Are Exercise Balls As Good As Chairs

Several studies have confirmed the demerits of sitting for too long. Different types of negative effects such as the increased risk of diabetes, metabolism slowing down, etc. are bound to happen. However, some people get up frequently and move around to reduce the ill effects of too much sitting, and they use exercise balls. Also, … Read more

A Complete Guide to Staying at a Sauna

Saunas have been celebrated in many cultures for centuries, and today there are more ways to enjoy them than ever before. Through the years, many people worldwide have enjoyed the aesthetic and physical benefits they can get from spending time in a hot room and sweating it all out. Swedish saunas, Russian banyas, Korean jjimjilbangs, and … Read more

Is Sauna Good for Weight Loss

SummaryIf you are thinking that saunas are associated with weight loss benefits, you might be right, but to some extent. The profuse sweat shedding increases your heart rate, and it’s similar to when you work out. So you may get some weight loss benefits, but that depends on your weight and the researchers. But you … Read more

All you need to know about Infrared Saunas

The popularity of Infrared saunas is increasing day by day. That is because of the numerous benefits which they have to offer like weight loss, better blood circulation, and elimination of toxins from your body. Many celebrities also have stated that they believe in the benefits of Infrared saunas. Some such celebrities include Lady gaga, Gwyneth … Read more