What Is CLA Oil?

Having a diet that is high in various healthy fats is good for our health. According to several research Polyunsaturated and good fats, are proven to lower cholesterol level in the body and boost immunity. This in turn reduces the overall risk of any heart disease & also reduces hunger to some extent. Over eating is often associated with stress.

But do you think that good fats really help individuals lose weight? Well the supplements that contain CLA oils, and touts known as fat burners actually helps individuals lose weight to some extent However, experts have said that it'd best to not include CLA supplements in your diet & consume the fats that are naturally occurred in different foods.

What are (CLA) Conjugated Linoleic Acids?

Conjugated linoleic acids or CLA are a family of a minimum of 28 isomers of linolenic acid. They are mostly found in dairy and meat products derived only from ruminants.

In recent research on made on these fats and their fat-burning potential, it is crucial to observe 2 studies for an overview: As per some 2010 review, these fats that we are discussing about can actually diminish body fats in various animals, but how they can affect human beings are not quite clear till now. In a 2022 study, there is a mixed indication that CLA fats can lead to anti-diabetic & anti-obesity effects on human beings.

Can Healthy Fats help you to lose weight?

To start with there are chiefly 4 primary types of fat:

  • Monounsaturated
  • Saturated
  • Polyunsaturated
  • Trans fat

All these above-mentioned fat varieties differ from each other on a molecular level & have multiple impacts on human health both positive & negative ways. Saturated & trans fats do not fall under healthy fat & in room temperature they are in solid state. Trans fat is also found in a liquid state at a room temperature. All these above-mentioned unhealthy fats often cause an increase or rise in bad cholesterol & inflammation in body. This leads to several heart- related issue & various chronic diseases. Monounsaturated & Polyunsaturated fats are in a liquid state at room temperature & are to be considered healthy. They don't disrupt the normal heart rate or create any swell that can cause chronic diseases. Rather they have proved to improve the cardiovascular health & inflammation (if any) in the body. Few healthy fats may include trout, avocado, nuts, tofu, salmon, olive oil, flax & sunflower oil.

How do CLA works?

As mentioned-above, polyunsaturated fats when included in the diet are beneficial for certain reasons. These fats helps individuals lose weight since they keep you full for a longer period, which means you won't feel like having late-night snacking and over feed yourself. Note that the molecular composition of the CLA acts as a major factor for weight-loss. It increases the no. of enzymes which helps to break the fat in the body. Adding to that, studies have shown that CLA also helps to decrease the energy intake, & initiate the production of several fat cells, and also promotes weight-loss in animals. Research points out that CLA oil is able to break down the fats in animals very fast. This fact has led to the concept that CLA can also promote weight loss as it increases the fat burning procedure in human body.

Major side effects of (Conjugated Linoleic Acids) CLA

The major drawback of these fats is that there is a chance for increased swelling, a condition that is not only result into weight gain but also other health diseases. As you take more of food that contains CLA, you're also basically increasing the amount of saturated fat in the diet which is further leading to increased risk of heart disease & other long-term diseases. CLA also increases the C-reactive protein in the human body which causes liver damage.

How to use it safely?

After weighing both the positive and negative sides of consuming CLA, Poon advises individuals to control the overall dosage. As Poon says the ideal dosage should be 3.4-6.8g per day. This dosage has been found highly effective for obese people who want to lose weight naturally without any side-effects. But for our best, it is better to avoid any CLA supplements, rather take the fats directly from foods that naturally have CLA in it. In a nutshell, natural diet is the best for our body.

Is CLA present in Safflower Oil?

The concept of consuming Safflower oil to promote weight loss has become popular through a weight loss brand named SafSlim. It has claimed that the safflower oil which is high in linoleic would help reducing belly fat. This could confuse the consumers thinking that the oil might contain a good amount of CLA fats in it.

However, safflower oil actually contains only 0.7 mg CLA gram/fat. What's most confusing is the fact that the supplements which is labeled as a "CLA safflower oil" is basically a result of a chemical process which converts the linoleic acid into this oil into a form of CLA. But all this is done in a laboratory & does not have the result that safflower oil contains high amount of natural CLA content.


Poon concludes that she does acknowledge that these fats have been helpful for some weight loss and consider them preferential. Therefore people who are obeses or dealing with excessive weight gain and want to lose a substantial amount of weight have seen great results by adding a small amount of CLA into their diet. But don't just assume that good clinical experiments on animals surely make CLA the ideal supplement for achieving & maintaining an ideal weight.

Castillio recommends overweight people to consult a certified dietitian before consuming any supplement. If not individuals can also monitor their intake for few weeks and check where its leading to.

Richard on the other hand, recommends improving our weight loss routine by having a proper balanced diet and staying focused on the end goal. He further recommends taking anti-inflammatory foods which have high nutritional values & food that have low calorie content.

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