Reasons For Your Recent Random Weight Gain

The weight of humans may fluctuate from time to time and in most cases, it is not a health concern. It may be impossible for us to obtain the exact number on the weighing scale every time over a period. However, we should pay attention to how we feel. Some of the indications of unhealthy and excessive weight gain can be a sharp decrease in the level of energy, clothes that fit in a dramatically different way, or an inability to do the workout and exercise sessions that you could do easily for a few weeks or a month ago. Little and healthy weight gains are not a problem. However, if you find that the above-given problems affect you, then it is time to investigate the issue. We here bring you the views and advice of a reputed nutritionist, doctor, and chef on the common causes of an unhealthy and sudden increase in weight. There are also certain recommendations to help you overcome the problem. However, remember that only a doctor can give you the most accurate judgment and diagnosis and may also provide you with the best treatment plan.


You may have noticed the medical term inflammation many a time. Inflammation can impact the health of humans. It may occur in humans due to multiple regions. The first type of inflammation is chronic or long-term inflammation. It occurs when the body comes in contact with fat cells and toxins, among other foreign substances. The human body may also go into repair mode when trauma or injury occurs. The immune mechanism of the body is activated in such conditions and cells (including the white blood cells) are released for overcoming the problems internally. These increases may be the cause of swelling and inflammation.

Chronic inflammation can be a cause of obesity and overweightness, according to a health study conducted in the year 2016. Excess weight cannot be dropped easily if the body also becomes inflamed. Junk food can be a cause of inflammation and obesity. Therefore, over-intelligence in such foods should be avoided. Catherine McCord (author of the best-selling book titled "Smoothie Project" and the owner of fitness brand and website "Weelicious") says that the body may move into a "shock" state due to overindulgence and sugar spikes/hikes. For instance, people may over-indulge in junk foods (such as cakes) during their holidays and vacations. It not only leads to weight gain but also results in inflammation that can cause a further increase in weight. People who are not used to consuming refined or processed sugar are often more prone to such inflammation and weight gain.

Useful tip: McCord says that turmeric can be used as an anti-inflammatory substance. You can also add some black pepper and some healthy fats to ensure that your body can absorb the turmeric fully and faster.

Solution: According to McCord, smoothies can be one of the best foods for starting the day. You should also incorporate more vegetables and fruits into your regular diet. According to McCord, adding a smoothie to your breakfast will ensure that you develop a healthy taste and can make good choices regarding your subsequent meals during the rest of the day. However, you need not restrict yourself to smoothies only and should be consuming more natural and healthy foods during the day. Some of the best choices for smoothies include spinach, pineapple, coconut water, and apple. Some superfoods that have antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties include flax, turmeric, maca, and powdered cacao. You can also add these foods to the diet for even greater health benefits and for reducing inflammation.

Emotional Eating Habits

People turn to be emotional eaters as they grow in age. The eating patterns and preferences of adults are different from the kids who will eat only when they feel hungry and will stop consuming food when they feel full and satiated. Adults may start consuming food and drink even when they are sad or happy. It is the reason why people often indulge more in eating when they are on vacations and holidays. It is not wrong to drink, eat, and be happy and merrier. However, ensure that you are eating nourishing foods that provide nutrients and are devoid of harmful ingredients such as trans fats. It will ensure that you can attain pleasure and happiness and your body does not go into a "shock" period.

Solution: McCord says that people should add certain good and gut-health-friendly food items and supplements whenever they indulge in emotional drinking or eating. Some noteworthy and healthy options include kefir and yogurt. Eating such healthy food items will not only add to your feeling of happiness and pleasure, and will also ensure that your gut remains in good health. Also, drink more fluids and water after heavy alcohol consumption and boozing to ensure balanced homeostasis.

