Find the Best Balls for Workouts

Different types of exercise balls are available in the current condition. While buying a suitable ball for the first time, you might get confused. However, you can go through the following and understand different types of exercise balls. All can meet some specific needs of exercises. When some target specific body parts, others can contribute to the core.

Go through the features of each and know the strengths and usages. It will enable you to choose the most suitable one.

Large Balls

You might have heard about large exercise balls since these are the most popular. You will find these balls in studios, gyms, and chiropractic centers. These balls are available in different names. A few most used types are Swiss ball, Pilate ball, and a stability ball. All will support some specific workout demands.

Many gym goers prefer these balls due to their benefits. You can use these balls to add balance and practice challenging workouts. Also, you can consider a large size when your objective is core training. These balls will stabilize your core muscles. Your muscles will have to work hard to achieve balance. As a result, you can expect the desired benefits.

Small Balls

Mini or small balls are also popular nowadays. Even if mini balls are small, they will add instability and leverage to your workouts. These mini balls are nine to twelve inches and might not be the best option for whole-body exercises. You can consider these balls for stability exercises.

You can use a mini ball while practicing push-ups to achieve better core stability. You can also use it for mermaid stretch to get the desired support and stability. These mini balls are versatile. You can use them for different workouts and target any specific area.

A mini ball can be the best as a prop. You can hold a small ball between the shins or above the knees and practice workouts. It will help with extra engagement for the inner thighs and core. You can expect more stability by engaging your muscles.

Medicine Balls

You might not find much difference between large workout balls and medicine balls. Some believe that large balls and medicine balls are the same. However, they are different. Medicines balls are heavier and smaller ones. Also, they will not roll like exercise balls.

Medicine balls weigh eight to fifteen pounds, and most people use them for catching and throwing. They can be the best for different movements. Also, these balls can make exercises more challenging. Medicine balls have been around for 3,000 years.

Toning Balls

Toning balls are small and lightweight and weigh one to three pounds. You cannot use them for weight lifting. But these soft and round-shaped balls feel nice on the hand and can support different hand workouts.

Many fitness enthusiasts believe these balls add muscle toning to the arms when used in some exercises. Also, they will support your core. You can consider these balls for hand exercises.

Therapy Balls

Therapy balls are different from the balls mentioned above. These balls are lightweight and used in therapies, like massages. You will feel relaxed when this ball rolls over your body and different parts. It will adjust the body weight and monitor the pressure.

You can use therapy balls on different areas to release tension and muscle knots. You can rest bodyweight on the ball and stimulate muscles. Also, many find these balls useful for back pain. They can serve the purpose of tennis balls. But these are softer and can work the best in sensitive areas.

Since a therapy ball is versatile, you can use it in many ways to get the workout and pain-relief benefits. Find suitable ones based on your purpose. You can use a miracle or body rolling ball to achieve the desired benefits.

Foot Massage Balls

Foot massage balls serve many purposes. They will relax your tired feet. You can sit with it and control the ball by rolling up and down. You will have many options in this ball. You can consider a golf ball, a small rubber ball, or a tennis ball.

These balls can stimulate your blood flow and relax your feet. Once you start using it, you will appreciate the relaxing benefits of a massage ball.

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