7 Best Massage Chair Pads for 2022

The first thing we look for when we experience back or neck pain is a relief. And the good news is, a massage chair pad is on the go to the rescue. However, it just does not end there. There is a bit difference between massage chairs and massage chair pads.

Massage chair pads work like massage chairs only that they are portable apparatus that you can attach to a regular chair. It has a mechanism inside its pad that works like a massage device and sometimes it generates heat to relieve back pains and sore muscles. These kinds of contraptions are affordable and space-saver.

How to Choose a Massage Chair Pad

There are a lot of available options when choosing massage chair pads. The following things are needed to be considered.

  • Price: When looking for a massage chair pad, you can expect to see different price ranges. The price range varies depending on the options and specs of certain pads.
  • Design: Know first what kind of chair you are planning to attach your pads with. You can consider choosing a lightweight handy design that you can carry anywhere.
  • Massage Options: Some massage pads offer rolling, vibrating, and shiatsu massage. Other pads offer different intensities, heating, and settings.
  • Customer Reviews: Better check the feedback and reviews for you to see the massage chair pad's value, quality, and durability.

Function and comfort are important when you are planning to buy a massage chair pad. We have thoroughly researched the different massage pad features, overall value, durability, and customer feedback to look at what works best and gives more relief for most people.

Pricing Guide:

Take a look at the pricing guide below. A $ sign means it is below $100 $$ means a price ranging from $100 up to $200, and $$$ means over $200.

$ = below $100

$$ = $100-$200

$$$ = over $200

Beurer Shiatsu Air Compression Seat Cover

Best Gentle Option

Price: $$$

The Beurer Shiatsu Air Compression Seat Cover has a combination of shiatsu balls and air compress which creates a less intense, effective massage. It is large enough to cover a wide range of body sizes. It creates an all-over massage with its heat for added relaxation.


It is a combination of shiatsu massage and air compression.

It has 3 massage intensities.

The cover is machine-washable.


The design is bulky.

It was expensive.

HoMedics Gentle Touch Massage Cushion

Best Shiatsu Massage Chair Pad

Price: $$$

HoMedics is known for its health gadgets and their Gentle Touch Massage Cushion has made its way to the top. Its shiatsu ball rollers inside the pad are covered with gel coating that gives an effective lighter touch and relief.


This massage pad can relieve the tightness of the muscles and its calming heat helps soothe the aching muscles. Its cushion is handy and fits most chairs.


Few users say the massage nodes are a bit painful and the pad's intensity is kind of strong.

HoMedics Perfect Touch Heated Massage Cushion

Best Splurge

Price: $$$

You don't have to feel guilty when buying a pricey massage pad if you long for comfort. HoMedics Perfect Touch Heated Massage Cushion has a lot to offer when it comes to customization that suits your needs. It has 4 different massage styles, it has mechanisms that massage your neck, back, and shoulders. It has adjustable height and can be controlled from your phone. It's heavier compared to another chair yet it is sturdy.


It has an option heat feature.

Four Massage Styles: Gentle Rolling, Percussive Pattern, Deep Kneading Shiatsu, and Shiatsu-Percussion combination.

Helps alleviate back pains.


 The device is painful.

It is heavy and weighs 25 pounds.

SNAILAX Vibration Massage Seat Cushion

Best Budget-Friendly Option

Price: $

This vibration massage seat cushion is a perfect massage pad for occasional use. You don't need to spend more if you are looking for a basic massage since this SNAILAX Vibration Massage Seat Cushion provides vibration massage that is a perfect fit for users having not-so-severe muscle pain.


The massage cushion has a heated vibration massage feature.

It is just less than $70.

It provides relaxation.


The massage pad is loud, especially on its highest setting

The massage is so basic and is not that strong.

It gives off too much heat on its heat setting compared to others.

Zyllion Shiatsu Back and Neck Massager

Best value option

Price: $$

This small pillow-sized massager is effective in massaging small spots of soreness. It has a high-quality feature that makes it valuable for $60. It is versatile and handy. Zyllion Shiatsu Back and Neck Massager gives a quick relief on your neck to your lower back. It has straps that are easy to secure for targeting the muscles easily and comes with a car charger.



