How to Lose Five Pounds


When monitoring weight loss, it is not always a good thing to weigh every day, because weight fluctuates. Cultivating a good body image is not easy, and the pressures of social media don't help, especially in younger people who follow every trend and can often see themselves as overweight when the reality is that they are far from it. There is now a more reliable way of assessing what the ideal weight should be for the individual. Combined with a healthy food intake and daily exercise program weighing yourself every month should be adequate for most people.

Life Gets in the Way of Weight Loss

The best intentions to remain healthy can often be derailed, for various reasons. Seasonal events and parties involve lots of food and drink. Serious winter weather when we stay on the couch for days at a time, and relationship breakdowns requiring that special box of chocolates can all ruin our resolve. This can become a cycle of weight loss and weight gain, so to stop this from recurring get in touch with trusted health experts now to help you through the process and enable you to stay in the ideal weight range.

Reasons Why Weight May Be Higher

  • hormonal changes, in women, it is common to gain up to 5 lbs before menstruation, usually just fluid that will correct itself.
  • eating snacks, especially after dinner and before bed, adding extra unnecessary calories
  • lack of exercise, try walking for 40 minutes every day, or attending the gym for a tailor-made fitness program.
  • sleep 8 hours a night, lack of sleep is associated with weight gain, probably because we consume more snacks
  • studying long into the night can also lead to snacking, and once the weight goes on it is hard to get off, cut up fruit to eat while studying.

Time to Take Action

Once you notice a 5 lb weight gain, it is time to take action. It takes 3,500 extra calories to gain one pound of fat, and in reality, fat usually goes on so gradually that we don't notice it. Our first warning comes when we try on that new swimsuit at the start of summer. So, if you have a couple of years without much outdoor activity the weight will start to pile on.

Oxidative Stress

Eating too much too often can cause cellular oxidative stress. When we eat, especially carbohydrates, it causes our blood sugar levels to

rise and insulin ( a hormone) is released from the bloodstream. The insulin acts as a key to unlocking our cells and allowing food we have eaten to be used to fuel us. The problem is, that any excess food eaten is stored as fat. So it is really important to leave enough time between meals for our cells to rest and repair. Oxidative stress has a negative effect on our bodies and is associated with diseases of aging like type 2 diabetes thought to be caused by the inflammation in the body caused by overeating carbohydrates and fats.

Obesity is on the rise, so it is now time to recalibrate your metabolism, and the best way to do this is to spend 5 days eating a low-inflammatory diet.

The Clean Low-Inflammatory Diet

The good news is, that there is a solution to weight gain, and a clean low-inflammatory diet is a good place to start. One hundred years ago when people ate mainly whole foods, there was very little obesity and often malnutrition from not enough food, so now we need to strike a balance.

You can get the plan and follow it carefully, eat food rich in digestive enzymes like papaya and pineapple, and start a course of probiotics.

We now know that the gut is the center of the immune system in our bodies, and so many diseases start in the gut. So having a course on the right probiotics will aid your gut health and prevent diseases from developing. Lifestyle events, and having too many antibiotics can deplete your gut microbiome and a good low inflammatory diet combined with probiotics will restore the balance.

Good stomach acid levels can be another issue, try eating less than usual and consuming a plant-based diet, and consuming detox water before meals as this will boost the stomach acid levels.

Try Not to Focus on Weight

BMI or body mass index a once reliable method of calculating ideal weight is now considered out of date. If your clothes are feeling tight, focus on your cardiovascular health, are you easily puffed on exertion? If you are, monitor your fitness with a tracker like Fitbit or the iWatch. Also, try calculating your body fat, tools have changed in the last ten years, so take a look at what is available and focus on doing more steps a day. Once you have a fitness tracker, it is really easy to increase your steps and become more active with the right tools at hand.

Once you evaluate your fitness and recalibrate your metabolism you will be on the way to fitness. Most diets cause weight loss via fluid loss. This is why we need to eat a nutritious well-balanced diet and manage our blood sugars to avoid lifestyle diseases and diseases of aging like Alzheimer's disease and live a long and healthy life. As we age we need less food, but more nutritious food, and this is something that many don't understand. For people over 50, it is important to have higher levels of nutrition with fewer carbohydrates and fat.


There are many benefits to maintaining a healthy lifestyle and diet and maintaining a healthy weight. It will keep your blood pressure low, your cardiovascular system healthy, and will usually keep cholesterol in check as well, see your doctor for further information as cholesterol is complicated. Once you have the right systems in place, you won't need the bathroom scales anymore and should be able to discard them as you will know that a 5-10 pound weight gain isn't really an issue when you know how to manage it.

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