Why Infrared Sauna is Considered Better than the Traditional

Going to a sauna, soaking in the heat, and then after twenty minutes when you come out of the heat bath, you are destined to feel more rested and relaxed, your muscles will not protest anymore, and you will also get good health benefits of the traditional sauna.

However, the heat and usual temperature of a traditional sauna may not feel good on your skin, or it may get too much to get used to. So, you can opt for an infrared sauna, which provides minimal heat and has other benefits too.

About Infrared sauna 

In an infrared sauna you will get no heated air around you but lamps that will heat your skin directly. It mainly uses electromagnetic radiation to warm up your body.

Physical therapist, MASP, MAPT, CPT, Vivian Eisenstadt explained that an infrared sauna uses infrared panels that go into your skin, which heats the tissues without warming up the air first.

A traditional sauna provides heat from one forty degrees Fahrenheit to one eighty degrees Fahrenheit. But an infrared sauna works in a minimal temperature, from one twenty degrees Fahrenheit to one forty degrees Fahrenheit.

According to the infrared sauna manufacturers, eighty percent of the heat enters the body, while only twenty percent heats the air around the user. Other supporters of this sauna system claim that it seeps into the skin directly and warms up the body more efficiently than the warm air. As a result, you will get increased sweat even if the temperature is minimal.

Vivian Eisenstadt also adds that an infrared sauna allows the user to spend a long time there, while the temperature penetrates the body and enhances it to three to two degrees.

What benefits you can get from the infrared sauna? 

You may get the benefits similar to the traditional sauna and it consists:

  • Tighter and clear skin
  • Relief from arthritis and other joint pains
  • Your sore muscles will get a relief
  • Supposed weight loss
  • Gain detoxification
  • You will feel relaxed
  • And get better sleep

Traditional sauna has been there from the old ages, and people have also received various health benefits from it. There has been a lot of research and studies on the traditional sauna types. But when it comes to the infrared sauna, you will not find much research on it.

In one review, it stated that an infrared sauna may help in reducing high blood pressure

A ten-person studyTrusted source has stated that infrared sauna provided recovery from strength training workouts and decreased the soreness of muscles.

A small ten-person studyTrusted source has found out that this sauna type has provided aid to chronic fatigue syndrome, and it was applied as the main therapy.

As there are no solid proofs of anything that can back up the study findings, thus, it leaves customers to choose through the provider company claims.

However, there are zero reports on negative impacts on the user, and as per the traditional sauna guidelines. These consist of dehydrating, overheating, and interaction with certain drugs, also the main dangers for people with heart disease, alcohol users, and pregnant women.

Fortunately, although some claims do not justify it all the way, you can still relax and have alone time in the infrared sauna. In addition, you will get the same health benefits of a traditional sauna, like reduced sore muscles, and better relief from joint pain.

User guide for infrared sauna

People mostly use infrared sauna therapy in a doctor's clinic, spa, or health club. But others also install an infrared sauna treatment section in their homes. Besides, if you decide to use this therapy, you must know that there are no universal guidelines to use it.

You can look at the below instructions, but in the end, it's up to you how you want to use the infrared sauna. Check out the below tips to start with this treatment:

Select the heat setting. In an infrared sauna, you can adjust the temperature from a hundred degrees Fahrenheit to one fifty degrees Fahrenheit. If you are a first-time user of this type of sauna, you can start your first and several sessions at hundred degrees Fahrenheit. Once you get used to the temperature, you can gradually increase the heat until it reaches one fifty degrees Fahrenheit.

Stay hydrated. Whether it is a traditional or an infrared sauna, you must stay hydrated. Before entering the infrared sauna room, you must drink a glass of water. You can also bring a bottle of water with you if you are not accustomed to high temperatures.

Preferred clothing. You can go without any clothing on you or you can wear a simple bathrobe, it's up to you.

Sauna session. If you are a first-time user, you can go for ten to fifteen minutes in the room. You can keep adding minutes to your infrared sauna session and make it to twenty to thirty minutes. The sauna rooms have a timer, so you need to set the time before you begin the session. Also, it's advised that you must stay until the timer goes off because staying too long inside the heated room can make you dehydrated.

Things you can do while in the sauna. Other than falling asleep in the sauna, you can listen to music, meditate, read and relax.

At the end of the sauna session. Once the session is over, you can take time to cool down, and take a bath or shower. But make sure to stay dehydrated always.

Per-week sessions. Clinics and facilities that offer infrared sauna therapy, recommend using it four days a week. If you can tolerate the heat of the sauna room for four days, you can go for everyday sauna sessions.

Things to know before trying an infrared sauna treatment

  1. You must know a few points before you opt for the first session of an infrared sauna.
  2. If you have a fever or you are not feeling well, you must wait until you are completely fine.
  3. If you are drinking alcohol, you must avoid an infrared sauna
  4. Staying inside the heated room for a while will make you sweaty, so when you get up to leave the room, you may feel a bit dizzy. The best thing you can do at this moment is to sit down just after you leave the infrared sauna room.
  5. After the session is over you need to drink fluid and cool down for a bit before going for a shower.
  6. If you don't drink plenty of fluid, it can result in dehydration, heat exhaustion, and even heat stroke.

If you are a patient with heart issues, high blood pressure or you are taking medicines, you must consult your physician before opting for an infrared sauna session. Although there are no potential risks of using an infrared sauna, you must not take any chances with your safety and health.

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