Seasonal-Affective Disorder (SAD)

A leading heart surgeon and nutritionist Dr. Steven Gundry (MD) states that Seasonal-Affective Disorders (SAD) can also lead to weight gain. The doctor has spent more than 16 years researching the microbiome. He also has treated many patients from Washington and Oregon after completing his surgical training at Michigan. The doctor has certain interesting opinions and facts to share. He says that exposure to natural sunlight during the winters is important for human psychology. He says that the animals also try to obtain more carbohydrates and sugar when they feel anxious or depressed. Such consumption of high sugar or high carbohydrate food items can trigger the production of the hormone serotonin which results in a good and positive feeling. However, this feeling is only temporary. People may start to eat food again and again for an increase in the level of the hormone serotonin and for the high they get. In no time, there may be up to five pounds increase in weight due to such overeating.

Solution: the doctor recommends the "light therapeutic technique" for treating SAD. However, your physician can provide the best advice. According to the website Mayo Clinic, light exposures may cause manic mental episodes. Your doctor will tell you more about the right lightboxes you can use and the time for the therapy.

Social Eating and Food Consumption

Emotional drinking, eating, and partying are major causes of obesity and weight gain across the world. Dr. Gundry states that this "Domino" effect and the happy-hour lunches and dinners with friends, colleagues, and acquaintances increase weight. People may order a dessert when their friend orders the same or may order a few more drinks once they have consumed the first one. The deep-fried, salty, and fat-rich food that is served at occasions and parties (such as the appetizers) can easily cause weight gain before you notice it.

Solution: one of the most recent innovations for healthy party and occasions are the booze/alcohol-free bars. You can party here all day and also prevent any kind of hangover the next day. Try to make conscious and healthy food choices so that you have a nutritious culinary experience when you are socializing and enjoying your time with your friends.

The Negative Feedback and the Vicious Cycle

Weight gain may also occur due to certain issues with jobs or relationships. Sometimes food may be easily available (as in the work-from-home scenarios) and not practicing discipline may result in certain weight gain. Dr. Gundry says that people start to consume more alcohol and sugary foods to cope with job stress. Sometimes the high sugar and feel-good food items and snacks may be freely rotated and distributed at work. Also, when in a relationship, a partner will gain weight when the other partner has a charm for junk and unhealthy food.

Solution: people should be more mindful of the food choices they make and their lifestyle habits, and should also be more aware of their choices. One lifestyle situation and behavior may affect another. However, you can remain mindful and attentive to make conscious and healthy food choices every day of your life. Also, explore the dynamics of your relationship to see that the health of any of the partners is not affected adversely.

Sleep Deprivation

A leading nutritionist and chef, Serena Poon, observes that people may gain weight unexpectedly and maybe get to be overweight when they are deprived of sleep. Poon is a reiki master also and is well known to those in the Hollywood elite. She founded the "Culinary Alchemy" methodology. The innovative technique combines the healing energy of the body with functional, integrative, and holistic nutrition. Poon observes that sleep deprivation has also been clinically demonstrated and proved to cause a gain in weight.

Poon says that most people do not find it unhealthy to sleep for fewer hours on some nights, especially when they are busy and have to fulfill certain obligations immediately. The short project deadlines, travel itineraries, and demanding schedules may require that they sleep less. Such deficient and inadequate sleep patterns may affect hormones including leptin and ghrelin. These hormones may affect human psychology and hunger directly. If a person is deprived of sleep, they will also witness an increase in their blood cortisol level. It directly causes an increase in stress and aggravates inflammation.

Solution: Poon says that it is important for people to keep a track of their sleeping hours and sleep patterns. They may try to get up to 8 hours of sleep for a week. These people may find that there is a good difference, and they can control their health and hunger better.

Imbalance in Hormonal Composition

According to Poon, hormonal changes and imbalances may also cause an increase in weight. People should be mindful of their hormonal as well as gut health to remain fit and healthy. Apart from stress and sleeve deprivation, thyroid issues, PCOS, and other medical conditions may be a cause of hormonal imbalances. Certain medications (including those for birth control) can also trigger certain hormonal changes.

Solution: Poon recommends that people should undergo health checkups and should consult their physicians and doctors. Timely blood tests can reveal the levels of hormones and also give information on any imbalances. It may require certain simple changes including the use of supplements (for supporting the adrenal gland) and system or diet adjustments for better hormonal health.

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