THCV: The Newly Discovered Cannabinoid and What Its All About

An ongoing study is being done nowadays with a particular chemical or drug known as THCV. Tetrahydrocannabivarin is said to be a rare cannabinoid that is considered the "diet weed".

Since weight management and dieting is an activities being done seriously by many, this form of cannabinoid is being sought after by individuals in need of suppressing their appetites.

However, THCV is not just for those who need to control their cravings and manage their weight.

Here's all there is to know about THCV as a newly discovered cannabinoid.

The Origin of THCV

Having been discovered in 1973 and throughout the 1980s, THCV began as a cannabinoid follow-up from CBGV-A and was just converted. Enzymes from the Tetrahydrocannabivarin of the Cannabis sativa plant are produced via the trichomes of this plant.

Plants that are pure Sativas hold the enzymes and chemical components needed to create THCV. Upon using this precursor chemical's enzymes, the decarboxylation process is applied to break down the components of CBGV-A, thus creating THCV.

The presence of these plants is scattered around the world and is said to originate from: Africa, Nepal, China, Thailand, Pakistan, India, Afghanistan

Heating up the present chemical components enables the cannabinoids to produce acids from the broken down enzymes composing THCV.

All About THCV

This chemical, known as Tetrahydrocannabivarin, is a chemical present in a cannabis plant that shows distinct characteristics. Although this chemical was discovered way back, it has never been discussed or put in the spotlight like the other cannabis drugs.

Specifically, THCV enables the body to experience therapeutic properties that enable appetite control and center the individual's energy for an almost same sense of euphoria.

What Happens When THCV Is In The Body?

In general, an individual's body will regulate the chemical reactions received from THCV and bind with the physiological receptors, mainly in the brain.

Once bound with the body's receptors, one may feel the following: Better Motivation, High-energy, Full Focus and Center, Soothing effects that help in anxiety and nervousness, Lessens Cravings and Full Appetite.

When taken in high dosages, this chemical may enable psychoactive effects resulting in the promotion of mental clarity. THCV is a drug that is fast-acting and dissipating, unlike other cannabinoids.

What Health Benefits Does THCV Have?

Apart from having claims for appetite suppression, feelings of euphoria, energy boosts and high motivation, there are researches ongoing that are said to support THCV medically.

Here is some research stating the benefits of THCV for symptoms present in an individual:

  • Diabetes - It is said that regulation of blood sugars is better, and reduced resistance in insulin is made when taking THCV.
  • Anti-Inflammatory AidParkinson's Disease
  • Epilepsy
  • Bone Growth- Since THCV enables the growth of bone cells, THCV is said to help in preventing osteoporosis and other conditions making better growth for the bones.
  • Alzheimer's- An improvement for symptoms concerning Alzheimer's is said to be done with THCV. Motor control, tremors and other brain lesions are lessened with this drug or chemical use.
  • Obesity- Due to its appetite suppressant capabilities, THCV can help in weight management, thus lessening the chances of obesity for the individual taking it.

THCV is mainly for making one feel full, thus controlling appetite and will help an individual feel lighter and have better focus and motivation; thus, this drug or chemical is said to be an excellent aid for those with weight concerns.

Further Studies About THCV: It's Unique Behavior

Ongoing studies and research have made many understand better the properties and behaviour of this trending form of cannabinoid.

When consumed, this chemical component can exhibit different reactions based on the dosage size.

It has been studied that low doses provide therapeutic benefits and act as a blocking psychoactive drug.

Higher doses give the same benefits in a more intense reaction but only happen in a short span of time.

Because of this, THCV's unique ability to have transformative properties proves that it is the most versatile cannabinoid right now, according to researchers and experts.

The Future of THCV

Although the versatility of this drug is present and may cause other side effects, experts have advised individuals to take it in moderation because it has other future capabilities that are in need of studying furthermore as it is not yet discovered.

THCV can be used in treating mental health issues such as PTSD and other psychological triggers since it is found to have calming effects due to its mild and slightly euphoric reactions.

In the world of culinary arts, THCV oils are now in effect as this can enable individuals to take in little to no food consumption that can help in aiding those not in favour or smoking or vaping their THCV.

These oils are used as ingredients or even mixed into condiments or turned into powder to mix with foods such as: Honey, Mustard, Ketchup, BBQ Sauces, Tea, Juices, Coffee...

With THCV as a part of an individual's drink or food intake, this can make them full almost immediately, lessening their food cravings and attachment to their food.


Having to be studied continuously, THCV is now making a breakthrough for clinical trials as well as therapeutic and medicated use. Though minor studies are still done as it is in the works for more benefits and uses, consumers are willing to get their hands on this unique and newly discovered cannabinoid.

One must be familiar with the laws and regulations of legal cannabinoid use in their city of residence to be able to safely and fully experience the effects of this cannabinoid.

It would be best to take this THCV drug with moderation and guidance as the hollow information this has now needed more evidence as to how it can help medically and as a psychotic drug with no adverse side effects.

Like other forms of cannabinoids, this newly discovered form needs thorough experimentation and study to solidify how its use can be an advantage to society and can be used as a certified form of medication that creates an advancement in medicine and health.

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