It has an auto-shutoff feature.

It gives deep tissue massage

It is light and handy with a weight of fewer than 5 pounds.


It makes a loud noise.

It stops working after a few months of use.

Healthy Spirit Gel Enhanced Seat Cushion

Best for Sciatica

Price: $

Sciatica is a sciatica nerve condition that becomes irritated and causes pain in the lumbar spine to the lower back to your legs. And this sensation goes on your back, legs, and glutes. Healthy Spirit Gel Enhanced Seat Cushion claims to give relief with the use of its simple and affordable massage pad that fits any chair. It has gel nubs that provide a massage while relieving the pressure.


The cushion fits any seats

Small, handy, and light.

Easy-to-wash removable cover.


The seat is too firm.

It sometimes gives a bit of pain.

Comfier Vibration Massage Seat Cushion

Best for the Car

Price: $

This pad works great for car seats. Comfier Vibration Massage Seat Cushion features massage vibration relief for long drives. It is lightweight and handy that comes in two heat levels, 3 massage settings, and an automatic shut-off feature. It comes with a wall charger.


 It is lightweight and portable

The cushion has two heat settings

It is affordable.


It comes with a wall charger so you cannot charge it on your dashboard.

The massager creates noise.

It has a bulky design.

Some customers say it stops working after months of use.


Massage chair pads are that heavenly cushion between you and your massage chair. They sometimes come with

heating elements to add warmth to the area being massaged. The heating elements are not dangerous as they have

an automatic shut-off feature, but take care not to risk a burn from utilizing this feature for too long.

If using shiatsu massage setting, you may find the intensity to be a little overpowering. If the shiatsu setting is causing

more pain than pleasure, dial down the intensity or choose a different massage setting. If uncertain about a massage

chair pad speak with a healthcare professional, or a doctor, to see how to make adjustments to achieve the right fit for


Frequently asked questions:

Is it possibly to use a massage chair too often?

Long periods at a high intensity setting could be detrimental so if you feel discomfort perhaps you're overusing your

massage chair. As long as you refrain from abuse, your chair should provide hours of relaxing massage comfort.

If you are comfortable, your chair is safe to use. If unsure, take a break or turn down the intensity. Seek a professional

opinion from a care provider or a physical therapist if you have chronic pain.

Can you sit in a massage chair seven days a week?

Yes, you can. But as mentioned above, your body needs to be comfortable with the help in relieving tension.

Try staggering usage or starting slowly at first and increasing frequency and intensity as you desire. Once

acclimatized to a routine, attempt even longer sessions to see where your threshold may lie. If you experience

discomfort or soreness, ease off.

Why does my back hurt after a massage chair?

There should be no pain from using a massage chair. If you experience pain, stop use until you speak with

a physical therapist or a care provider. If you're just starting to use your massage chair and have a small

amount of discomfort, try dialing down the intensity. If discomfort persists, talk to a professional.

Massage pads should never cause pain but can cause a limited amount of soreness depending on

certain factors. Soreness can be caused from stimulating areas that aren't used to such treatment.

If the soreness lasts for more than a day or two, contact a professional.

Shiatsu? What is it?

The Japanese massage technique of Shiatsu targets specific places on the body to release tension and pain.

Tapping, stretching and kneading movements are utilized by the Shiatsu practitioner.

Shiatsu massage pads mimic the same movement causing sensations like rolling balls applying pressure to the

affected area, loosening muscle knots and relieving discomfort.


Back and neck pain are problems most of us contend with at some point in our lives. A massage chair pad can ease some

of this soreness. There are many varieties of massage chairs available to fit selective needs. including but not limited to

sciatica relief, sitting in a chair long periods of time at work, or commute-induced muscle fatigue. So if in the market for a

massage chair, know that there are a wide range of varieties and possibilities to fit almost any budget.

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