All that you need to know about Fluffy Fat, Fibrous Fat, Firm Fat and Cellulite

The shape of each persons body differs and many are happy with their body shape. However, others wish to tone their body, reducing their body fat. Most people are not aware that fat loss is difficult since many parts of the body are moving. Medical experts believe that fat loss depends on a variety of factors like exercise,diet, cosmetic treatment, motivation levels, hormone levels especially imbalances, genetic factors and also the willpower of the person. The experts recommend that those who wish to reduce their body fat, should be aware of the different types of body fat and their fat loss strategy should target a specific type of fat. So each type of fat is discussed along with the best method to prevent fat formation permanently.

Fluffy fat

The jiggly soft fat found just above the muscles and below the skin is called fluffy fat. The hormones in a woman's body make this fat accumulate, and women are more likely to have this fat than men on their stomach, thighs,hips and behind their arms. This fat helps in cushioning, protection of the body, provides insulation for warmth and stores reserve energy.

Subcutaneous fat

The fat found just below the skin is called subcutaneous fat. The main function of this fat is to protect the bones and muscles from being damaged due to impact, while also storing energy and insulating the body. This fat may be soft or fibrous when touched. While everyone should have some amount of this fat,too much fat can lead to health problems

Surgical removal of fat

Individuals who are interested in getting rid of their fluffy fat to get a toned look should opt for laser liposuction according to experts. For this liposuction technique the fat is liquefied using a laser and then suctioned out so the fat layer is removed and the muscles are visible.

However, research indicates that fat may again be formed if the person who underwent liposuction does not make the necessary diet, exercise routine and other lifestyle changes. The experts at international society of plastic surgery claim that though new fat cells will not be formed at the location which has been liposuctioned, the additional fat will be stored in other places or other fat cells in the area will expand to store fat

Non-surgical fat removal

Experts recommend a non-invasive laser fat removal method, Sculpsure for individuals who are looking for a non-surgical method to permanently remove their fluffy fat. Sculpsure removes fat by heating the fat cells to the temperature required to kill them,and then the dead fat cells are expelled from the body by the natural metabolic processes. The board for cosmetic surgery in america has officially confirmed that the regulatory body, Food & Drug Administration (FDA) has approved the use of Sculpsure. Though it is recommended for fat removal from the flanks and abdomen, it may be used for other areas also. The effect of using Sculpsure is noticeable after six weeks, and typically most of the fat is removed after twelve weeks.

Targeted exercises/workouts for fat reduction

While doing sit-ups will help to reduce fat slowly, fitness experts recommend doing high intensity interval training like the Fhitting room which helps in burning the subcutaneous fat quickly. Modifying the diet also helps in fat reduction. Since hormones cause fat accumulation, it is advisable to reduce sugar consumption which trigger hormones. So juice, soda, alcohol which contain liquid sugar should be specifically avoided.

Experts say that individuals exercising should be aware that the muscles are covered with subcutaneous fat. For toning the abdominal muscles, usually sit-ups, crunches and other spot exercises are recommended. However the muscles will be only visible if the subcutaneous fat in the area is removed. Hence it is advisable to do a combination of strength training and aerobics.

Fibrous Fat

Usually people develop rolls of fibrous fat which is a harder than subcutaneous fat. It is more difficult to pinch the fibrous fat, since it is harder and not squishy. Experts claim that fat secretes fibers, proteins, collagen,hormones and other molecules making it an active tissue. When a person become obese due to weight gain, the subcutaneous fat starts producing fibers making it fibrous fat. While in some cases, tight clothes can increase the pressure on the fluffy fat to make it fibrous, even small amounts of fat can become fibrous. It is far more difficult to remove the fibrous fat compared to fluffy fat since fibers are formed between and around the fat cells, so that they remain in place. Hence it is difficult for the human body to use the fibrous fat for its energy requirement. Typically this fat is the last fat which will be used by the human body for energy.

Surgical removal of fibrous fat

Like fluffy fat removal, experts claim that laser liposuction is the most effective and easiest way of removing fibrous fat quickly. During laser liposuction the fibrous bands holding the fat are released. So if any fat accumulates again at the same place, it will usually be fluffy fat, which is easier to get rid off, dieting or exercising. Research in 2018, indicated that laser liposuction is the best fat loss method, since more fat is lost,the skin retracts more and the patient is more satisfied. Also the patient should adopt a health lifestyle and diet to prevent fat gain in future.

Nonsurgical reduction of fibrous fat

Coolsculpting is highly recommended for reducing fibrous fat since the contour applicator used is applied to the roll of fat in all directions for more effective treatment. This technique is non-invasive, safe and does not have much side effects. Coolsculpting is a type of cryolipolysis and research in 2019, that the thickness of fat reduced by twenty percentage after one session of this treatment

Workouts for fibrous fat reduction

Building muscle is the best way to reduce fibrous fat, though any weight loss will help. Initially it is better to exercise more daily.Individuals who find it difficult to lose fibrous fat despite exercising should be aware, that weight loss is less likely to reduce fibrous fat. However after weight loss, the fibrous fat cells produce less fibers and cause less inflammation.

