How to Lose Weight without Changing Your Diet

The traditional advice to lose weight seems simple enough: eat less, move more, and burn fat. Humans, however, weren't designed to be amazing at following diets routinely, and in fact is found to be the exact opposite. It is natural for us to seek alternatives from that old advise, something easier to follow than constantly monitoring calorie intake and whatnot. These alternatives cannot be anything too difficult neither, such as jumping off to a rigorous workout routine in just a matter of a few days or months.

Nobody can blame people for finding weight loss as a difficult plan to execute and a much harder goal to achieve. Luckily, scientists have devoted their time and effort on the subject to figure out ways of making weight loss easier for us through research and handing out tips based on the results. These are the habits found by decades of research that should help people lose weight effortlessly.

Use smaller plates when eating

Smaller plates should do the job of tricking your brain into thinking of consuming the same amount of calories you spend on a bigger plate during meals with more satisfaction. The empty space around the food makes you think you are consuming less than what you desire when you use big plates, making you think about eating more or finishing the meal unsatisfied and craving for more instead.

Switch to a blue plate.

Science found that the color blue is unappealing when contrasted to most food. This means that you appetite is suppressed or lowered when consuming food on a blue plate. This would be perfect if you want to lose weight without having to force yourself to eat less. Remember to not match the color of the plate to the color of the food you are consuming when eating as a study have found that doing so makes a person more engaged in the meal.

Chew more.

Another study have found that chewing food longer makes a person consume significantly less than someone who chew less. A staggering 11.9% difference between the two kinds of eaters is something remarkable, and should reveal something important about weight loss. While you might find chewing food longer to be quite the chore in the beginning, you can always work your way into it and before you realize, it already became a habit.

Go for a short walk.

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The GLUT4 receptors that transfer glucose in our body are stimulated by a light physical activity after a meal. This prevent a spike in insulin that leaves us feeling drained and yearning for more food afterwards, while making our muscles benefit from the glucose we just consumed. Even a short 10-minute walk can go a long way.

Cool off

Most of the day located on your neck, upper back, and chest is what we call "brown fat". Brown fat, as opposed to white fat, is good, as it keeps your body warm when needed. You can accelerate the process of fat loss by exposing yourself in cold environments, may it be taking a cold shower, drinking cold drink, or turning your thermostat down.

Take photos of your meals.

It has been found that taking photos of what you eat helps you remember it better than simple memorization or writing it down. There are photo journaling apps like BiteSnap available online that should help you document your typical diet, so make use of it.

Spice things up.

It turns out that spices like cayenne pepper boosts a person's metabolism. Capsaicin, a substance found in spicy foods, also helps in cutting one's craving for sweets and foods high in fat.

Chew gum

It has been discussed above how chewing cut a person's food consumption significantly. Chewing gum does so in a similar manner. It has been found that chewing gum lowers a person's appetite for sweet and little snacks. Make sure to keep one of these little appetite suppressants in your pocket or somewhere nearby. We recommend Trident to be your go-to gum.

Drink plenty of water.

Our bodies tend to confuse hunger and thirst, so drinking adequate water helps the body sort out the difference between the two. An excellent alternative for cutting calories is drinking a huge glass of water before meals. Drinking between bites also help you avoid speed eating.

Try caffeine

Caffeine encourages the body to consume fat instead of glycogen (by slowing it down) during workouts. Drinking coffee before working out makes the session more effective if you are trying to lose weight.

Plug into social media.

Finding a community, even one online, boosts a person's confidence during the journal of trying to lose weight. It partly might be due to one's sense of accountability that comes with announcing your goals to everybody. Check out MyFitnessPal if you don't know where to start.

Out of sight, out of mind

Visual cues are powerfully tempting, especially when it is in the form of food. There is wisdom in this old adage that is potently helpful in one's goal of trying to lose weight. Sort out the less healthy foods in your refrigerator and place them behind or somewhere in an unseen corner. Eat in a place where the remaining food is nowhere near your sight and you have to force yourself to making a considerable effort to grab it. Don't give your appetite more power by letting it take advantage of your visual cues.

Don't let your dream stay that way, believe it.

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Belief in oneself is a crucial factor in accomplishing something, including trying to lose weight, perhaps more than anything else. Envision the version of yourself you are trying to be, and believe that you have what it takes to achieve it. As cliche as it may sound, this technique of visualization has been proven and tested to be effective by successful competitors over and over again, so we might as well give it a chance. Don't let your dreams stay that way. Believe it.

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