Tips To Choose The Best Exercise Ball For Yourself

Regular exercise is essential for the human body. It helps us be in good health at all times, and also helps us prevent many different diseases including cardiovascular diseases and chronic conditions including diabetes and cancer. In the past, we have seen fitness trends come and go. One of these trends is a greater focus on functional training and the strength of the core. Core exercises and strength training are based on making the torso or the core region of the body stronger, for benefits including fewer injuries and even better workouts.

Strengthening of the core or the torso region of the body is not a fad but a remarkable physical improvement. An exercise ball is one of the useful and most popular exercise tools that can strengthen the core. The exercise balls had been used by physical therapy providers for many years and decades. Now the fitness experts are also recommending it as one of the best ways for strengthening the back and the abdominal muscles and the wall. It provides the human body with much greater stability as well. The below-given information will help you choose the right and a best exercise ball for yourself.

Tips for Choosing The Best Exercise Ball

You need to purchase an exercise ball that is in proportion with your height. You can test the size of the ball beforehand by sitting on it. At this body and hip position, the hips should be at an equal level or only marginally higher than your knees. Below are some exercise ball sizes suitable for the height ranges.

  • 55cm - for height range between 4 feet 11 inches to 5 feet 4 inches.
  • 65 cm- for height range between 5 feet 5 inches to 5 feet 11 inches.
  • 75 cm- for height range between 6 feet to 6 feet 7 inches

If you have gathered excess weight and are affected by obesity, you should choose exercise balls that can accommodate a high weight and are resistant to bursting.

Choosing the Shopping Destinations

The exercise balls are increasingly popular and are sold at a variety of stores including Target, Walmart, and even online stores such as Amazon. Websites dedicated to fitness including Power Systems and SPRI also have some good options. The Spri Xercise Ball is one of the recommended products in the category due to its firmness and good quality.

Tips for Using the Exercise Balls Appropriately

Exercise balls can create highly challenging tasks and activities for you. These tasks are moderately difficult to overcome. Even when you simply lie on an exercise ball, your abdominal muscles and the muscles of the leg come into movement. These muscles try to prevent you from falling from the ball. You can also use other exercises to lose weight faster and to build up your core muscles. Some of the good and high-intensity options include crunches and chest presses. You can do a variety of activities on an exercise ball even in your home or in your gym if you want. Some of the beneficial exercises that can strengthen the muscles of your core are listed below.

Abdominal Exercises and Training: you can carry out twists, crunches, and other kinds of exercises on an exercise ball. Doing the activities on the ball will make the task more challenging and will engage the core muscles.

Weight Training: you can replace the "weight bench" with the exercise ball to perform exercises of weight training and to make them more challenging. It will ensure the movement of abdominal muscles, glutes, and legs.

Pilates/Yoga/Flexibility Exercises: Certain yoga poses can be performed on the exercise balls. You can also choose the relaxation exercises and perform them using the exercise ball.

Sitting: you are also doing an abdominal. exercise even when you are sitting on an exercise ball. Try sitting on the ball while you watch television. You can also try some balancing exercises (like raising a leg and trying to balance your weight and posture while sitting on the exercise ball).

Play Activities: an exercise ball is also a ball than can be used for certain play activities. The kids will also like it. However, ensure the safety of the kids and yourself during the exercises and play activities.

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