What is Firm fat?

Let's start with firm fat. Also known as visceral fat, firm fat is totally different from the other three types of fat. Since it lives under the muscles and around your internal organs in the stomach, it is way too different from other types of fat. As it is situated behind a big muscle wall, the fat feels a little firm and not pinchable or soft. This is the very reason why it is known as Firm Fat.

Visceral Fat

This particular fat is also referred as the intra-abdominal fat since it is placed beneath the stomach wall. This fat is also found in between the gaps surrounding the important organs, like the liver & intestine. Chasin says that the issue of excessive Visceral fat can only be controlled with proper lifestyle changes alone since there aren't any tools that can reduce the amount of this type of fat in the cosmetic surgeon's arsenal. But what's great is that this type of fat acknowledges faster when compared to other types of fat just by doing a few lifestyle changes. That is with proper lifestyle changes one can reduce this fat.

So how do you control or reduce visceral fat? Well, there are certain ways or lifestyle changes you can perform to get control of your firm-fat lololoss.

A. Adequate amount of Sleep

It is recommended for adults to get at least 7 or more 7 hours of sleep each night. Occasionally getting less sleep can lead to unwanted/excessive fat gain. A study link in 2019 says that less sleeping duration & insomnia increases visceral fat.

B. Exercise and Dietary Changes (healthy diet)

A mixed diet & exercise can help you a lot to reduce visceral body fat. A low card diet has shown some effects but you must consult a doctor before taking the diet. Alpert agrees that adding green tea or drinking a detox drink as an antioxidant can promote the loss of belly fat. Another study in 2020 has examined the effectiveness of exercise in reducing accumulated or stored stubborn fat. It showed that exercising 4 times/week, 50 mins/session, and for twenty-two weeks has a good effect on weight reduction and also the accumulation of visceral fat. The exercise can be moderate to tough intensity exercise.

C. Stick with your routine

Dedication is the key to success. Chasin explains that for every ten per cent of overall weight loss, one can lose thirty per cent of the visceral fat. So, sticking with your routine can be effective. It is tough to start and maintain an exercise routine alone. So, consider looping in asupport system. Many kinds of research show that social support is helpful in keeping up your work. The other factors can be: staying aware, maintaining your diet, planning ahead, learning about your nutrition education & building self-motivation for your work, and celebrating it after each success.

What is Cellulite?

Quite an unknown fact- about 80 - 90% of women in the world has cellulite. It might happen that you might also have cellulite. Chasin commented that Cellulite occurs when the fat gets captured in the underlayers of your skin and becomes worse when your age & skin becomes thin. It is important to take note that the emergence of cellulite has to do more with your hormones & genetics than your age.

Surgery as an Option to remove Cellulite

A treatment called Cellulaze addresses all 3 causes of Cellulite :

  1. Fat inside the skin
  2. Thinned skin
  3. A fibrous band that leads to the formation of dimples

Chasin says that the use of laser treatment can thicken and tightens the skin which next releases the fibres that pull in dimples, & melting fat lumps captured in the skin. This particular treatment or procedure creates long-lasting smoothness. Further, this particular procedure has given positive results by creating improvements in both skin elasticity & thickness for at least 1 year and also has minimum side effects & higher satisfaction rates.

Non-surgery as an Option to remove Cellulite

Chasin says that SculpSure, a non-surgery fat-reducing or melting laser procedure can reduce fat 1-3 centimetres underneath the skin's surface. It is the best procedure to reduce the fat trapped in the skin's below layers. Exilis is also a non-surgical treatment. It's basically a radiofrequency procedure that tones & tightens skin and makes the skin look smoother.

The radiofrequency options help you to boost the skin's tendon content, which decreases with an age. Plus, it is useful for keeping the skin supple & firm. In a scientific review in 2019 (International Journal of Women's Dermatology), 2 weekly treatments of the radiofrequency device for 6 weeks developed a 25 % improvement of cellulite in 50 % of all the subjects.

Targeted Workouts

Alpert says that Cellulite is tough and often losing weight can be effective. But sometimes it can also make things worse. He recommends starting with new dietary plans by making a few changes in your diet plan. For his clients making a fuss about cellulite, he suggested that they should start taking a diet with low sugar as excessive sugar intake in the body can trade off the skin's natural structural support system making the overall appearance of the cellulite worse. She further recommends her patients with a high diet which is rich in vitamin C, as Vitamin C helps to boost collagen production in the skin.

Muscle-building exercises with heavy weights are also a great option for losing a substantial amount of weight. However currently, it is not known if there is a particular type of exercise or duration or frequency or intensity of exercise that can result in good cellulite reduction. Adding exercise to one's regular routine, no matter how many types of exercise one can perform, can bring satisfaction to individuals, because it increases blood flow to adipose tissue which results in lesser severe cellulite.

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