Is Sauna Good for Weight Loss


If you are thinking that saunas are associated with weight loss benefits, you might be right, but to some extent. The profuse sweat shedding increases your heart rate, and it's similar to when you work out. So you may get some weight loss benefits, but that depends on your weight and the researchers. But you must know, whether it promotes weight loss or not, you will get health benefits from a regular sauna visit.

To back up this statement, you must know that Scandinavians have been using sauna treatment for a long time, and it offers lots of health advantages to the people. The roots of sauna use in this country date back to seven thousand BC. On the other hand, the use of sauna isn't that popular among Americans, but you will find saunas in community centers and several gyms.

When you go to a sauna, it makes you sweat a lot, and you become fresh after one session. But the question is, can you lose weight attending a sauna? The answer is... in a way.

Studies and research are still going on about the effect of certain temperatures on the human body.

Types of sauna and its work process

A sauna is a heated room, that typically holds temperatures from one fifty degrees Fahrenheit to one ninety-five degrees Fahrenheit. In Turkey, sauna rooms are usually filled with watery steam, but in Finland, they use a dry sauna system. Users should use the sauna for fifteen to thirty minutes, this is enough time to lose sweat and refresh their body from stress.

The temperature of the sauna depends on the heat-taking capability of your body. If you are new to the sauna, you must opt for minimal temperature.

What are the usual types of saunas? 

Electrically heated sauna

This type of sauna uses an electric heater that is placed on the floor or mounted on the wall. The humidity is low and the temperature is high in this type of sauna.

Wood burning sauna

In this sauna, special types of rocks are heated in a wood-burning hearth. The humidity is low and the temperature is high in this type.

Infrared sauna

In an infrared sauna you will get no heated air around you but lamps that will heat your skin directly. It mainly uses electromagnetic radiation to warm up your body.

Steam room sauna

You must have heard of Turkish saunas, where humidity is very high and the temperature is low. The humidity stays at a hundred percent in these steam rooms.

Can a sauna help you lose weight? 

You may lose a little bit of weight while sweating off in the sauna room. You will lose a lot of water, and the water weight will go down. But when you drink water after the session, your weight will come back.

Sauna rooms have high temperatures, thus when you sit in the room to relax your heart rate will increase and this will promote a little bit of calorie burn.

Joining regular sauna sessions may burn a bit of calories, but you must not depend on this type of weight loss, because it will not give you real pound losing benefits,

Risks of dehydration

When you enter a sauna you start to sweat profusely. This excessive sweat loss makes you lose a lot of water and it can cause dehydration. So, to avoid this situation it's important to drink water before starting the session.

Harvard Medical School stated that a person can lose only one pint of water in a small sauna session. But if you drink one glass of water before entering the sauna room and after leaving the place, you can replace the deficiency.

Symptoms of dehydration

High dehydration is a medical emergency condition. So, it's crucial to drink at least a glass of water before starting a sauna session.

You need to identify the symptoms of low to medium dehydration:

  • Lack of normal urination
  • Feeling lightheaded or dizzy
  • Headache
  • Feeling increased thirst
  • Dry mouth

Older people, pregnant women, and people suffering from heart failure risk, kidney disease, diabetes, and other chronic health issues are more susceptible to dehydration.

Is sauna helpful for heart health? 

When you sit and relax in a sauna room, the extreme heat will come in touch with your skin and this can open up the blood vessels. This normalizes high blood pressure.

In some latest studies, it was found that regular use of a sauna has elevated heart health. However, if you are at risk of heart failure, or have an uncontrolled heartbeat, you must avoid using sauna treatments.

If you have high blood pressure you can get benefits from sauna sessions. But according to the American Heart Association Trusted Source, you must take care of moving in and out between hot and cold temperatures because it can increase your blood pressure. Also, if you are taking medications for heart issues, you must consult your physician before opting for a sauna.

Bottom Line

Several studies conducted in Germany, Japan, and Finland have stated the various advantages of sauna sessions. If you are a healthy adult, you can use a sauna session at ninety degrees Fahrenheit. But if you have chronic heart issues, and you are pregnant, it's best to talk to your physician before you opt for a sauna.

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