size of the exercise ball wrong: One can never know if the ball can fit your office space or your home and can replace the space of your chair and desk until and unless you can try the ball out in that space where you want to place it.

5. You need to pump the exercise ball up to the fullest or maximum diameter because you would not want to sink in the ball too far while you sit.

6. You have to sit straight up on the exercise ball by resting your legs in front and keeping your hands in a rested position on your leg. Your posture should make a ninety-degree angle in respect to the thighs that should be kept parallel to your exercise ball.

7. You need to place the forearms and bend the elbows at a ninety-degree angle: If you try to reach forward, you must rest the forearms on the table or desktop.

If you're working on a computer, ensure to maintain the forearm posture at ninety degrees. If you do not do this, the neck will misalign compared to the remaining of the spine. Thus, the exercise ball will be of no help to maintain your posture.

8. You need to practice sitting actively or active sitting: Active sitting is the stage where your body will react to the thought of falling from the ball. This is done by tightening the core muscles of your back and stomach. You can flex your abdomen muscles for an extra addition of the exercising element.

9. You have to utilize the exercise ball at twenty minutes intervals: You need not throw the office chair or chair at home. Like exercising, it is very essential that you provide rest to your muscles so that you can prevent any chances of muscle fatigue & achieve the maximum possible benefit from the exercise ball.

You can work up at thirty minutes of the interval as you try to get used to your new chair. Physicians and doctors don't advise sitting more than thirty minutes at a single stretch. You can get up for changing chairs more frequently and your spine will get more benefit.

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