All You Need to Know About Blue-Light-Blocking Screen Protectors

Digital devices have become a part of modern life, but they cause artificial blue light exposure resulting in many health issues. Blue light exposure will impact your sleep, vision, and overall health. Constant exposure to this harmful light might lead to eye strain, blurry vision, and headache. More importantly, blue light emission might reduce melatonin production. … Read more

Are Blue Light Glasses effective?

The devices we use these days, like computer monitors, smartphones, flat-screen TVs, and tablets, often emit blue light, also known as Blu-ray light. The distinctive feature of this light is that it has a shorter wavelength. The point is that the more we use gadgets, the more exposed to blue light we are. Exposure to … Read more

Blue Light Therapy

Summary Blue light treatment is used to treat skin conditions or damages. It’s a non-invasive therapy, which causes no pain. This is also known as photodynamic treatment as it uses high-intensity light with photosynthesizing medicines to activate the effect of the therapy. The light is normally blue or violet, and it’s regarded as an alternative treatment procedure … Read more