How much Weight can you safely lose in a month?

If you happen to suffer extreme weight loss, you might think it does wonder to your body. Little did you know that it rather harms you physically and mentally. Therefore, go for sustainable weight loss. For weight loss to be safe, one must maintain a healthy lifestyle that centers on nutritious foods and healthy activities.

There is no definite answer to how much weight you can lose safely in a month because it depends on every person. A Nutrition coach says that when it comes to losing weight, it depends largely on individuals. But they can recommend some guidelines that might be of great help to them.

To be aware of how much you need to lose in a month safely, we inquired for reliable information from a Dieter and New York-based dietician. Kindly read on to have an idea about their well-grounded facts.

Avoid Dieting

When we hear the word weight loss, what typically comes to our mind is dieting. However, what people usually do when they are on diet is not sustainable, the reason why it must be avoided. Usually, people who are on diet have the wrong mindset about food and weight.

A Nutrition coach explained that diets tend to have a quick result which is why people take this step if they want to see results quickly. Although the desired weight loss is often achieved at first, the effect does not last long because the practices taken aren't sustainable as well.

Your high hopes of losing weight that is based on an unsustainable diet could turn out to be unhealthy since it gives you wrong thoughts about food intake and abilities. A Nutrition coach added that being unable to achieve or maintain the goals we set will result in self-doubt and pessimism. As you stop the diet, you will gain weight again and start trying another weight loss diet. This will be a repeated cycle for a lifetime.

Healthy Way of Losing Weight

Preferably, we want to have a diet that follows a healthy lifestyle that could benefit us physically, and not just to lose weight. According to a Nutrition coast, one must implement strategies that can be maintained long-term. This means that you eat properly at the right time and have some occasional indulgence only. This will definitely result in your desired amount of weight to lose and better health. This might not be achieved in an instant but you can get there sustainably. Below is the list of tips to lose weight healthily:

  • Take note of the nutrition you intake: Take whole foods like fruits, vegetables, nuts, lean proteins, whole grains, and heart-healthy fats. Control your cravings for eating processed foods.
  • Practice mindfulness: Be mindful of what you eat as it is very essential to your diet. If you are just starting, food journaling can be helpful to track how far you achieved and what changes you still need to take.
  • Avoid non or too much intake: Negative thoughts that we inject into our minds result in defiant behavior or worst overeating. So avoid saying that you cannot eat your favorite food. When you are following a healthy lifestyle, it does not mean you are depriving yourself of eating. You should have a mindset that you have allotted space for every food you want to take into your body, but not just excessively or all at once. If you prefer to eat as many as you can, then be sure to have healthier meals. But never deprive yourself nor eat excessively.
  • Be consistent: Consistency is the key to successful weight loss. Cheating on your food diet will not cause you to gain weight. You just have to go back to where you started and don't allow that temporary deviation to lose your determination. This will lead to sustainable results as it allows long-term thinking, balance, and problem-solving.

How Much Can you Lose In A Month Healthily?

It differs from the person because it varies on different factors like age, hormonal level, lifestyle, and many more. Take note though that during dietary change, the result can be easily noticed during the 1 to 2 weeks.

Where do you start?

This is another factor to be taken into consideration. As explained by Dieter, generally, the more weight you have to lose, the more you will lose in a month.

They mostly suggest a loss of weight between 0.5 to 2.0 pounds to 1 to 2 percent of the body weight. Therefore, those who have higher body fat can successfully lose nearly 2 percent of their weight, while those with lesser body weight can lose just 1% of their weight.

The time frame you set for losing weight affects the amount of weight you need to lose in a month. This means, that the longer the time frame, the lesser the weight you target to lose each month

Take it slowly if you prefer to lose weight longer. It is wise to go slowly if you choose to lose weight in a longer time frame. Those people who prefer losing weight for a longer time must target a considerable number. Taking a shorter period of diet can aim a 1 to 1.5 percent per week.

It is still wise to talk to a health care provider if you are not sure how much you target to lose or if you may need to lose a lot. A dietician or a nutrition expert can explain to you the guidelines that are appropriate for your needs and lifestyle.

Beyond the Scale

Losing weight is not linear. That means little changes are normally part of the diet program. There are weeks that you notice there are no changes at all, but some clients feel that they still lose weight because they feel not bloated, energetic, and de-puff. They suddenly notice a glow in their skin.

You will most probably notice a sudden drop in weight if you are transitioning from an unhealthy lifestyle and need to lose a lot. But, as time pass by, your body gets immune to the diet you are taking and it results in slower weight loss. But don't be discouraged, just continue positively on your healthy journey.

Just bear in mind, that even if the weight loss slows down, you are achieving a sustainable healthy lifestyle. Other healthy habits can be sustained as well. This may include long hours of sleep, avoiding stress, meditating always, and drinking plenty of water.

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Diet and losing weight are personal decisions for each of us. Not everyone can target this as a goal. But remember that losing weight must be tied to your goal of achieving good health. Do not compromise your health just for you to lose weight. This will create a gap between you and the food you take, the exercise that you make, and the body you have. An attainable weight loss habit is slow and steady. This isn't a race and the stops and starts from the process are expected to happen. SO just be patient with yourself as it serves your purpose for a healthy weight loss.

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